The Bullwinkle Show - Season 2

(ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Wailing Whale (13 & 14)
    Boris plans for revenge fails, while a fleet of English planes try to destroy Maybe Dick.
  • Wailing Whale (11 & 12)
    Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Capt. Peachfuzz end up inside Maybe Dick, when they hear a sinister laugh. With that, they find out that Maybe Dick's a submarine-like pirate ship run by Captain Horeshal Hornswoggle, or as we know him: Boris Badenov.
  • Wailing Whale (9 & 10)
    Rocky and Capt. Peachfuzz reunite with Bullwinkle, and the mayor of Submurbia, The Urala Laponpanal. Submurbia is an entire city underwater that's covered by a dome to keep it warm and dry.
  • Wailing Whale (7 & 8)
    Rocky has been snatched by a crab-like sea-creature, and is heading straight to a solid rock cliff. Back onboard the Athabasco, Capt. Peachfuzz slips into his diving suit and dives into the ocean, and starts to pick a fight with the sea creature.
  • Wailing Whale (5 & 6)
    Rocky and Bullwinkle continue fishing for Maybe Dick, using a telephone pole as a fishing pole. But Rocky has the funniest feeling that they're being watched, until Capt. Peachfuzz spots a "peeping tom off the port bow".
  • Wailing Whale (3 & 4)
    Rocky and Bullwinkle are aboard the good ship Athabasco to go hunting for the legendary wailing whale, Maybe Dick. Bullwinkle and shipping magnate, Pericles Parnassus were exchanging a farewell handshake when the boat was leaving the dock, so when Bullwinkle let go, Parnassus fell into the ocean.
  • Wailing Whale (1 & 2)
    Legend has it, in the ocean lives a giant wailing whale named Maybe Dick. He was able to swallow ships whole (maybe), he was faster than any sea vessel (maybe). It may be just a legend Bullwinkle reads in his favorite comic book, but Maybe Dick happens to be real. Shipping magnate, Pericle Parnassus offers a boat and fishing net to anyone who goes out in search for Maybe Dick. Of course, Bullwinkle goes for it, taking Rocky along with them.moreless
  • The Last Angry Moose (3 & 4)
    Rocky and Bullwinkle arrive in Hollywood, where Bullwinkle is the target of a talent scout named D.W. Grifter, who is really Boris in disguise.
  • The Last Angry Moose (1 & 2)
    After trying an "Ultra-Sultry" look, Bullwinkle notices that some girls have fainted. But little does he know that they really fainted because they saw mice. Bullwinkle, now convinced he's the greatest actor since Elmo Lincoln, he grabs his mattress full of his paper route money and is on his way to Hollllywood (with 4 L's).moreless
  • Buried Treasure (13 & 14)
    Boris (or as he's known in this saga: Babyface Brownshwiger) and his gang the Light Finger Five Minus Two make off with the stolen bank money. How ever, while Boris gets away the sheriff and Rocky and Bullwinkle get a hold of the Light Finger Five Minus Two. Rocky notices Boris's trail of stolen bank money since the suitcase sprung a leak.moreless
  • Buried Treasure (11 & 12)
    As Boris has our heroes held up, the Lightfingered Five Minus Two hold HIM up as well. They force him to open his suitcase, and they find three pairs of socks. Rocky and Bullwinkle have retrieved the suitcase full of stolen bank money, and zoom off on a handcar to return it to the bank.moreless
  • Buried Treasure (9 & 10)
    Bullwinkle has the stolen money and is busy making paper dolls and kites with it. Rocky uses a Frostbite Falls Mother moose Call, and he soon meets Miss Honeychile Moosemoss, who is really Boris in disguise. Bullwinkle walks by with the suitcase full of money, and when he and Rocky open it, they are shocked to find it contains three pairs of socks and a peanut butter sandwich. Meaning Boris has made off with the cash.moreless
  • Buried Treasure (7 & 8)
    The crash leaves Bullwinkle with amnesia and Boris with Bullwinkle's valise, which contains socks and a peanut butter sandwich. The still-addled moose is puzzled because the money in his straw valise doesn't look like real Confederate dollars, but suspiciously like greenbacks instead.
  • Buried Treasure (5 & 6)
    Rocky had managed to stop the firing and warn the president of the bank that the Lightfingered Five Minus Two are going to rob it. Unfortunately, they had already stolen the money and are driving away in a getaway car.
  • Buried Treasure (3 & 4)
    Bullwinkle is forbidden to dig for the buried treasure since he busted an oil pipe. He has trouble keeping his mind off the contest, so Rocky suggests that he visit his relatives in Ponca City. Bullwinkle peddles away, past a giant hole that has been roped off. The people behind this hole are Babyface Braunschweiger, and The Lightfingered Five Minus Two.moreless
  • Buried Treasure (1 & 2)
    Sales aren't going good for Frostbite Falls' local paper: The Picayune Intelligence. Left over copies are stacked high in the office, so the owner, Colonel McCornpone starts a buried treasure hunt for the Picayune Pot that is filled with $100,000 in confederate money. The prize is a reconditioned car. The papers start selling like hotcakes, and soon everyone in Frostbite Falls are digging for the pot...even Rocky and Bullwinkle are digging.moreless
  • Rue Britannia (7 & 8)
    Boris gets a new idea to exterminate Rocky and Bullwinkle. He builds a "Do-It-Yourself Rocket Ship". His plan is that he and Natasha lure Rocky into the rocket, Bullwinkle follows, they lock them in, and blast them off to the moon.
  • Rue Britannia (5 & 6)
    Boris attempts to get rid of Bullwinkle for The Crankcase Nephews.
  • Rue Britannia (3 & 4)
    Bullwinkle, along with his pal Rocky are in the country of England so Bullwinkle can claim his inheritance.
  • Rue Britannia (1 & 2)
    In England, the Earl of Crankcase had deceased because when he thought he was jumping into a swimming pool, he was really jumping into a construction hole. The Crankcase nephews, Feltcher, Beltcher, and Jay find out they don't get the inheritance unless the new Earl of Crankcase had an accident. The new Earl has the inscription "Rue Britannia" on the bottom of his foot, and Bullwinkle does!moreless
  • Greenpernt Oogle (11 & 12)
    Rocky, Bullwikle, Capt. Peachfuzz, and King Bushwick Thoid Thoid have approached the little island, where the great fortune telling Oogle Bird is being held hostage by Boris and Natasha.
  • Greenpernt Oogle (9 & 10)
    Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Capt. Peachfuzz are tied to stakes at the mercy of King Bushwick Thoid Thoid, who is having his henchman ready to execute them because Bullwinkle was a lousy wizard. Rocky asks King Bushwick to let them go and he'll help him find the Oogle bird by following the tracks.moreless
  • Greenpernt Oogle (7 & 8)
    Rocky and Capt. Peachfuzz are lost at sea, meanwhile on the island of New Greenpernt, King Bushwick Thoid Thoid is appointing Bullwinkle to be the new wizard of New Greenpernt or else!
  • Greenpernt Oogle (5 & 6)
    Rocky and Capt. Peachfuzz are flying along the mystery plane bearing Bullwinkle, and his carefully cased hoof with his weather forecasting bunion. However, Rocky and Capt. Peachfuzz didn't go unnoticed.
  • Greenpernt Oogle (3 & 4)
    Bullwinkle was flown away to a far-away place, where apparently his weather forecasting bunion is needed. Meanwhile, Rocky is sent to the weather bureau for help, getting his first glimpse at modern weather forecasting technology, as well as meteorologist Capt. Peachfuzz.
  • Greenpernt Oogle (1 & 2)
    Something fishy's going on in the little town of Frostbite Falls, one night, two mysterious figures break into Rocky and Bullwinkle's house. To make sure he doesn't get in the way, Rocky gets tied to a chair, and gagged, while the men knock Bullwinkle out with a sleeping potion. They then gently put Bullwinkle's off in a box, and sneak away taking Bullwinkle with them in a mysterious plane.moreless
  • Metal-Munching Mice (15 & 16)
    It's Bullwinkle Vs. Boris as the Big Cheese in a musical contest to win the affections of the metal-munching mice.
  • Metal-Munching Mice (13 & 14)
    The whole metal-munching mice issue is all the fault of our heroes' old nemeses, Mr. Big! His plot, to send metal-munching mice to USA, to destroy all of the TV antennas. Rocky, Bullwinkle, Gidney, and Cloyd are feeling low. Rocky is upset about the whole TV issue, but Bullwinkle decides to play his old ukulele. His singing is terrible and Rocky and the moon men want him to stop. All of the sudden, the whole army of metal-munching mice surround the cottage of Rocky and Bullwinkle. But the thing is, Boris is not leading them!moreless
  • Metal-Munching Mice (11 & 12)
    Rocky, Bullwinkle, Gidney, and Cloyd are forming a human fence at the pass to stop the army of metal-munching mice from striking the little town of Podunk Junction. But unfortunately, the moon mice took another way. Rocky gets an idea to hire a pied piper to pipe away all of the metal-munching mice.moreless
  • Metal-Munching Mice (9 & 10)
    After the metal-munching mice were ruined by Rocky's caramel, Boris and Natasha order a new shipment of them from a landing spaceship. The spaceship began to unload a new cargo of the metal mice. So Rocky and Bullwinkle snuck upon the spaceship, unfortunately, so did Boris, who was then disguised as the big cheese.moreless
  • Metal-Munching Mice (7 & 8)
    Rocky and Bullwinkle have been placed in their own giant mousetrap, and are about to be exterminated by a metal mouse.
  • Metal-Munching Mice (5 & 6)
    Inside the old Bleakly Mansion, Rocky ran into a 6-foot metal mouse. When the mouse tried to spear Rocky, his tail got stuck into the wall. Once Bullwinkle meets Rocky in the house, they find pictures of the Bleakly ancestors, and one of the metal mice, but it wasn't really a painting, it was another one! Rocky and Bullwinkle discover it's a secret passage. Once inside, after walking a little while, they come to a door with voices inside. Rocky instructs Bullwinkle to put his ear to the door to listen, but the only way he could do that, is to put his antler through the door. The door opened, and Rocky and Bullwinkle find a room full of 6-foot metal mice.moreless
  • Metal-Munching Mice (3 & 4)
    When Bullwinkle was put in charge of watching a deco TV antenna, he ran into a 6-foot tall metal mouse. The next morning Bullwinkle found it impossible to tell anyone about it. The nation's TV's have been going off in a blink by something or someone destroying the TV antennas, the culprit is the 6-foot tall mouse.moreless
  • Metal-Munching Mice (1 & 2)
    In Frostbite Falls, there are more TV sets than there are people. The reason for this is because Frostbite Falls is the home of TV's most precious personalities: Rocket J. Squirrel. But a very funny thing has happened: that same night when people tuned into "Rocky and His Friends", their TV sets are busted! Rocky soars up into the air to see what could be the problem, and finds every single TV antenna is missing!moreless
  • Upsidasium (35 & 36)
    Rocky and Bullwinkle are now at the mercy of the giant shadow Mr. Big! Rocky plans for him and Bullwinkle to rush him. Bullwinkle attempting to hit Mr. Big high didn't work, while Rocky had more luck hitting him low! Mr. Big has been revealed! He gets away, but Rocky and Bullwinkle go to tell the general, but the general is really Boris in disguise.moreless
  • Upsidasium (33 & 34)
    Rocky flies a missile up into the sky to retrieve the fleet of trucks full of Upsidasium, but all of of sudden, Rocky's missile goes off course, leaving General Broadbeam no choice but to blow up the missile.
  • Upsidasium (31 & 32)
    IF IT'S WORTH STEALING AT ALL, STEAL IT ALL, declaims Boris as he and Natasha go out the window just before our heroes and General Broadbeam rush in. But where are their trucks, and more to the point, thinks General Broadbeam, where'd those flying goggles that the moose has picked up near the window come from? Naturally, using his rapier-like military intelligence, the general reaches an instant conclusion, and has Rocky arrested, but when the squirrel reminds the general that they've been together all along, General Broadbeam once again draws the obvious conclusion...and has himself arrested! "But where's the upsidasium" wonders Bullwinkle. Could it have just disappeared into thin air? That's precisely where the fleet of trucks is, floating upward! Are these Truck Drivers in the Sky, and can our heroes follow the fleet?moreless
  • Upsidasium (29 & 30)
    Boris talks Mr. Big out of blowing himself up with Mt. Flatten by saying if he goes, Mr. Big goes as well! So Rocky and Bullwinkle are flying Mt. Flatten to Washington D.C., where the entire supply of upsidasium is guarded by Fort KnickKnack, run by General Broadbeam. While sleeping in their hotel room, Boris steals Rocky's helmet to look like him to steal the upsidasium.moreless
  • Upsidasium (27 & 28)
    Rocky and Bullwinkle try to fly Mt. Flatten to Washington D.C., but every night when they wake up, the mountain's back where it started. Standing watch, they find Boris and Natasha flying the mountain back in the opposite direction!
  • Upsidasium (25 & 26)
    Rocky and Bullwinkle are about to crash due to the fact that the plane they're flying was completely designed by Capt. Peachfuzz! Rocky thinks that if he uses the steering wheel backwards, then the plane would be working right. Rocky lands the plane and explains to Capt. Peachfuzz that Mt. Flatten is full of Upsidasium and that they need to get Mt. Flatten to Washington. Swingmoreless
  • Upsidasium (23 & 24)
    Capt. Peachfuzz, head of G-2 is the biggest secret keeper. His files are so secret, even his secretary can't look for the files with her eyes open. Needing an update, he tunes into Rocky and His Friends, but only picks up what we already went through. With that, Capt. Peachfuzz takes his private jet to the North Pole. Meanwhile, back at Mt. Flatten, Rocky and Bullwinkle are in an old mine shaft, just inches ahead of a huge boulder hurling after them.moreless
  • Upsidasium (21 & 22)
    Rocky and Bullwinkle have struck it rich on Mt. Flatten. The only trouble is, their find of Upsidasium always falls up whenever they unearth a hunk. Rocky decides to get help from experts, Mojave Max, who is really Boris, who at that moment, gets word from Fearless Leader that there boss, Mr. Big is on his way to Mt. Flatten.moreless
  • Upsidasium (19 & 20)
    Rocky and Bullwinkle have finally made it Mt. Flatten! Boris and Natasha attempt to squash them with a huge boulder. When they push it over, it begins to fall up, because it was full of the anti-gravity metal, Upsidasium. With Rocky and Bullwinkle striking some Upsidasium, now all they have to do is contact Capt. Peachfuzz about their find.moreless
  • Upsidasium (17 & 18)
    Rocky and Bullwinkle look for Mt. Flatten, but it's nowhere to be found. It turns out that Mt. Flatten is a floating mountain. Rocky concludes it's a floating mountain because of all of the Upsidasium! There's only one problem: only Rocky can get to it because he can fly, but how will Bullwinkle, Mojave Max (Boris) and Death Valley Dotty (Natasha) get to it?moreless
  • Upsidasium (15 & 16)
    Boris is ready to derail the upcoming train with Rocky and Bullwinkle aboard. Boris contacts Fearless Leader to get approval from a fellow named Mr. Big.
  • Upsidasium (13 & 14)
    Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Captain Peachfuzz continue their walk through the desert, until Peachfuzz comes across a railroad track. Bullwinkle insists that it's a mirage, so he stands on the tracks, while a train comes his way.
  • Upsidasium (11 & 12)
    Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Capt. Peachfuzz land safely on the sands of the desert, where they're lost again. Capt. Peachfuzz claims he has to follow them because of Bullwinkle's mine.
  • Upsidasium (9 & 10)
    Bullwinkle's antlers are stuck between the wheels of a mysterious helicopter that bounces, and flies like crazy across the desert.
  • Upsidasium (7 & 8)
    Upsidasium (7 & 8)
    Episode 4
    Rocky and Bullwinkle can't stand walking through the hot desert. Boris and Natasha can't stand the fact of them reaching Mt. Flatten. Boris posing as Gunga Drain, an Indian water peddler, offers them some water in exchange for Bullwinkle's mine deed.
  • Upsidasium (5 & 6)
    Upsidasium (5 & 6)
    Episode 3
    Rocky and Bullwinkle have hitched a ride into a limo, which had no human hand to control it. Instead, a dummy is fastened to the wheel so Rocky and Bullwinkle try feverishly to stop the car.
  • Upsidasium (3 & 4)
    Upsidasium (3 & 4)
    Episode 2
    Boris had tricked Rocky and Bullwinkle into thinking they're heading toward Mt. Flatten, but actually, they are heading for a minefield.
  • Upsidasium (1 & 2)
    Upsidasium (1 & 2)
    Episode 1
    Our story opens up in the post office in Frostbite Falls Minnesota. Rocky and Bullwinkle have come to pick up their mail. Amazingly, Bullwinkle gets a letter from a New York Law Firm that says his Uncle Dewlap had passed away and Bullwinkle has inherited a claim to a mine.