The Bullwinkle Show

Season 1 Episode 3

Jet Fuel Formula (5 & 6)

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 1959 on



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    • Gidney: All right, everybody up!
      Natasha: Ooh!
      Rocky: It's alright, lady. They're just plain, ordinary moon men.
      Gidney: Which one of you is the brains?
      Rocky and Natasha: I am.
      Cloyd: Because if you are, we're gonna scrooch you.
      Rocky and Natasha: He/she is!

    • Rocky: Hey, smell that?
      Gidney: Smell what?
      Rocky: That delicious aroma.
      Cloyd: I don't smell anything.
      Gidney: Cloyd, we don't have noses.
      Cloyd: Oh. I forgot for a minute.

    • Rocky: Gee whiz, looks like I was expected. (reads each sign) "Do not turn back." "Go on instead." "Your friend the moose..." " just ahead." "Boris Shave." "10 feet to moose" (walks a few feet to next sign) "Too far. Go back 5 feet." (walks back to another sign) "Stand here. Pull rope."
      Narrator: But when Rocky pulled the rope, a trapdoor opened under him, and the plucky squirrel dropped from sight.
      Boris: See? It pays to advertise.

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