The Bullwinkle Show

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The Bullwinkle Show

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The Bullwinkle Show is a funny animated cartoon about a dimwitted moose (Bullwinkle) and his spunky flying squrriel friend (Rocky) getting in and out of adventures and foiling the plans of their archenemies (Boris and Natasha). Rocky is the smarter of the two. He likes to fly in the air and cook salami soufflé. Bullwinkle isn't the brightest star in the sky, he likes to hang out with his buddy Rocky. Boris is the short bad guy with the black suit and is the one with the "brains." Natasha is a tall skiny dark haired lady that assists in Boris's evil scheme. Both are sent to do evil plots by their boss, Fearless Leader. First airing on ABC in 1959 with Rocky and Bullwinkle, the show was called "Rocky and his Friends". At that time, the show was in black and white. Later in 1961, the show moved to NBC with Bullwinkle's popularity, the show was renamed "The Bullwinkle Show". Then, the show began to run in color. The show would always air with a Bullwinkle segment, the "Fractured Fairy Tales" then "Mr. Know-it-All", "Peabody's Inprobabale History" Another Bullwinkle segment and finally "Bullwinkle's Corner". "Hello poetry lovers" One of segments on the Bullwinkle Show...Bullwinkle's Corner Bullwinkle always tries to recite a famous poem, but stuff always happens: Boris wrecks the poem, Rocky doesn't do his part right, or it's just plain Bullwinkle's fault! Rocky and Bullwinkle have been on TV for more than 40 years throughout various syndication. The show started in black and white called Rocky and His Friends, then went to color called The Bullwinkle Show. TV-G Characters Rocket J. "Rocky" Squirrel One of the main stars of the show. Rocky is just an all-american flying squrriel who wears a blue aviator's helmets. Bullwinkle J. Moose The Main Moose. Bullwinkle is a dimwitted moose who always goes anywhere without little buddy (Rocky). He and Rocky live in a little town of Frostbite Falls, Minnesota. Narrator The guy who lets ya' know what's going on. When narrating, he uses awful puns or confused words that makes you wanna laugh or wanna make Rocky, Bullwinkle, and everyone else get sore. Boris Badenov A Pottsyvainaian spy who is always wanting to "kill moose and squirrel" with his parter, Natasha. Natasha Fatale Boris's partner in crime. Fearless Leader Boris and Natasha's boss and the one who comes up with the plans to defeat Rocky and Bullwinkle. Mr. Big A midget villain who wanted Bullwinkle's upsidasium. Then was sent to the moon, where he made metal munching mice to destroy American TV. He appears in "Upsidasium" and "Metal-Munching Mice", Captain Peter Wrongway Peachfuzz One of Rocky and Bullwinkle's friends. His fullname is Wrongway Peachfuzz and no wonder because he does everything the wrong way. Gidney and Cloyd Moonman The moonmen duo and Rocky and Bullwinkle's friends. Gidney is the one with the moustache and Cloyd is the one with the scrootch-gun. They appeared in "Jet Fuel Formula" and "Metal-Munching Mice" Chaunzy and Edgar Two old timers that are frequently seen in the show. Usually you see them saying "Well there's something you don't see everyday Chauntzy" "What's that Edgar?" Uncle Dewlap Bullwinkle's dead uncle who was twice removed, once for vagrancy, and the other for loitering. Fairy She introduced Fratured Fairy Tales and is always getting squished by the fairy tale book. Edward Everett Horton The guy who let's you know what's going on in Fractured Fairy Tales. Mr. Peabody A Genius dog who can go back in time with his "WAYBAC" machine. SHERMAN was a orphen boy that Mr. Peabody adopted. Other Minor Characters Dudley Do-Right A mixed-up Canadian mounty who is "always there to save the day". He appears in Upsidasium, Buried Treasure and The Last Angry Moose. Nell Fenwick> Dudley's vision of lovelyness. Nell is the daughter of Ispector Fenwick. She appears in Upsidasium, Buried Treasure and The Last Angry Moose. Inspector Nathaniel Fenwick The Inspector of the R.C.M.P. (royal canadian mounted police) and Dudley's role model. He appears in Upsidasium, Buried Treasure and The Last Angry Moose. Horse Dudley's horse that Nell love. He appears in Upsidasium, Buried Treasure and The Last Angry Moose. Snidley K. Whiplash Dudley's archenemy and Nell's secret admirer. He appears in Upsidasium, Buried Treasure and The Last Angry Moose. Aesop An ancient Greek fableteller and alway's had a moral. He appears in Upsidasium, Metal-Munching Mice, Greenpernt Oogle, Rue Britannia, Buried Treasure, The Last Angry Moose, and Wailing Whale. Junior Aesops's son. He appears in Upsidasium, Metal-Munching Mice, Greenpernt Oogle, Rue Britannia, Buried Treasure, The Last Angry Moose, and Wailing Whale. History Rocky and Bullwinkle was originally to be part of the "Frostbite-Falls Revue." It was about a group of forest animals running a TV station. The group included Rocket J. Squirrel, Oski Bear, Canadian Moose (Bullwinkle), Sylvester Fox, Blackstone Crow, and Floral Fauna. The show was created by Jay Ward's former partner Alex Anderson, but it never sold. Airing format From seasons 1-2 were formated as one Bullwinkle and Rocky cartoon, then a Fractured Fairy Tale (or Aesop and Son), Mr. Know-it-All, then Peabody (or Dudley Do-Right), another Bullwinkle and Rocky cartoon, and finally Bullwinkle's Corner. Season 1 and 2was in black and white, although, some syndicated stations play the colorized season 1 episodes, but NO ONE plays the black and white season 2 episodes. From season 3-5 were formated as one Bullwinkle and Rocky cartoon, Mr. Know-it-All, then a Fractured Fairy Tale, another Bullwinkle and Rocky cartoon, and finally Bullwinkle's Corner, and one last B&R cartoon. Marathons of the Bullwinkle Show Rocky and Bullwinkle's You call this a marathon? Marathon This marathon was aired on July 2000 on Cartoon Network in response to the movie debut June 29, 2000. BOOMERANG Rocky and Bullwinkle Marathons In September 2003, BOOMERANG had 24 hr. R&B marathons every Friday starting a 8 AM. Original Air times But first, a little brief show info... ABC Years 1959-1961 at 6:30 PM Sundays, and Thursdays, 1964-1974 at 6:30 PM ?. NBC Years 1961-1964 at 6:3O PM Sundays FOX43 Years 2000-2001 at 6:30 AM Monday-Friday NICKELODEON Years 1990-199? at ?:?? ?? ?-? CARTOON NETWORK Years 1996-2001 at 11:00 pm Saturday-Sunday. BOOMERANG Years ?-2002 at 4:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 8:00 PM/2003-present at 7:00 AM, 3:00 PM, and 11:00 PM. Current Line Up: BOOMERANG has Bullwinkle on at 7:00AM, 3:00PM, and 11:00PM. See "Boomerang" for complete up-to-date line-up.


    September 6, 2005 DVD Releases

  • Edward Everett Horton

    Edward Everett Horton

    Himself (Fractured Fairy Tales Narrator)

    Paul Frees

    Paul Frees

    Boris Badenov/Fearless Leader/Captain Peter Wrongway Peachfuzz

    Bill Scott

    Bill Scott

    (uncredited) Bullwinkle J. Moose/Mr. Hector Peabody(1959-1961)

    William Conrad

    William Conrad


    Walter Tetley

    Walter Tetley

    Sherman Peabody(1959-1961)

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    • As far as I'm concerned this was not a Kid's Show.

      Kids may have enjoyed it, but this show had another layer to it. It was extremely sophisticated with a lot of "inside jokes" that went way over kid's heads!

      For example what kid was going to understand the significance of the "Ruby Yacht Of Omar Khayyam?"

      I always loved when Bullwinkle tried to pull a rabbit out of his hat, and always pulled out something very different!

      Some of my other favorites were: "Fractured Fairy Tales," narrated by Edward Everett Horton, Bullwinkle's "Mister Know-It-All," Sherman and Peabody's "Improbable History," with their "Way Back Machine", "Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties" (had to love Snidley Whiplash, Nell and especially Horse), "Bullwinkle's Poetry Corner," and everybody's favorite villains, Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale!

      This show "Set the Bar", and unfortunately today it can't be equaled, much less raised!moreless
    • One classic show!

      The Bullwinkle show has entertained me though the years and it's off the wall humor has inspired me. Bullwinkle and rocky take on villains week after week and I don't care if the plot is any good. I rather watch Bullwinkle rather than some stupid show from the 1960's and 70's. The shorts are also memorable. Fractured fairy Tales came years before the shrek movies, and Dudley do-right is a mounty from Canada who can do no right. And then Peboday and Sherman and the way back machine. A lot of fans are sad when the show was cancelled in 1963. But despite that, Bullwinkle will live forever.moreless
    • A moose and a flying squarral are friends and the moose is very stupid. They have adventures were they usualy end up foiling the plans of the shows bad guys boris and natasha. There are also many short clips of other characters in the show that were funnymoreless

      This was old when I was young but they still played it late at night. I remember that if I was good I could pick a night to stay up late and watch it with my parents who remember the first time the show ran. I used to love it and I miss it. Its was funny especally when you are young. It had interesting little chapter like short storys too that I liked. It would be nice to see it again after so long.moreless
    • A great and classic cartoon with several good segments of different characters in it. It was funny for children AND adults.

      A classic cartoon that was good for children and adults alike. Lots and lots of funny happenings that would be funny in two different ways. It had very clever dialogue that was funny on it's face value for children and funny with a double meaning to adults. There were several other cartoons on the show other that just Rocky and Bullwinkle. Some of these other segments included Fractured fairy Tales, Mister Know-It-All, Peabody's Improbable History, Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties and Bullwinkle's Corner. A couple of these segments were better than the Rocky and Bullwinkle segments themselves. It wish very much that there was a show like this today using the same style of comedy.moreless
    • Bad animation bad puns Good times

      Who could have thought a show about an talking moose and squerll would be such a hit. with it's bad animation and even worse puns i loved this show it's smart they made fun of every body includng them selfs and their writers. with there evil "nogoodnicks" Boris, Natasha, Fearless leader, and Mr. Big (who's really short)to the good guys Rocky and Bulwinkle to the Nerator, my personal favorite characters, they all make a great team. And watch me as i try to pull a rabit out of my hatmoreless

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