The Bullwinkle Show

Season 2 Episode 43

Buried Treasure (13 & 14)

Aired Unknown Apr 09, 1961 on



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    • Bullwinkle: (after falling through the floor) Oh! Termites!
      Narrator: But, no. Frantically, tugging on the suitcase was our old nemesis, Boris Badenov.
      Boris: Let go, you stupid moose!
      Bulllwinkle: I'm not giving up to no talking termite!
      Narrator: Fortunately, the sheriff was outside Bullwinkle's cell and heard the commotion. He immediately went to the moose's aid. But unfortunately, Boris's gang also arrived on the scene. Fortunately, Rocky zoomed in looking for the sheriff. But unfortunately...
      Boris: Make up your mind, will you?!

    • Sheriff: (about Rocky) You know, for someone who lives on a diet of nuts, he's pretty smart.
      Bullwinkle: And he's my friend.
      Sheriff: Well, he can't be all smart.

    • Rocky: (while blocking a door) No, sir, Mr. Babyface Braunschweiger! You won't get by me!
      Boris: (laughs) Watch carefully! (slams the door open, knocking Rocky out of the way) Crime marches on!
      Narrator: And Boris dashed out through the doorway.
      Bullwinkle: Rocky, he got away! We're gonna have another unhappy ending!
      Rocky: (after shutting the door) I don't think so, Bullwinkle.
      Bullwinkle: How come?
      Rocky: Well, you see, that's not the door to outside.
      Bullwinkle: It's not?
      Rocky: I tricked him! Read the sign.
      Bullwinkle: (reading) "Ice Making Room. Keep Out. Danger." Rocky, you've did it again!

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