The Bullwinkle Show

Season 2 Episode 39

Buried Treasure (5 & 6)

Aired Unknown Mar 12, 1961 on



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  • Quotes

    • Boris: I finally got that meddlesome squirrel! Oh, boy! Is a black-leathered day!
      Slug: But where do we get another car?
      Boris: Where did we get this one?
      Slug: We stole it.
      Boris: So steal another one!

    • (To increase the number of members in the Bullwinkle and Rocky Fanclub, everyone agreed to bring a friend during their next meeting)
      Bullwinkle: Well, did everybody bring a friend? Natasha?
      Natasha: Mine escaped, dahlink.
      Bullwinkle: Captain Peachfuzz?
      Captain Peachfuzz: Ha-ha. I forgot.
      Bullwinkle: Boris?
      (Boris enters being chased by a mob of people)
      Boris: I didn't bring a friend, but how about some enemies? (chuckles) I got a million of 'em!

    • Slug: This is a getaway car, Babyface?
      Spike: It's pretty slow, boss.
      Boris: Don't worry, boys. This was fastest car in Frostbite Falls.
      Spike: How do you know?
      Boris: Was only car in Frostbite Falls.

  • Notes

    • This is the first time we see Rocky without his helmet on! His bare head is completely round, with no ears or anything.

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