The Buccaneers

Season 1 Episode 23


Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Feb 23, 1957 on ITV

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  • we're supposed to believe that suddenly Capt Tempest's entire crew are out to destroy New Providence - which is their major hidey hole?

    This episode's saving grace is some terrific Beamish angst as he is pushed into deciding Dan Tempest & Co really are trying to destroy/ransom New Providence.

    All from a view of the back of a man's head. WE know it's a set up from scene one.

    In Beamish's favor, he's the last to believe it. There's a great angst scene as he dismisses everyone in a fury then sits and stews while the camera remains on him for some time.

    This gets so ridiculous, that we are treated to a scene of Armando's wife demanding protection from the Pirates!

    However, we do get to see Roger Delgado clean shaven. It grinds on to some terrifically over-acted scenes of Beamish deciding he's going to kill Dan Tempest if it's the last thing he ever does (and it would be. Gotta wonder at that particular way he's choosing of getting taken out. It's virtual suicide) Sam Bassett trying to talk him out of it and when that doesn't work, promising Beamish a full military funeral. Beamish clumsily climbing aboard and announcing he's going to take Tempest out, then missing his shot as he's pounced on by Pop, who **doesn't** kill him. To an incredible scene of forgiveness as Tempest chides Beamish for missing his shot then walks him around the deck, arm around the Lieutenant's shoulder, to show him what the set-up really was.

    In a show that often is silly, this is sillier.

    But Beamish is cute when he's furious. So I can forgive a lot.