The Bullwinkle Show

Season 5 Episode 2

Bumbling Brother's Circus (5, 6 & 7)

Aired Unknown Aug 26, 1962 on



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    • Narrator: (about Bullwinkle's performance) Of course all the customers loved the act.
      Crowd: Yah!
      Narrator: All except two.
      Boris and Natasha: Boo!
      Narrator: And they weren't exactly customers, they had sneaked in under the tent wall.
      Natasha: Snitch!

    • Hugo: Cheer up, Bullwinkle.
      Igo: The show must go on.
      Bullwinkle: Must go on what?
      Hugo: I don't know. It's just something...
      Igo: ...We always say at times like this.

    • Igo: (about a disguised Boris) You know, Hugo, I think Bullwinkle's right.
      Hugo: That's impossible!
      Igo: I think this fella's a crook.
      Hugo: That's possible!

    • Narrator: And Boris's band of Indian archers drew a bead on our two heroes. Don't miss our next arrowing episode...(starts laughing) Arrowing episode of...(continues laughing)
      Bullwinkle: Come on, come on! It's the end of the episode!
      Rocky: Oh, boy.
      Bullwinkle: The next episode is "Flaming Arrows..."
      Rocky: "...Or Bullwinkle Meets His Match."
      Narrator: (still laughing) Arrowing episode!

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