The Bronx Is Burning

ESPN (Mini-Series 2007)


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  • This is a series of short episodes set in the late 1970's about the New York Yankees baseball team.

    The words I wrote above are what I feel should be a well done docu-drama about the sporting events of the New York Yankees in the time frame of the late 1970's. But there is something amiss.

    As far as a television drama is concerned thus far this series has been rather well done. However, it stales in the same old problem of East Coast Bias.

    As a sports fan I think the history of the New York Yankees is extremely interesting and very worthy of fiction wise drama apparently loosely based on actual events.

    The problem I have is putting the events of the Yankees into retrospect with the "Son of Sam" murders. As a historian, I find it puzzling as to what the eventual outcome will be as to this murderer in regards to the fate of the team.

    Which leads me to conclude that this is just another "east coast bias" piece that no one outside of NYC can really relate to except for the baseball segments.

    ESPN is already notorious for their tunnel vision in regards to East Coast sports; more specifically NYC sports.

    I wonder if other hot spots during the 1970's such as Chicago or Detroit will ever figure into the minds of ESPN?

    I highly doubt it.
  • The Bronx is Burning...

    The Bronx is Burning, to me, is quite interesting. I'm only 16, so this is pretty much a first learning about this. The Bronx is Burning is about the Yankees in the late 70's and the signing of Reggie Jackson. It is an 8-part mini-series taking you through the thick and thin of Reggie Jackson's relationship with the Yankee ball club. This may not be the best show ever, but it certainly is interesting, and is a great show for baseball fans. The actors also do their parts well. Dan Sunjata is a great actor no one's ever heard of, Oliver Platt makes for a great Steinbrenner, and John Turturro is a pretty good actor himself - this is an underrated show that is, like I said, both interesting and educational for a baseball watcher and/or player.