The Bugs 'n' Daffy Show

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  • Season 2
    • Episode 73
      Episode 73
      Episode 8
      Bugs invades Elmer's sweet dream, converting it into the most surreal of hunter's nightmares; a pair of constables, one incredibly stupid and the other beset by mishaps caused by his colleague, chase a mouse that stole a diamond for the sole purpose of relieving a hangover from overindulgence on rum cake; and Charlie Dog, seeking a master, pesters the happily canine-less farmer Porky Pig The Big Snooze with Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd The Mouse On 57th Street with the Rum Cake-Eating Mouse "Hip Clip" from Racketeer Rabbit with Bugs Bunny, Rocky, and Hugo Often an Orphan with Porky Pig and Charlie Dogmoreless
    • Episode 72
      Episode 72
      Episode 7
      Bugs protects a younger bunny from the gastronomic intentions of addle- brained Pete Puma, pushy Charlie Dog tells in flashback to a fellow canine his futile attempt to ingratiate himself with urban apartment dweller Porky Pig- whom Charlie wanted to be Charlie's master, and a kitten dropped within a sack out of a car tumbles and rolls to the door of the domicile of a pair of mice, who accept the foundling feline as their foster child before delivering the young cat to a human for pet adoption- and when they visit their former dependent a year later, he strives to protect them from his mice-abhorring mistress. Rabbit's Kin with Bugs Bunny and Pete Puma Mouse-Placed Kitten with Ma and Pa Mouse and Junior Cat "Hip Clip" from Satan's Waitin' with Tweety and Sylvester Little Orphan Airedale with Porky Pig and Charlie Dogmoreless
    • Episode 71
      Episode 71
      Episode 6
      Daffy painfully persuades homeowner Porky Pig to purchase an accident insurance policy, Marvin Martian is thwarted by Bugs from exploding a telescopically obstructive Earth, and Elmer and Bugs are geriatric foes in the year 2000, when Smellovision has replaced television, and the as-always- violent encounter brings the ancient Elmer to a grave, wherein he is buried alive by Bugs! Fool Coverage with Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Hare-Way to the Stars with Bugs Bunny and Marvin Martian The Old Grey Hare with Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fuddmoreless
    • Episode 70
      Episode 70
      Episode 5
      Marshland inhabitant Daffy tries to divert the rifle of hunter Elmer Fudd toward the fox who also pursues Daffy with intent to kill, and Daffy triumphantly finds that he is, "...dealing with inferior mentalities." Cosmic force disturbance results in a Martian baby being delivered to Earth parents, while an Earthling infant starts its born days on Mars. A construction worker discovers a frog that will sing only for him and thus frustrates his aim of attaining fame and fortune by exhibiting the tuneful amphibian. What Makes Daffy Duck? with Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd Rocket-Bye Baby with Mot the Infant Martian "Hip Clip" from Cat Feud with Marc Antony, Pussyfoot, and Claude Cat One Froggy Evening with Michigan J. Frogmoreless
    • Episode 69
      Episode 69
      Episode 4
      Bugs reminisces for a reporter his ascension through Vaudevillian dances and pratfalls to Hollywood celebrity status, a foppish canine protecting a garden is neutralized by a pair of mischievous and clever gophers who wish to harvest vegetables, including carrots- but the gophers had not counted upon further opposition to their forage in the form of fellow garden raider Bugs Bunny, and Claude Cat confronts Frisky Puppy at a construction site and underneath a tree inhabited by Tweety. What's Up, Doc? with Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd The Goofy Gophers with the Goofy Gophers "Hip Clip" from The Wabbit Who Came to Supper with Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd No Barking with Claude Cat and Frisky Puppymoreless
    • Episode 67
      Episode 67
      Episode 3
      Foghorn Leghorn and the barnyard dog continue their feud, with a fox seeking to filch chickens in their care, becoming involved in the hostilities- until Foghorn and the dog team to rid their farmland of the interloper; Tweety pilots a flying bird cage; and a mechanical female bunny lures Bugs into the lair of an evil scientist, whose hulking, orange-haired stooge is outwitted by Bugs into a painful mousetrap manicure and then by Bugs' cunning exploitation of the creature's shyness. Fox Terror with Foghorn Leghorn and the Scheming Fox The Jet Cage with Tweety, Sylvester, and Granny "Hip Clip" from The Wearing of the Grin with Porky Pig and the Leprechauns Hair-Raising Hare with Bugs Bunny, Gossamer, and Peter Lorremoreless
    • Episode 67
      Episode 67
      Episode 2
      A desperately tired, violently irritable man mistakenly chooses for a night's stay the hotel managed by Elmer Fudd with raucous chatterbox Daffy as bellhop; needless to say, sleep is impossible for the volatile guest, and it is Elmer and not sleep-preventive Daffy who bears the brunt of the guest's displeasure. The yuletide is anything but peaceful in the home of Granny and Sylvester when Tweety and a bulldog are among the presents beneath the Christmas tree. Finally, mountain cabin owner Yosemite Sam intends to bake Bugs in an oven, only to himself be tricked by Bugs into the oven on the not-quite-false pretense that a rollicking party transpires inside of it. A Pest in the House with Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd Gift Wrapped with Tweety, Sylvester, and Granny Rabbit Every Monday with Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sammoreless
    • Episode 66
      Episode 66
      Episode 1
      Bugs goes ballistic when he learns that rabbits merit a hunting bounty of only 2 cents as they are supposedly harmless creatures, a drunken note wreaks havoc on a music sheet, and a farmer's patriotic plowhorse eagerly enlists in the U.S. Army but fails his physical examination. Rebel Rabbit with Bugs Bunny and the Game Commissioner The Draft Horse with the Draft Horse "Hip Clip" from Greedy For Tweety with Tweety, Sylvester, and Granny High Note with the Drunken Notemoreless
  • Season 1
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