The Bullwinkle Show

Season 4 Episode 7

Goof Gas Attack (5, 6, 7 & 8)

Aired Unknown Jul 17, 1962 on
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Goof Gas Attack (5, 6, 7 & 8)
Capt. Peachfuzz has been hit with a mysterious kind of gas. While Capt. Peachfuzz watched TV, Rocky and Bullwinkle follow mysterious footprints. At the end of the prints, Boris waits with a gun filled with "Goof Gas", a product from Pottsylvania that is guaranteed for them to take over the U.S. of A.moreless

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    June Foray

    June Foray

    Rocket J. Squrriel/Natasha Fatale

    Recurring Role

    Paul Frees

    Paul Frees

    Boris Badenov/Fearless Leader/Captain Peter Wrongway Peachfuzz

    Recurring Role

    Bill Scott

    Bill Scott

    (uncredited) Bullwinkle J. Moose

    Recurring Role

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      • Rocky: (after finding mysterious footprints) Let's follow them, Bullwinkle.
        Bullwinkle: Why?
        Rocky: 'Cause the good guys always follow footprints to find the bad guys.

      • Narrator: And the plucky squirrel whipped out a large magnifying glass and began to trace the mysterious prints. Little did he know that they had been made by his old nemesis, Boris Badenov, who at that moment lay in wait with a strange-looking object beside him.
        Natasha: I resent that, dahlink!
        Boris: Not you, Natasha. He means the gas gun.
        Narrator: So that's what that object was, a gas gun.
        Natasha: See, Boris? You told him!
        Boris: Who cares? We got it made now.

      • Inventor: Yes, gentlemen, I call it "goof gas."
        Pottsylvanian Men: Goof gas?
        Inventor: Yes. One whiff, you're completely stupid.
        Fearless Leader: Hmm, let's test it. Gerhardt, take a sniff.
        (A man named Gerhardt is sprayed with goof gas)
        Gerhardt: Smells good!
        Fearless Leader: Now, Gerhardt, do you think I'm the handsomest, kindest man in Pottsylvania?
        Gerhardt: Of course not. You're a mean, ugly schnook.
        Fearless Leader: Put that man under arrest!
        Boris: (narrating) And poor Gerhardt was hauled off to solitary confinement.
        Fearless Leader: (to the inventor) My boy, your goof gas is a success! Gerhardt turned into a complete idiot.
        Soldier: But his answer was right, Fearless Leader. You are a mean, ugly schnook.
        Fearless Leader: Of course, but nobody but an idiot would tell me so!

      • Boris: Take that, Moose and Squirrel!
        (Rocky and Bullwinkle are sprayed with goof gas)
        Bullwinkle: Hey, that smells good. Say, Rock, that feller squirted us with perfume.
        Rocky: Perfume, nothing. I know what that stuff is.
        Bullwinkle: Ah-ha! The answer to the plot.
        Rocky: And what's more, I know who's doing it.
        Bullwinkle: Pray tell all.
        Rocky: I know where I've heard that voice before!
        Bullwinkle: Wowee! I'll take notes!
        Rocky: The villain of this whole show is named...
        Bullwinkle: Yes? Yes?
        Rocky: (stupidly) Duh...gee...I forget!
        Bullwinkle: You forget?
        Rocky: Forget what?
        Bullwinkle: You said you forgot something.
        Rocky: Golly, now I even forgot what I forgot.
        Bullwinkle: Well, won't need the old notebook anymore.

      • (After spraying Rocky and Bullwinkle with goof gas)
        Natasha: Boris, one more second and squirrel would have said your name!
        Boris: Yes, it seems a shame, Natasha.
        Natasha: What?
        Boris: I could use the publicity.
        Natasha: Well, why didn't goof gas affect moose?
        Boris: Because goof gas affects the brain.
        Natasha: And?
        Boris: No brain, no effect.

      • Boris: Well, Natasha, we stopped those two busybodies cold. Now on to the hardest part of fiendish plan.
        Natasha: And that is?
        Boris: We going to take Washington!
        Natasha: Dahlink, that's not hard.
        Boris: No?
        Natasha: Look at headline.
        Boris: (reads newspaper) "Boston takes Washington, Seven to Two."
        Natasha: Anybody can take Washington.
        Boris: Wait 'til next year!

      • Natasha: Then where next?
        Boris: It's going to be big surprise.
        Narrator: Surprise, indeed. For the two no-goodniks were headed straight for...
        Boris: I said it was going to be surprise!
        Narrator: They were headed straight for...
        (Boris shoots the narrator with goof gas)
        Boris: Now where are we going?
        Narrator: Uh...uh...gee whiz. Um, I don't know.
        (Boris chuckles)
        Narrator: Uh, anyway, be with next for...uh, well, be with us next time anyway. Gee!

      • Narrator: Well, at last we found out why America's scientists, professors, and other wise guys were attacked with a case of the galloping dumbs. It was all the fault of a mean little man from a mean little country.
        Boris: Go on, say the name.
        Narrator: Pottsylvania.
        Boris: Not that name! The other name!
        Narrator: Oh. Boris Badenov.
        Boris: Ta-dah!

      • (In Washington, D.C.)
        Council Member: Mr. Chairman, I propose we set up a $28 million committee to find out why the government is spending so much money.
        Natasha: Boris, what he said, you think he's already had some goof gas?
        Boris: Natasha, what he said, that is goof gas.

      • Narrator: Well, last time, Boris and Natasha had managed to smuggle their goof gas gun onto one of our secret missile bases. Oh, is there no way they can be stopped?
        Boris: Only if this show is cancelled, buddy.
        Narrator: Uh, oh-oh, in that case, go ahead.

      • Rocky: Bullwinkle, we have to change the course of these missiles!
        Bullwinkle: A good idea.
        Rocky: Some plucky fella's gotta shift them off course!
        Bullwinkle: True, true.
        Rocky: Bullwinkle, will you for heaven's sake ask me how we're gonna do it?!
        Bullwinkle: Oh, of course, of course! But, gee, Rock, how are we gonna do it?
        Rocky: Boy, try to be a modest hero in this program.
        Bullwinkle: Okay, okay! How?
        Rocky: I fly up to those missiles and direct them somewhere else.
        Captain Peachfuzz: It'll never work.
        Rocky: What makes you say so, Captain?
        Captain Peachfuzz: Oh, I'm just helping to build up suspense.

      • Boris: (laughs) You should have seen those crazy missiles, chief. All directions at once.
        Fearless Leader: (over Boris's video watch) And where are they all aimed now, Badenov?
        Boris: Where are they all aimed now? Who knows?
        Fearless Leader: Who knows? I'll tell you who knows!
        (There's an explosion in Fearless Leader's area)
        Fearless Leader: I know.

      • Natasha: You know, Boris, this makes us look pretty stupid.
        Boris: But there's one way you could look smarter, Natasha.
        Natasha: How's that, dahlink?
        Boris: Sharrup you mouth!

      • Bullwinkle: Rocky, there's only one word to describe a hero like you.
        Rocky: And that is?
        Bullwinkle: Bald.
        (Rocky tries to cover his hairless body)

      • Narrator: Be with us next time for the further adventures of Rocky the Bald...uh, Flying Squirrel and his pal Bullwinkle.

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