The Bugs Bunny Show

ABC (ended 1972)





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  • Bugs Bunny is an enduring American cultural icon.

    Bugs Bunny is, of course, an enduring American cultural icon. The embodiment of the smart-mouthed underdog. For over 60 years Bugs has been making the world laugh, an astonishingly long career.

    The animation quality is remarkably good. The character design of Bugs Bunny changed over the years. He started off a bit goofy, but quickly became the smooth and sophisticated prankster the world fell in love with.

    Like any hero, Bugs needs great villains to play off of. And Bugs rogues gallery is top notch. Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, and eternal rival Daffy Duck top the list.

    The Bugs Bunny stories are short and distilled. Seemingly simple plots, like hunter chases rabbit, are surprisingly engaging 60 years later and enjoyable by children and adults from generation to generation.

    Since Bugs Bunny rarely resorted to topical humor, these iconic stories have held up much better than other cartoons that quickly become dated once their original era has passed.

    Bugs Bunny has been with us for 60 years and, in all likelihood, we'll still be hearing his Brooklyn wise-cracks 60 years from now. An amazing cultural icon.