The Bullwinkle Show

Season 5 Episode 21

Moosylvania Saved (1, 2, 3 & 4)

Aired Unknown Jul 05, 1963 on



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    • Fearless Leader: Tell me, dear old box, where can we find the money?
      Narrator: The machine word and clicked and suddenly deposited a small slip of paper in Fearless Leader's hand.
      Fearless Leader: (reads paper) "The United States"? But how do we get it?
      (The Advice-a-Vac deposited another slip of paper)
      Fearless Leader: (reads) "Moosylvania". Of course! Oh, Advice-a-Vac, what would I do without you?
      (The Advice-a-Vac produced another slip of paper)
      Fearless Leader: (reads) "Drop dead"?

    • Fearless Leader: Badenov, you know why I called you in on this job?
      Boris: Because I'm trustworthy, loyal, brave, and efficient?
      Fearless Leader: No, because you work cheap.
      Boris: That too!

    • Rocky: Boy, what a terrible place.
      Narrator: Only too true. Moosylvania is the wettest, soggiest, dreariest place on Earth.
      Bullwinkle: You forgot "useless".
      Narrator: Useless, too.

    • Narrator: Well, how does Fearless Leader plan to use Moosylvania to get money from the United States? And how does Boris fit into all this? And what will Advice-a-Vac say next?
      (Advice-a-Vac produced a slip of paper)
      Narrator: (reads paper) Oh. "Stop asking questions, loudmouth. The episode's over!" Uh, gee, so-so it is. Uh.

    • (Rocky had just saved Moosylvania from sinking)
      Natasha: Boris, the squirrel has done it again.
      Boris: You know, I hate to admit it, Natasha, but he's a pretty smart cookie.
      Natasha: Then why are you lighting the fuse on that dynamite?
      Boris: Because that's the way the cookie crumbles.

    • Narrator: And Boris dashed madly away. In a flash, he returned with a sizzling dynamite which he deposited neatly in a handy, thin trash barrel.
      Boris: See, you got to have a cool head and nerves of--A thin trash barrel?
      Natasha: Dahlink, that is not a trash barrel. That is a ventilator on our submarine.
      Narrator: Gee. (chuckles nervously) Uh, I could've sworn that was a trash barrel.
      Boris: Yeah. Heh-heh-heh. You're suddenly a dumbhead!
      (The dynamite explodes and the sub sinks)
      Boris: Me, too.

    • Natasha: Boris, dahlink, throw the medal overboard!
      Boris: But Fearless Leader himself gave that to me.
      Fearless Leader: Badenov, you're sinking the whole cargo!
      Boris: What happens if it sinks?
      Fearless Leader: You get shot.
      Boris: What happens if I throw away the medal?
      Fearless Leader: You get shot.
      Boris: Well, at least I got a choice. Now let me see...

    • Bullwinkle: Well, the old place is back to subnormal, Rock.
      Rocky: Yeah, and we--
      (A gunshot is heard)
      Rocky: Hey, was that a shot?
      Bullwinkle: Heck, no, Rock.
      Rocky: Well, it sounded like a shot.
      Bullwinkle: Nope.
      Rocky: Then what was it?
      Bullwinkle: That was...
      (Smoke floated above Rocky and Bullwinkle spelled out...)
      Bullwinkle: ..."The End."

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