The Bullwinkle Show

Season 2 Episode 30

Greenpernt Oogle (7 & 8)

Aired Unknown Dec 29, 1960 on



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    • Narrator: ...While Bullwinkle Moose is miles away on the tiny island of New Greenpernt talking to its king, Bushwick the Thirty-Third.
      King Bushwick: The Thoidy-Thoid.
      Narrator: Oh, pardon, Thoidy-Thoid.

    • Narrator: (about New Greenpernt) Today, everything is different. The people are poor, they don't have two cars in every garage, they don't have two chickens in every pot.
      King Bushwick: We don't even have a pot!

    • Narrator: And our friends paddle with might and main for hours, but when dawn broke over the ocean, the island was no nearer.
      Captain Peachfuzz: What do you suppose is the matter, Rocky?
      Rocky: Well for one thing, you've been paddling with the wrong end of the paddle.

    • Rocky: Well, Captain, you lucked in again.
      Captain Peachfuzz: Embarrassing, isn't it?

    • Captain Peachfuzz: You sneak around and get ready to cut Bullwinkle loose.
      Rocky: Yeah?
      Captain Peachfuzz: I'll get a big club and charge right at 'em. In the confusion, you should be able to get away.
      Rocky: Yeah, but how about you, Captain? They'll capture you, then.
      Captain Peachfuzz: Oh. I haven't figured that part of it. Well, let's do it anyway.
      Rocky: Gee, you're brave, Captain.
      Captain Peachfuzz: Not really. I just can't think of anything else.

    • Rocky: Gee, I'm scared.
      Captain Peachfuzz: Oh, I'll think of something, Rocky.
      Rocky: That's what I'm scared of.

    • Junior: I only sold one cup [of Lemonade] to Butch Creases.
      Aesop: Did he like?
      Junior: I won't know until he gets out of the hospital.

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