The Bridge

FX (ended 2014)





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  • Violent, profane, and excellent

    Always interested in new detective/procedural series, I watched the pilot. Favorably impressed by a dramatic show with very skilled acting, excellent photography, AND NO CAMERA JERKING! Thanks to the producers for that. The lack of a musical soundtrack in most scenes is also refreshing, allowing me to pay attention to the characters and the mood created by the arid west Texas landscape.

    I had no knowledge of the book on which it's based, nor on a previous tv series or Danish origins, but I can see the similarity in mood to "The Killing," another series I admire and watch regularly. And "Justified" also bears some signs of the serious intensity and extreme violence and profanity of this series. Character relationships in "The Bridge" leave some things unanswered, such as the relationship between Detective Sonya and her supervisor - why he brought her in and makes such an allowance for her inability to relate to others emotionally.

    Some political viewpoints and preaching are evident to me - the disparity between Mexican culture in Juarez versus El Paso, for example, is portrayed as being unjust. The producers push sympathy for illegal immigration, but the powerful and evil influence of drug cartels seems realistic. The violence and murders across the border are clearly a result of the American market for drugs.

    What have we done to our neighbor? Why don't we see the connection between US addicts and the death culture in Mexico? The producers are making this evident through a gripping, yet somewhat depressing, drama. I won't miss any episodes - in fact, I've watched most of them twice to be sure I don't miss any important details, such as the surprise guest spot by Lyle Lovett. How did he become such a capable actor, subtle yet sinister? I continue to be impressed by the production crew and assembly of acting talent.