The Bullwinkle Show

Season 2 Episode 42

Buried Treasure (11 & 12)

Aired Unknown Apr 02, 1961 on



  • Quotes

    • Threefinger: Okay, Babyface, open the valise!
      Boris: Look, let's split the swag right down the middle, huh? Even-steven, 80/20.
      Narrator: But when Boris opened the satchel, the thugs seemed disappointed in the contents.
      Spike: You can have my share, Babyface.
      Boris: I can?
      Spike: Sure. What's one sock more or less?
      Boris: A sock?
      Narrator: Sure enough, all there was inside the valise were three pairs of socks.
      Boris: Some no-good no-good has switched suitcases on me!
      Threefinger: But who?
      Boris: Who else? Them!
      Threefinger: Them who?
      Boris: Those them who...(notices Rocky and Bullwinkle gone)...who-who-oh, boy! They're gone!