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  • its funny

    its funny. and the women and gay characters arent patronising
  • One of the best comedies made for TV!

    The Brittas Empire is one of those comedies you can laugh at the first time you watch it and then laugh again and again at the repeats! Whoever dreamt up the concept of Gordon Brittas running Whitbury Town Leisure Centre must have been an absolute genius. Aided by his workers and 'troubled' wife Brittas finds himself combating numerous disasters for our hilarity. My favourite disaster being when the centre came under attack by a historical reenactment society. The casting of the show was excellent, Barrie playing Brittas is hilarious, especially with the voice and faces pulled whilst in character. Long suffering wife (Pippa Haywood) and assistant Laura (Julia St John) are also worth a standing ovation. A top rated comedy in my opinion, well worth watching!
  • One of the Best British shows!

    Over its run of seven years It was a show that shouldn't be missed and even now over ten years later it has still stood the test of time!

    While in real life I'd want to kill Brittas he was what kept the show alive, his inability to recognize even the most obvious facts like Tim and Gavin's relationship

    Talking about Tim he was my favorite character while he was a shy young man he always managed to have a quick and witty come back to Brittas's idiotic ideas

    I have heard that at some point they may do a reunion show and to my mind it can't come soon enough I know some of the actors are no longer in the business but I hope they can be talked into coming back for the show!
  • I loved this show when I used to catch it on BBC (when we still had BBC). The comedy is very British, with lots of hilarious out-of-the-ordinary characters, and I've always enjoyed that.

    I loved this show when I used to catch it on BBC (when we still had BBC). The comedy is very British, with lots of hilarious out-of-the-ordinary characters, and I've always enjoyed that. Unlike American sitcoms, though, the laughs don't often come in quick succesions, and there are times when it becomes tiring watching the show and waiting for something funny to happen. Still, Brittas Empire was a joy to watch, and I regret not having watched all the episodes.
  • Gordon Brittas is a Leisure Centre manager with a dream. After his last Leisure Centre in Aldershot collapsing during his days in temporary charge, he was given a glowing reference and "advised" to manage a Leisure Centre in Whitbury. Every day, chaos run

    The Brittas Empire is a British classic based around the chaotic nature of one Leisure Centre manager who always seems to think that he's doing the right thing. Despite being a brilliant manager by the books, he follows everything exactly, leaving out the people skills. All classic comedy characters have no people skills, Basil Fawlty, Mr. Bean, the list goes on. Something that Chris Barrie is willing to star in for seven series is definitely good, just look at Red Dwarf. All in all, the Brittas Empire is a fantastic programme to watch, filled with laughs and mishaps. A must see.
  • Interesting concept and can be very funnny.

    Interesting concept and can be very funnny. I do not always understand british humor but this one I liked and I though that the cast were pretty good together. We always like to watch shows were there is at least one bumbling idiot who just doesn't get what is going on around him.
  • Fawlty Towers is the same concept...

    I know that running a business can be a great idea for a citcom. Fawlty Towers did it before Brittas Empire. This show will not knock you off your chair laughing but it is good. It is slow-paced, infintile steady british comedy, and more funny if you're British.
    Brittas Empire is the story of Gordon Brittas, the manager of a small unimportant gym. In every episode he requires to use his mangerial skills to solve weird occourences, which he ultimatevly makes worse.
    I suggest you watch Fawlty Towers first, and then try this show, it might help you understand the show better.