The Bugaloos - Season 1

NBC (ended 1972)




Episode Guide


  • The Good Old Days
    The Good Old Days
    Episode 17
    Benita purchases the deed to Tranquilty Forest and gives the Bugaloos twenty-four hours to get off of her property. The Bugaloos fabricate a gypsy woman, Madame Tania, who places a curse on Benita. Her only way out is for to make up with her enemies--including the Bugaloos.
  • Benita the Beautiful
    The winner of Peter Platter's "Miss Out of This World" pageant gets to star in a movie musical. Gina Lola-Wattage convinces Joy to enter the contest with her. Benita, naturally, wants the pageant all to herself, so she kidnaps her two main competitors.
  • The Bugaloos Bugaboo
    With Sparky feeling like a nobody, the Bugaloos decide to help him write a song. Benita jumps to the conclusion that Sparky's the talent of the group so, masquerading as J.W. Wooster, Hollywood agent, she hires him as her songwriter. After swiping his tunes, she enters in Peter Platter's talent contest.moreless
  • On a Clear Day
    On a Clear Day
    Episode 14
    Peter Platter is throwing a huge rock festival in Tranquility Forest. Every act is on the show, except Benita Bizarre. Jealous, she plans her own festival. But first, the other one must be shut down. When her car starts belching out orange smog, she uses it to pollute the forest.
  • Lady, You Don't Look 80
    The guys throw a surprise party for Joy's sixteenth birthday. They have a little fun with Sparky and tell him that Joy's eighty, and that they're all in the seventies. Benita overhears this, thinks it's true and kidnaps Sparky. She holds him ransom until the Bugaloos bring her water from their secret "fountain of youth".moreless
  • The Love Bugaloos
    The Love Bugaloos
    Episode 12
    Sparky is smitten with singer Gina Lola Wattage. When she comes to town to perform on Peter Platter's show, Joy gets her to drop by and meet Sparky. When Benita kidnaps Gina so she can take her place on the radio, it's up to the Bugaloos to free her. The song "It's New to You" is performed.moreless
  • The Uptown 500
    The Uptown 500
    Episode 11
    The victor of the Uptown 500 race wins a lots of cash and the honor of singing the commercials for the "Way Out Wheeler" car dealership. Benita is so determined to win that she sabotages her competitors and kidnaps Sparky from The Bugaloos.
  • Circus Time at Benita's
    Magico the Magnificent uses hypnosis to convince Sparky that he's the bravest person in the world. Full of himself, he goes off to start a fight with Benita. While he doesn't accomplish much, he does give Benita the idea that Magico can make her into the world's greatest singer. Naturally, she kidnaps the hypnotist.moreless
  • Help Wanted - Firefly
    Klutzy Sparky gets a job working for Peter Platter at KOOK radio. Meanwhile, Benita is sore over not getting any of her songs played on the radio. Her evil plan is to plug into Peter's station and take over the airwaves! When she does, all the equipment begin to explode. Everyone thinks Sparkys to blame for the meltdown...but only until they hear Benita on the radio.moreless
  • Benita's Double Trouble
    Peter Platter asks the Bugaloos to take over his show while he's at a DJ convention. Benita kidnaps Peter and makes him call the Bugaloos and say he wants her to do his show. In their rescue of Peter, the Bugaloos disguise themselves as Funky Rat, Woofer, Tweeter--and Benita!
  • Today I Am a Firefly
    Sparky flies the coop to practice using his wings. In the meantime, Benita Bizarre is playing her prized music box when it's broken by her henchmen Woofer and Tweeter. How do they fix it? By shrinking the Bugaloos and locking them in the box to play live for Benita's entertainment. It's up to a flying Sparky to rescue them from their musical prison.moreless
  • Now You See 'em, Now You Don't
    The Bugaloos work Sparky into their music to give them a new sound. Benita is going to put a stop to this! She draws up papers making her his legal guardian so she can get her hands on their "sound".
  • If I Had the Wings of a Bugaloo
    Benita is tired of watching the Bugaloos fly across the skies. With a set of wings provided by Funky's sister, she learns how strong gravity really is. That's when Benita disguises herself as Hedy Hoedown and kidnaps I.Q. for his wings. It's up to the other Bugaloos to save him before she removes his set.moreless
  • Courage Come Home
    Courage Come Home
    Episode 4
    Benita gets rid of all her hired help. Then Courage takes a fall and gets a bout of amnesia. Benita takes advantage of the situation by telling him he is her nephew, and he is responsible for doing the housework.
  • The Great Voice of Robbery
    Benita can't stand her voice anymore, so she kidnaps Joy and uses a voice-switching machine to steal her voice. Joy gets Benita's voice. The rest of the gang get involved, complicating matters by scrambling everyone's voice.
  • Our Home is Our Hassle
    Benita hears the Bugaloos singing yet another great tune. Convinced that the key to their creativity is Tranquility Forest itself, she moves she there. The Bugaloos plot to get her out of the Forest and out of their hair.
  • Firefly, Light My Fire
    Benita is having little success recording a hit record so she forces the Bugaloos to be her back-up band. She gets their cooperation by holding Joy as a hostage.Sparky the Firefly helps the Bugaloos escape, becoming their new friend. And it's Sparky who records a hit single. Songs performed are "Supersonic Sneakers" and "The Senses of Our World".moreless