The Bullwinkle Show

Season 2 Episode 28

Greenpernt Oogle (3 & 4)

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 1960 on



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    • Narrator: And as Rocky began to explain his, or rather Bullwinkle's predicament, the plane barring the mighty moose and his bunion were traveling farther and farther away.
      Bullwinkle: Pretty soon, I'll be out of the plot all together.
      Narrator: No chance of that, for tomorrow we'll see "A Crown For Bullwinkle" or "Monarch Moose."
      Bullwinkle: Well, now you're talking!

    • Rocky: How do you know what direction to go in, Captain?
      Captain Peachfuzz: Easy, Rocky. I just spin this wheel like this... (spins an arrow and the arrow lands on a direction saying NNW) ...and we head North North West.
      Rocky: That's a direction finder?
      Captain Peachfuzz: It found the direction, didn't it?

    • Norbit: How come we keep changing directions, Eiwin.
      Eiwin: Look at this map, Norbit. Not even radar can follow us on this course.
      Norbit: No? Then who's that?
      Narrator: Sure enough, by sheer, dumb, idiot luck, Captain Peachfuzz's course had neatly intercepted the mystery plane.

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