The Bullwinkle Show

Season 1 Episode 13

Jet Fuel Formula (25 & 26)

Aired Unknown Feb 13, 1960 on

Episode Recap

After Bullwinkle accidentally ate the Mooseberries, he was turned into a living bomb. He fell into the ship's swimming pool and the water blew out of the pool. Capt. Peachfuzz course wasn't going good. The ship runs aground on tiny Baloney Island. Rocky and Bullwinkle spot Sam's Poi Burger stand. Since the ship's food supply ran low, Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Capt. Peachfuzz went to Sam's to get some food, when the ship was drifting away. But in reality, Boris stole it. Meanwhile, in Sam's, the food cost clamshells, and Sam wouldn't accept any other kind of payment or trade. Boris contacted Fearless Leader to tell him that he stolen $100,000,000 Ocean Liner, but Fearless Leader told Boris to get Bullwinkle. While digging for clams, they saw the Andalusia came back, with Sir Thomas Lipenboris (Boris) at the wheel. Peachfuzz made a shrewd deal with Sam. Now Sam will accept $800 for a Poi Burger each. Now the Andalusia has a refilled food supply, but on the way to Pottsylvania, the dock has an angry mob.

Fractured Fairy Tales: Androcles and the Lion.
Bullwinkle's Corner: Little Bo Peep.
Peabody's Improbable History: Alfred Nobel.
Mr. Know It All: Magic Made Easy, the Hard Way.
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