The Bullwinkle Show

Season 5 Episode 3

Bumbling Brother's Circus (8, 9 & 10)

Aired Unknown Sep 02, 1962 on
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Bumbling Brother's Circus (8, 9 & 10)
The Bumbling Brothers come to the rescue when they and the heard of elephants scare the Indians and save Rocky and Bullwinkle, while Boris and Natasha (or the Indian and the Masked Rider) get away. The Indians agree not to bother the circus anymore. Later, Rocky is called into the office of the Bumbling brothers where they announce they Rocky is fired! They explained that their elephants have to weigh 6,000 pounds, but they're loosing weight at a frightening speed. Bullwinkle says that if Rocky gets fired, the Bullwinkle will fire himself, so the Bumbling Brothers give Rocky another chance. Rocky and Bullwinkle try to figure out why the elephants are loosing weight, it turns out the Boris (posing as a little child named Ethel Bert) is feeding the elephants peanuts filled with reducing pills. Rocky can't stand it and wants to leave the circus. Boris and Natasha dress up as a fake lion so when Bullwinkle sticks his head into, they'll bite off his head. But he's saved by a telegram from the Bullwinkle Fanclub in Montana. After Boris and Natasha (trapped in the suit) are sent to the zoo, Bumbling Brother's Circus go internation. Rocky and Bullwinkle return home. Mr. Know It All: How to be a Lion Tamer Fractured Fairy Tales: Hanzel and Gretel Mr. Know It All: How to be a Hitck-Hikermoreless

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    Charlie Ruggles

    Charlie Ruggles


    Guest Star

    Paul Frees

    Paul Frees

    Boris Badenov/Fearless Leader/Captain Peter Wrongway Peachfuzz

    Recurring Role

    Bill Scott

    Bill Scott

    (uncredited) Bullwinkle J. Moose

    Recurring Role

    Daws Butler

    Daws Butler


    Recurring Role

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      • (Boris and Natasha are stuck in their lion costume at the zoo)
        Natasha: Boris, I told you to get a lion suit with buttons!
        Boris: Oh, roar!
        Natasha: What's that mean, dahlink?
        Boris: That's lion talk for "Sharrup you mouth!"

      • Rocky: I guess Bumbling Brother's Circus is world famous now, Bullwinkle.
        Bullwinkle: Yeah.
        Rocky: I hear they're very big in England.
        Bullwinkle: Of course there they just call Bumbling Brother's Circus by its initials.
        Rocky: You mean--?
        Bullwinkle: Sure. You never heard of the BBC? Ha-ha-ha!
        Rocky: No.
        Bullwinkle: Oh.

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