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  • A pale, pale shade of the original.

    While the show wasn't awful in itself, compared to the masterpiece on which it was based it basically became just that. Sofia Helin's masterful portrayal of Saga Noren stood in particularly stark contrast to Diane Kruger's half-assed attempt at conveying a detective with Asperger's syndrome. That said it may not have been her fault; it may as easily have been the network which decided that the US public wouldn't want to watch Asperger's portrayed competently. Either way the show was fatally diminished by the "have I or haven't I got a serious autism spectrum disorder?" approach to the main character.

    While the first season was at least half decent, the second was just dreary. No great loss.
  • bummer

    was one of the best shows on FX, to bad you let it go
  • Help guys!

    Hello Bridge fans, My name is Jose Urueta and currently I am undertaking an audience research on followers of the series The Bridge, I work for the University of Lund in Sweden (where the initial franchise of this TV show started and it is going to debt its third season). We are interested in interviewing fans of the show, through Skype, phone, or any other audio communication method that it is suitable for the interviewee. Please let me know if you are in interested in participating in our research, as a token of our appreciation we are giving our interviewees a 15USD Amazon voucher. Your participation will be immensely appreciated. you can reply to this message or to my email mk14jur @ student. lu. se
  • The Bridge

    I am very upset the show was cancelled. Yes it was slow to start however if you watch from the start it relly was a good show. BRING IT BACK

  • The can't go!

    I love this show. I have watched every episode, and many of them twice. I love every character that contributes to life on the Border. I hope this is picked up for a third season. I really love it. Please, MORE!
  • Awful compared to the Scandinavian version it's based on

    The original was quirky and fascinating even with subtitles, mostly because of the Saga Noren character, but it had an instant hook this pale imitation fails to replicate. I wasn't expecting much because 'borrowed' ideas rarely work and it's difficult not to make comparisons with the original. It doesn't work for me anyway and I was reaching for the off button after ten minutes without a tinge of regret. Hunt out the real version is my advice
  • You guys enjoy it ....

    ..... am bailing on The Bridge. I hate anything that offers nobody to root for. Bridge is 100% bad people.

    Really bad people .Couple good characters,maybe one - Eleanor Nach. And she was stagnating with little support.

    I deal with violence in about all I watch on TV and movies. The Americans,Justified,Fargo,etc.

    Writers and directors need to utilize that element - violence - better. It can't be the whole show.
  • Nest product placement and memorable characters

    It's one of my favorite shows just because it's so different from anything else (except Hannibal maybe). Season 1 was arguably better. But I like the reporters (piss in the cup scene), the awkward guy and his bride Eva. The woman killer seemed promising in the beginning but now she has faded to a scared old lady almost.

    Anybody noticed the Google Nest product placement? The climate control thing. Anyways, have a good night.
  • Not looking good

    Terrible ratings last night 0.3 share, 1.1m at 10pm and the 11pm repeat didn't make the top 100. A third season is toast for sure. It's a well above average show IMO but I guess it just doesn't have very wide appeal...

    If I could find a site where I can stream Bron/Broen I wouldn't be so bummed...
  • Not the same

    Show is not the same without Diane Kruger.
  • Nope. Not good enough.

    After a pretty good pilot and a few stellar episodes, I found myself really struggling to continue watching this show. I think the acting is not always good, especially when it comes to side-characters (Diane Kruger is fine, but not great), but my bigger issue is the awkward and perplexing storylines that (8 episodes in) haven't payed off yet and I find it really difficult to wait for them to do. So, no more 'The Bridge' for me, thanks.
  • Stop making USA versions

    Bron - Broen is as good as it gets Don't make remakes ! learn to read subtitles and enjoy the real thing

    Like the killing and Life on Mars There is no need for remakes at all
  • Dare to cross The Bridge

    Brilliant layered drama. Like an onion, you peel back the skin and you never know what to expect, is it good or is it rotten. Gripping, heartfelt performances by Diane Kruger (Sonya) and Demian Bichir (Marco) as they journey thru intrigue, murder and tons of mystery. The ensemble cast is excellent each giving you one helluva performance. Written and directed with such expertise that sometimes you don't even realize that you the viewer are being manipulated carefully thru the story. If you haven't watched the first season, I highly recommend it. EMMY nominations next year for this series.
  • Autistic

    Finally, a show that doesn't rely on a format to keep us watching. Interesting characters that always leave us asking why and wanting more. Diane Krugar is excellent as the asperger-afflicted-outside-the-box-thinking detective and I find Thomas Wright's Steven Linder fascinating. A very unique character driven series. There should be more shows like this that are more true to life instead of the candy that wraps everything up in a nice neat little bow every week and dumbs us down.
  • Quite good but sometimes confusing

    I like this show, and find the leads an interesting study in contrasts. There is an intensity to the episodes and the story arc has stayed interesting so far.

    However, the show has an annoying habit of introducing characters out of nowhere, leading me to always be saying, what's going on here? Sometimes it will be a few episodes before it's clear how that character ties in to the main thread, and sometimes it feels like the relationship is never more than tangential. Eight episodes in and I'm still not sure why we're following certain characters or what their deal is, and sometimes it really gets on my nerves.

    I haven't seen the original, so I can't compare, but on it's own, it's an interesting show.
  • For a remake - it works!

    The casting is close to the original. As with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Bridge feels as a copy of something else. At first, that is, then it changes direction and has a plot of its own. Im just watching season two of Bron in Europe. That makes me wonder how they will play this out at the Mexican border.

    Anticipation to see what theyll do.

    I think The Bridge has a good and unique tone, apart from the main stream block busters of SCI and the likes. Its a fresh flavour.

    Im enjoying both sides of this series, the Swedish/Danish and the US/Mexican.

    A bit hesitant at a French/UK version that is announced to be made...

  • The bridge - Crazy and amazing!

    I am really hooked on this show! love the theme song acting! love seeing some writing for a person with shows so many simular things with my son. it's a heavy drama and I think a bloody good one!
  • Another crime drama with a politcal agenda

    This would get a better rating if it wasn't for the heavy handed propagandizing for illegal aliens. How many times does one of the cast have to comment that they're just coming here looking for a better life.
  • This could be a great show...

    ... if it wasn't just a remake. Did anyone see oryginal "Bron / Broen"? Sofia Helin as Saga Noren is brilliant and Diane Kruger can't do anything about it. Her Sonia North character is just written much worse! And it's no fun, if you know how it ends. Thou, cast and crew do their best.
  • Violent, profane, and excellent

    Always interested in new detective/procedural series, I watched the pilot. Favorably impressed by a dramatic show with very skilled acting, excellent photography, AND NO CAMERA JERKING! Thanks to the producers for that. The lack of a musical soundtrack in most scenes is also refreshing, allowing me to pay attention to the characters and the mood created by the arid west Texas landscape.

    I had no knowledge of the book on which it's based, nor on a previous tv series or Danish origins, but I can see the similarity in mood to "The Killing," another series I admire and watch regularly. And "Justified" also bears some signs of the serious intensity and extreme violence and profanity of this series. Character relationships in "The Bridge" leave some things unanswered, such as the relationship between Detective Sonya and her supervisor - why he brought her in and makes such an allowance for her inability to relate to others emotionally.

    Some political viewpoints and preaching are evident to me - the disparity between Mexican culture in Juarez versus El Paso, for example, is portrayed as being unjust. The producers push sympathy for illegal immigration, but the powerful and evil influence of drug cartels seems realistic. The violence and murders across the border are clearly a result of the American market for drugs.

    What have we done to our neighbor? Why don't we see the connection between US addicts and the death culture in Mexico? The producers are making this evident through a gripping, yet somewhat depressing, drama. I won't miss any episodes - in fact, I've watched most of them twice to be sure I don't miss any important details, such as the surprise guest spot by Lyle Lovett. How did he become such a capable actor, subtle yet sinister? I continue to be impressed by the production crew and assembly of acting talent.
  • Re: Cobo

    The Bridge is based on a show about detectives hunting a serial killer! It kinda therefore has to be a show about detectives hunting a serial killer and could only have been (in your opinion) 'extremely lame' and never a 'good show'
  • Fix This Show

    The Bridge could have been a good show, but it's not.

    Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir are terrific,

    but shows that focus on a serial killer are extremely lame.
  • Asperger syndrome detective

    Another Scandinavian crime drama series given a US makeover. Too early to tell if Diane Kruger who plays Detective Sonya North in the US version is as deliciously looney tunes as Sofia Helin who played homicide detective Saga Noren in the Swedish/ Danish TV series. From the pilot it seems to stay true to the original, what happens when Detective Sonya North seeks out a sexual partner will be interesting.
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