The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H.

CBS (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Thanksgiving
      Episode 8
      A basketball tournament keeps Poland on its toes.
    • Shaw-Shank Redemption
      Waylon hurts his leg, but he won't explain how he injured himself. This episode was unaired, as the show was cancelled by CBS. This was the last produced episode.
    • The Song of Poland
      Waylon asks Hank to help find out whether Julie is cheating on him. Hank punches Haggis and breaks his nose. Their beloved music teacher's death brings the brothers together in song, but Hank thinks the man may have been murdered. Garrett is busy making deals to improve his chances of re-election as mayor. Dottie decides to turn the theater into a nightclub. This episode was unaired, as the show was cancelled by CBS. moreless
    • Little Girl Lost
      Little Girl Lost
      Episode 5
      When a teenage girl goes missing after a fight with her boyfriend, the brothers adopt strange methods to help find her, including a crime-sniffing Chihuahua. Meanwhile, talk of the girl's sex life leads the women to wonder about their own children's possible sexual activities.
    • Sleeping Lions
      Sleeping Lions
      Episode 4
      The Shaw brothers don't know what to do when their minister reveals that he is gay and asks for their support.
    • Tough Love
      Tough Love
      Episode 3
      Because he keeps giving her compliments, Dottie thinks that a handsome young banker has a crush on her, but she can't convince Julie. Waylon goes into business for himself selling ice cream to kids, but an offended elderly woman shoots him with a paint-ball gun. Monica tells her parents that she wants to have sex with her boyfriend.moreless
    • Secrets and Lies
      Secrets and Lies
      Episode 2
      Rehearsals for the Easter pagent don't go as planned; Hank does not support Dottie as he begins to blackmail Sharon Ropers about her affair with Garret.
    • Falling Acorns
      Falling Acorns
      Episode 1
      In the "pilot" part of the episode, the Shaw brothers, former hockey stars, now fat and middle aged, face dilemmas in the town of Poland, New Hampshire. In the "Falling Acorns" part, Dottie decides to buy the old movie house.
  • Specials