The Bullwinkle Show

Season 1 Episode 6

Jet Fuel Formula (11 & 12)

Aired Unknown Dec 24, 1959 on



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    • Natasha: Cheer up, dahlink. When we get back, you will get big medal.
      Boris: Medals, I got. For burning down orphanage, for kicking small dogs, for taking candies from babies. Who needs medals?

    • (An airplane pilot tells Rocky and Bullwinkle that a flight to Frostbite Falls would cost $1000)
      Rocky: $1000? Just to get to Frostbite Falls?
      Bullwinkle: You could buy the place for eight dollars cash.

    • Rocky: Haven't I seen your face somewhere before?
      Boris: Of course you have. It's on every three-dollar bill the government makes.
      Rocky: I've never seen a three-dollar bill.
      Boris: Bah. It's my fault you're poor?

    • (Rocky and Bullwinkle accidentally spilled their poisonous drinks)
      Narrator: As the boys watched, the spilled liquid ate right through the floor of the plane.
      Natasha: Make a nice breeze, no? You like a refill?
      Bullwinkle: Well, maybe just half a cup?
      Rocky: Hmm, I don't think we'd better, Bullwinkle. That stuff's a little too strong for us.

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