The Buccaneers

Season 1 Episode 3

Captain Dan Tempest

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Oct 06, 1956 on ITV

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  • Capt Tempest finally walks into his own series

    Capt Tempest returns from a long "shopping spree" in the Pacific to shower his Lolita with loot. Why he even tolerates this selfish, whiney, Spanish gypsy let alone marries her, is some writer's great mystery. Fortunately, she shortly ditches him and sails off with the fleet and Woodes Rogers to Jamaica to join the war effort against Spain. Or, at least, dance to it.

    This episode really needed to be a 2-parter as it calls for so much character and situation development in too little time.

    However, we are treated to what was possibly an early direction for the show when Tempest is accompanied by Rogers' young Lieutenant Beamish on a mission from God - to deliver one of the first cargoes of goods to Charleston, get the best price and bring the money back to New Providence.

    In the course of this voyage, they are chased by Blackbeard. Tempest's old crew are waiting for Tempest to take up with Blackbeard, dump Beamish and the King's Pardon and get back to some serious Pirating. But Tempest has given his word and unbeknownst (such a fun word) to his crew, he and Beamish have cooked up A Plan.

    The highlight is Beamish, using Tempest as a shield, taking the crew on a chase through the belly of the ship (at this point, still a sloop) designed to entrap them. No swordplay, but a clever hand with a belaying pin -- what team did he play for?

    Tempest and Beamish trap the crew below and set about fighting off Blackbeard by themselves. Quite a bit of enthusiasm on the Lieutenant's part as he helps load and aim a cannon. If the series had taken off on this track, it held the potential of being even greater fun than it was. Tempest and Beamish work very well together and even seem to share a good understanding of each other.

    But the show took a different tack after leaving Beamish in charge as Acting Governor. The good-natured Beamish became, for a time, a bit of a pill as the writers tried to make him a resident ogre. It doesn't last because this kind of a role calls for an older man and Hammond's Beamish is, frankly, too young and too pretty (and a bit too nice).