The Bridge

Season 1 Episode 13

The Crazy Place

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 02, 2013 on FX

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  • Loved IT

    I loved this series. The story line was fantastic. Looking forward to Season
  • Just glad it's finally over.

    Finally the worst TV show this year has ended for the season. Will I be tuning into it next season? NO WAY! This is the final end for me, and it didn't come quick enough. I still have no idea what the tunnel storyline or the ranch had to do with anything, and I don't care anymore. Just glad it's finally over.
  • Sorry But This Didn't Do It For Me

    If this was American Idol this finale would not be going to Hollywood.

    It was just boring. You don't end a season by teasing what Marco might do (and we know he won't anyway). You do that the episode BEFORE the season finale, and then you resolve it in the finale.

    Nothing happened, the acting was below this show's standard. No, this was not a good finale.

    This summer I watched two shows faithfully for the entire season. "Under The Dome" on CBS and "The Bridge" on FX. Enjoyed both until the very end, unfortunately, one had a lousy season finale and the other had a great one. "Under The Dome" had a lousy season ending and will NOT watch season 2 next summer. And it seemed to be geared for the younger set. However, "The Bridge" had a great season finale, super ending, made complete sense and WILL WATCH season 2 next summer. A more adult show, better actors, better story lines and made a lot more sense than the CBS show.
  • OK. For a finale.

    The episode itself was OK - not full of suspense or action or drama, but there were a few things goign on that were interesting, and there were some very good developments.

    However, I wasn't sure what to think o f the episode as a finale - as a resular episode, maybe it was pretty good, but aside from a couple of things that happened towards the end, there was no huge cliffhanger that keeps me hooked until/if there is a season 2.

    Overall, a good episode. Not spectacular, but good.
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