The Bullwinkle Show

Season 2 Episode 31

Greenpernt Oogle (9 & 10)

Aired Unknown Jan 05, 1961 on



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    • Narrator: Little does King Bushwick know for at that moment high atop an island far away, the Oogle Bird is chained to a nest forced to turn up predictions for its captor. And who is the fiend responsible for all this? Who is the low-down, no-goodnik who could carry out such a dastardly scheme?
      Boris: Hello again, crime fans everywhere!
      Narrator: It is. Boris Badenov, world's meanest villain.

    • Natasha: (after Boris robbed a piggy bank) 16 pennies and two buttons, dahlink. Not so good.
      Boris : Natasha, it's not the amount, it's just being able to do a little something bad each day.

    • Natasha: The Oogle Bird says "Happy day. Rocky Squirrel is on the way."
      Oogle Bird: Oogle! Oogle! Oogle!
      Boris: Oh, sharrup you beak!

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