The Bronx Zoo - Season 1

NBC (ended 1988)


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  • Lost and Found
    Lost and Found
    Episode 8
    A flu epidemic slims down the teacher population, including the basketball coach, so Joe puts Gus back in charge of the team. When Jack pesters Joe about wanting to be coach, Joe gets him off his back by telling him he's nominated him for teacher of the year. Roz returns to school in the wake of her sister's suicide, and turns to Mr. Turner, her sister's favorite teacher, for answers. Joe and Carol become the newest members of their condo's association, and invite the committee to their place to hold their latest meeting. But when they find out from their neighbors that the entire group hates children and don't want them in the building, Carol announces that she's pregnant, and throws them all out. An enraged Roz attacks a female classmate for saying that Mr. Turner was caught cheating. With the hearing looming, Sara asks Harry if he's having second thoughts about turning him in. Mary Caitlin is hot for Guy, but doesn't know how to tell him she likes him, so she begs Matthew to do it for her. The team have it out with Gus for quitting on them. Overexcited Jack begins treating his nomination like it's the second coming. Roz finds out about Mr. Turner's hearing, but still believes his innocence -- which he doesn't dispute. Joe tells Gus that the coach isn't coming back, so it's up to him to perform a miracle by cooling the angry team down before a big game. Matthew tries to let Guy know about Mary Caitlin's feelings, but Guy mistakenly thinks he's the one who wants him. And Mary Caitlin really gets the wrong idea when she catches Guy declaring his feelings for Matthew. Harry recommends Roz stop passing around a petition to prevent Mr. Turner from getting fired, causing her to have an outburst. Joe and Carol invite their attorney children, Suzanne and Josh, over for dinner to tell them about the condo discrimination and to let them know they're expecting. Roz tears up the petition after Mr. Turner blasts her. To prove to Mary Caitlin that he isn't gay, Matthew blurts out that he loves her, and finds out she loves him too. Jack thinks he'll lose the award after seeing that one of his fellow nominees is in a wheelchair, so he plays up his recent heart surgery in a bid for sympathy votes. After some students make Sara realize she's turned into Jack, she apologizes to Harry for letting the temporary promotion get to her head. Roz locks herself in the ladies room, planning to join her sister via the aid of pills, but ends up flushing them down the toilet. The faculty is tipped off that Roz said she was going to kill herself, so Mr. Turner admits to her and everyone that he lied, in hopes of getting her to come out -- unaware that Roz had already left to go see the championship game, which Gus' team wins. Neither Jack nor the cripple win teacher of the year, however.moreless
  • The Power of a Lie
    The Power of a Lie
    Episode 7
    Harry faces the impending consequences of Johnny's untruthful complaint against him, which the other students believe. A former friend of Matthew's, Whittington, comes to Matthew with a proposition: the chance to see the inner-workings of smart kids in a good school. Joe has no choice but to suspend Harry and put him to work in the administration office until the hearing. Suspecting Mr. Reese to be the actual culprit -- which he is -- Joe requests Johnny's father meet with him to talk about the incident. Joe and Carol discuss whether or not they should keep the baby. Charlie has a good laugh at Harry's expense now that they're both in the rubber room. Sara blasts Joe for suspending Harry, but Joe turns the conversation around and asks Sara to step up while Jack and Harry are out of commission. Jack leaves the hospital a poor man. Whittington shows Matthew how well-behaved and sharp (and smug) the suit-wearing students at Darwin Prep are. Back at Benjamin Harrison, Matthew tries to convince kids to join the debate club to challenge Whittington the braggart. Harry finds out Sara is handling his job responsibilities, and is angry. Sara manages to get school supplies immediately that Jack was never able to get. Even though he should be in bed, Jack drops by the school and is stunned to find out Sarah is handling his workload -- and redecorating his office. After Johnny lies right to Harry's face, Harry starts playing hooky. Mary Caitlin helps Matthew out with the debating team he's assembled -- and with master debaters like Roz, Zappa and Sara's star pupil, Henry the stutterer, he'll need all the help he can get. Sara tries to make Johnny come clean, but all he cares to talk about is how much she wants him. After Carol almost miscarries, she and Joe both realize that they do want the baby. Harry fights with Sara because he believes her refusal to talk to Joe about Johnny when she should have gave Johnny the credibility to make his complaint. Harry tries to keep his suspension a secret from Max and Nicole, but when Max begins to suspect things, Harry returns to work. Johnny goes to Sara's office to bring her flowers, but instead is crushed to find her and Harry kissing. Joe receives the Reese family file from social services, and holds it over Mr. Reese's head to get him to confess to beating up Johnny. With the proof in hand, Joe lifts Harry's suspension. Harry tracks down Johnny in the school's boiling room, and lets him take out the anger that he can't take out on his father. Henry surprises all at the first debate with a little revelation about Darwin's founder.moreless
  • Runaway Hearts
    Runaway Hearts
    Episode 6
    Jack has a physical for his wife's insurance policy, and is told he's in poor health. Harry unloads a troublemaker, Johnny, in Sara's class, because none of the other English teachers want him. Johnny walks out, and Sara tells him to never come back. Joe finds a way to get rid of Mr. Kaczmarek -- if his students don't pass a test Joe plans to personally give them, so long. Matthew follows Mary Caitlin, and discovers a secret she was trying to keep from the rest of the faculty -- she's participating in a church-sponsored program for runaway youths. Charlie has it out with Harry because he's stuck working in the rubber room pending an investigation. Mary Caitlin tries to no avail to help out one of the runaways, Sandy, who's got severe issues concerning her parents. Johnny begs Harry to give him another chance in Sara's class -- at least she was honest enough to say she doesn't like him. Mary Caitlin is angry to find out Matthew followed her, and confesses that she hasn't spoken to her mother in four years. Carol tells Joe she's pregnant. Mary Caitlin sees Sandy's photo on a milk carton. Jack is shocked when his doctor tells him he needs to have heart surgery immediately. The real reason Johnny asked to return to Sara's class is because he delusionally believes she has a thing for him. Harry warns Sara about Johnny when he sees them laughing after class together. Mr. Kaczmarek turns into a lean, mean teaching machine to suck up to Joe (and keep his job). Mary Caitlin shows the milk carton to Father Hector as she wants to give the parents a call, but he talks her out of it. Joe visits a fearful Jack in the hospital before his surgery. After Sara accidentally leaves her keys on her desk, Johnny takes them and breaks into her apartment to confess his misguided feelings for her. Harry catches Johnny there and saves Sara, but she won't let him call the police. Mary Caitlin struggles with whether or not she should go against Father Hector's wishes and tell Sandy's parents where she is. Jack goes towards the white light during his surgery, but eventually pulls through. Joe decides not to test Mr. Kaczmarek's students after seeing him in action. Joe and Carol wonder if they're too old to be having a baby. Harry confronts Johnny about breaking into Sara's apartment, causing him to erupt. Jack becomes spiritually aware after his near-death experience. Harry is called into Joe's office; Johnny's there with his face beat up, claiming Harry did it. Mary Caitlin calls her mother.moreless
  • The Moral Equation
    The Moral Equation
    Episode 5
    Joe makes faculty members take aptitude tests that they must pass in order to continue teaching -- and makes no secret of the fact that he hopes Mr. Kaczmarek will flunk it; Harry's friendship with another professor, Charlie, is jeopardized when Charlie confesses to Harry that the only reason he passed an earlier aptitude test was because he cheated; and Roz struggles to learn how to read.moreless
  • Conspicuous by Their Abstinence
    Benjamin Harrison's decision to hand out free condoms causes a media uproar to the already tense situations -- one that puts Mary Caitlin at odds with the church. Donna is harrassed by an unstable former boyfriend after telling him he is not the father of her child.
  • Small Victories
    Small Victories
    Episode 3
    Matthew arrives at Benjamin Harrison as a sub, inexperienced and unaware of what he's in for. Fed up with a lack of chalk and erasers, Sara keeps pressing for her transfer to another school -- one that's willing to pay for school supplies. Harry tries to help a failing gang leader, Julio, whom he wants to see get into college, but Jack's refusal to change Julio's history grade -- and Julio's not wanting it to be changed -- stand between them. Joe fights tooth and nail to prevent Benjamin Harrison's day care center from being shut down when the conservative school board decides that it glamorizes -- and encourages -- teen pregnancy. Matthew tries to teach, but the students just laugh at him and walk out of his classes... even after he follows Gus' advice on how to get them to stay. Sara demands Joe sign her transfer after a student swipes her copy of "David Copperfield" and refuses to return it. Like Sara, Matthew threatens to quit himself when the students turn him into an impromptu daredevil. The school is picketed by those against the day care center.moreless
  • Changes
    Episode 2
    Mary Caitlin's conscience is weighed upon after a professor, Mr. Gianelli, confesses a secret to her shortly before he dies of a heart attack - a secret he wants her to tell his wife. One of the students, Eddie, is hounded by another classmate over his perceived homosexuality. Donna, an unwed mother who brings her child to school, is going through a crisis.moreless
  • Signs of Life
    Signs of Life
    Episode 1
    Joe prepares for his first day as the new principal of Benjamin Harrison High School, but not before agreeing to undergo marriage counseling with his wife, Carol. Mary Caitlin's motorcycle is stolen by a punk, who rides it right out of the school. Joe overhears that the previous principal had a nervous breakdown. Gus, believing Jack is to be promoted to principal, tries unsuccessfully to persuade Jack to let him teach science. Jack believes it himself and begins preparing for his new duties before finding out the bad news. After observing things, Joe concludes that most of the school's problems can be attributed to the teachers, so he holds a faculty meeting and threatens the others to do their jobs -- or else. A board official, Connie, warns Joe that the complaints are racking up against him and he should keep a lower profile. Joe doesn't listen, and continues to tick off the faculty members with his "improvements," then stirs up the hornet's nest by assigning Harry and Sara to work on student council together, though he can plainly see they don't like each other.moreless