The Bullwinkle Show

Season 3 Episode 14

Missouri Mish Mash (18, 19 & 20)

Aired Unknown Dec 17, 1961 on
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Missouri Mish Mash (18, 19 & 20)
Just as Bullwinkle's about to explain Einstein's Theory of Relativity to Rocky, a stray breath of wind blows the bowler off his antlered brow. Boris quickly steals the real derby, leaving behind a similar bowler with a time bomb inside, which Bullwinkle immediately dons. Boris, Natasha, and Fearless Leader all have set to squabbling over possession of the real Kerward Derby, which goes rolling right into our heroes' hands, while the bogus, time-bomb-filled bowler ends up on Boris's head. The resulting explosion brings the baddies back together again. Our heroes keep boomeranging the derby back and forth with Boris and Natasha as they race toward Washington D.C., where they patriotically plan to deliver the hard-fought-over hat to the head of government, but they run into the bureaucracy instead.moreless

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    June Foray

    June Foray

    Rocket J. Squrriel/Natasha Fatale

    Recurring Role

    Paul Frees

    Paul Frees

    Boris Badenov/Fearless Leader/Captain Peter Wrongway Peachfuzz

    Recurring Role

    Bill Scott

    Bill Scott

    (uncredited) Bullwinkle J. Moose/Mr. Hector Peabody

    Recurring Role

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      • Natasha: (when Boris starts fighting Fearless Leader) Oh, Boris, you are so brave!
        Boris: When it's two against one, I'm always brave.

      • Narrator: And the two villains fought fiercely for possession of the all-powerful Kirward Derby. Oh, which one will win?
        Boris and Fearless Leader: What does it matter? We're both bad guys!
        Narrator: Gee, that's right. Well, be with us next time for "Flower In The Hat" or "The Rose Bowler."

      • Rocky: You sure don't feel smart, Bullwinkle?

        Bullwinkle: Ask me something.

        Rocky: Okay, how many states in the United States?

        Bullwinkle: I mean something easy.

        Rocky: Um, spell Mississippi.

        Bullwinkle: Let's see.M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-S-S...

        Rocky: Oh, Bullwinkle!

        Bullwinkle: It's a long river, you know.

      • (While fighting, Boris and Fearless Leader notice the fake Kirward Derby, thinking it's the real one, land near Natasha)
        Fearless Leader: Natasha, are you a loyal Pottsylvanian?
        Natasha: You know it, Fearless Leader!
        Fearless Leader: Then your duty is clear!
        Natasha: Naturally, dahlink.
        Narrator: And Natasha picked up a nearby tree branch and clouded Fearless Leader.
        Boris: Honey bun, you did it! But I thought you were loyal Pottsylvanian.
        Natasha: Right, Boris, and first duty of any Pottsylvanian is...
        Boris and Natasha: Double-cross everybody!

      • Natasha: Where did you learn to throw boomerang?
        Boris: Where else? Australia. Where I spent two years living with the kangaroos.
        Natasha: You were a naturalist?
        Boris: No, a pickpocket.

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