The Bridge - Season 1

FX (ended 2014)




Episode Guide

  • The Crazy Place
    Episode 13

    Sonya enlists Marcos' help in locating Eva. Charlotte firms up her business relationship with Fausto Galvan and in the process learns that her comings and goings are being monitored by persons unknown. Marco finds himself willing to "deal with the devil" in order to exact his revenge.

  • All About Eva
    Episode 12

    Sonya uses Linder's latest problem to repair her relationship with Marco; Charlotte forms an unlikely alliance.

  • 9/18/13

    The drama has come full circle with the players back at the place where it all began: the Bridge of the Americas. Marco pleads with Tate, who is threatening to blow them all up and time is running out for Gus. Sonya remembers something and may know where Gus is but is it too late?

  • Old Friends
    Episode 10

    Despite their wounds, Sonya and Marco continue to pursue David Tate. Daniel's attempts at redemption may have come too late and Charlotte shows just how far she's willing to go to protect what is hers.

  • The Beetle
    Episode 9

    The case gets very personal when Hastings decides to make Marco's family his next victims. Graciela's confrontation with Charlotte regarding the trackers does not quite go as planned and Linder seeks Bob's guidance to help him in delivering some bad news.

  • Vendetta
    Episode 8

    The more Sonya digs, the more she's convinced Childress is not their guy but it takes another killing during a library dedication before the true culprit is revealed. Charlotte's suspicions of Ray become valid but may also be too late and Linder's fragile psyche becomes too much for him to bear.

  • Destino
    Episode 7

    A fatal trailer park shoot out leads to the capture of a killer and while the police believe they've apprehended the Bridge Butcher, Sonya has her doubts that this killer is the killer. Meanwhile, as Alma, Ray and Graciela begin new relationships of their own, Charlotte starts to question the relationship she's currently in.

  • ID
    Episode 6

    Sonya and Marco try their best to get important information out of a scared young witness; information that will help them learn the identity of The Beast. Meanwhile, Charlotte contacts a friend from her past to help her with her tunnel situation, Daniel and Adriana do a little sleuthing of their own and Marco learns more about Hank's past and the tragic history he and Sonya share.

  • The Beast
    Episode 5

    It's been two days since the ransom drop and Maria's rescue and the killer has yet to make contact. When he finally does, he tells Sonya the real reason the FBI have not been so forthcoming. Marco's wife learns of his infidelity and Calaca makes contact with Linder with surprising results.

  • 7/31/13

    An unexpected source provides the necessary funds to meet the ransom demands but nobody is prepared for the ransom drop's outcome. After Charlotte reluctantly bends to the will of her late husband's "business associate," she learns what she did in private is no longer a secret.

  • Rio
    Episode 3

    The poisoning of nine Mexican nationals lead the detectives to Steven Linder, a social worker who often uses unconventional methods for those under his care. Charlotte's refusal of a request for "business as usual" has grisly consequences.

  • Calaca
    Episode 2

    Marco and Sonya's investigation leads them to Daniel Frye, a reporter whom the killer has apparently selected, first as an unwilling accomplice and then as his messenger and liaison. Learning about the shocking secret concealed on her property introduces Charlotte to some of her late husband's shady partners and dealings.

  • Pilot
    Episode 1

    An El Paso detective, Sonya Cross, and Marco Ruiz, a Chihuahua State Police Officer, are forced to work together when the body of a murdered judge is found on the bridge connecting El Paso and Juarez and is linked to a serial killer operating on both sides of the border.