The Brothers Garcia

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)


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  • Thanx to the N for bringing it back.

    THe Brothers Garcia was a really great show. It is one of those shows that shows the value of your family in a completely realistic way. THis show focuses on a Mexican American family, the Garcias. There are three boys and one girl. THe family resides in the city of San Antonio, Texas. The children of the family usually face problems and challenges that they cannot escape. To get of their jams, they rely on the help of their family. No matter the cost, the family is always there. This show really shows that nothing should ever come between you and your family.
  • Loved it.

    The Brothers Garcia revolves around the Garcia family as they deal with ever day things. The family consists of three boys and one girl and of cours the parents, Ray the farther, Sonia the Mother, Carlos the Eldest brother, George the second oldest, and Lorena and Larry who are twins. One of the reasons I started to watch The Brothers Garcia is the fact that it took place in my home town of San Antonio, Texas, but as I watched I learned some good life facts. I wish Nick would bring this show back, especially with all of the garbage on t.v. nowadays.
  • It's a story about a Latin family that lives in Texas. The whole family in count is 6. 4 children & of course 2 parents. Ray-Father; Sonia-mother; Carlos-eldest brother; George-2nd eldest brother; Lorena-female twin; Larry-male twin

    I wish Nick could bring it back because I like the show & it inspires me to do better in my family. You know, I want to have a family like theirs so I want it to be aired again. This show is like the best show that Nick aired since I started watching it. I was sad when I knew from my cousin that Nick stopped airing it. I was almost to tears that time. Actually, I had a crush on Jeffery Licon that time & I like Larry's personality there. It's just like mine. I want the show back!
  • The Brothers Garcia is about a mexican family. It was on Nick. Larry and Carlos are the ones always getting in trouble. The family got through any problems they had. Lorena and the little brother were the good ones. This show was really good though.

    The Brothers Garcia was a really good show. The show was about a cool mexican family getting by in life.Larry was a cool kid but Carlos was getting into things. I liked it alot. I watched every episode and I thought each episode was good. I was upset when it went off the air.I like how the plot was designed. My favorite character was Carlos because he was the coolest and a heartbreaker. This show was great. I love this show!!
  • one of the shows i hate that nicklodion made

    Absolutely stupid and a complete waste of time from Nickelodion. The series is about boys being boys, with Larry, George and Carlos Garcia put brotherly love to the test. The Brothers Garcia - which makes television history as the first English language sitcom with an all Latino cast and creative team of writers, directors and producers -- recounts the everyday, coming-of-age stories of three brothers growing up in San Antonio, Texas. From his witty, now adult perspective, Larry Garcia fondly recalls his quest as an 11-year-old to fit in with his older brothers - 13-year-old athletic Carlos and George, a l2-year-old walking encyclopedia - and to assert his individuality, despite the attention-getting melodramatic behavior of his fraternal twin sister Lorena. Ray, a hard-working, proud father, and Sonia, a compassionate yet pragmatic mother, instill family values and morals of their strong Latino heritage while closely managing the chaos and helping to build the foundation of the unbreakable Garcia family bond.
  • i love this show

    i mean its about a normal family going thru everyday life... this show is great its funny and its shows that whatever happends your family is always there to support you... this show should be an example because it has lessons that kids these days should really learn like respect and love for the family... i watch episode reruns of this show when i catch it on the tv even if ive already seen it like four times already theres just something about it that doesn't make me loose interest wheather it be the first time ive watched it or the 10th
  • Where did it go, I loved it!

    This was one of my favourite shows on Nickelodeon, but then they cancelled it. It's basically a sitcom about a young boy named Larry Garcia and his family living in a south America. The show has funny moments but it keeps you watching be getting you so involved with whats going on. In the show, there is a mans voice to represent what Larry's thinking, which is great because it makes him more 3 Dimensional. I'm sure Nickelodeon will re-run this show again, like they have done with Kenan & Kell and Sabrina (2 other great shows), and I can't wait until they do.