The Bullwinkle Show - Season 5

(ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Moosylvania Saved (1, 2, 3 & 4)
    Fearless Leader doesn't like hearing bad news unless he's thought of it first himself, and this the worst: The Pottsylvania national treasury is broke! But Fearless Leader has a Fiendish Plan, and soon Boris will find himself in the wettest, soggiest dreariest place on earth-Moosylvania of course, the only country that has the distinction of being fought over by both the United States and Canada, with each country insisting it belongs to the other-where even now Rocky and Bullwinkle are vacation.moreless
  • Wossamotta U. (10, 11 & 12)
    Colonel moose takes those Civil War battle plans rather seriously, running north despite the fact that the Wossamotta goal lines are to the south, and, to make certain that the wrong side wins, a Mud City Mangler keeps a gun pointed right at the referee's fifty-yard line. When a Mud City Mangler is caught intimidating the ref, Bullwinkle springs into action, replaying the final two years of the Civil War in the last ten minutes of gridiron action, and just before the final gun sounds, the speedy squirrel zooms for the goal line, but just at that moment, Boris hurls a large rock at the diminutive Rocky. Hokey smoke! Rocky dodges, the referee ducks, and the rock bonks the Mud City thug holding a gun to the ref's back. Mud City mounts an all-out assault, but out of the ball of smoke and flame covering the gridiron comes galloping none other than Bullwinkle J. Moose, the football dangling from an antler, and even though Boris has taken the precaution of mining the entire Wossamotta end zone, swivel hips Bullwinkle crosses all the way through without a toe touching a single explosive, but when Boris puts a questioning tootsie in the end zone's vicinity...KA-BOOM!moreless
  • Wossamotta U. (7, 8 & 9)
    Boris gets another scheme to defeat Wossamotta U, he disguises as the Mud City Manglers as dolls, to deliver the Wossamotta team a big knock out punch. The score is 500-1, and Boris and Fearless Leader, so confident that Mud City Manglers will win, bet the entire Pottsylvanian Treasury. How to protect this bet? Boris and Fearless Leader hatch another plan, this time it's kidnapping Bob Waterbucket. Later, Boris and Fearless Leader has the stadium looking like a war zone, trenches dug up, guns everywhere, and it looks like the Wossamotta Pigeons are going down! Amazingly, Bullwinkle ends up having no trouble with the game by the second half!moreless
  • Wossamotta U. (4, 5 & 6)
    Moose can throw passes, but can he throw an entire game? wonders Boris himself not a graduate of Penn State but of the state pen, so he enlists Natasha to feign distress-dis dress, dat dressm all she knows is she's distraught-so she plays on good-hearted Bullwinkle's sympathy by telling him her brother is on the Hard Knocks school team, and if Hard Knocks doesn't win on Saturday, he'll be thrown off and loose his letter sweater-and gee, it's turning cold too. Bullwinkle sell out Well, heroes are supposed to help damsels in distress, aren't they? Comes the big game against Hard Knocks College, and the odds on Wossamotta are long, but so are Natasha'a batty eyelashes and when Boris inpersonates her brother too, good-hearted Bullwinkle is completely taken in, until the big game's last quarter, when he spots Natasha and Boris in the stands, cheering Hard Knocks. Right at the edge of the wrong goal line, with a horde of tacklers in persuit, the furious moose stops, spots Boris, who's beat in a hasty retreat to the other side of the field, and throws the first handy object at the fleeing villain, namely, the football. Just as the speeding forward pass reaches the end zone, Rocky zooms up, snagging it for the winning points and Wossamotta becomes the top team in the country, but those two heels without souls, Boris and Natasha, can't just walk away. They have a new Fiendish Plan in mind: Assemble their own football team, the Mud City Manglers, with the toughest thugs in the state, coached by that homicidal martinet, Fearless Leader, who's back for a-POW!-guest shot.moreless
  • Wossamotta U. (1, 2 & 3)
    At a large Minnesota college, answer to the question Wossamotta U is...everything; yes, Wossamotta University has lost eighty percent of its enrollment and it's buildings are crumbling, all because there's no winning football team! The moose matriculates, but since he's on a football scholarship, the only classic the Frostbite Falls Flash has to study is Dick and Jane at the Seashore. Coach Canute is amazed when Rocky shows him the alley-oop pass, and the amazed college trustees immediately start building their new big stadium in anticipation of great new victories, like the bug upset over Watchmakers College-or as it's know, Tick Tock Tech-or the unusual victory over Barely Normal.moreless
  • Louse on 92nd Street (4, 5 & 6)
    It's Bullwinkle's dangerous duty to testify against crime lord Fingers Scarnose, but Scarnose intends to torpedo that, so he employs an out-of-town torpedo-none other than Boris Badenov-to do in the dutiful mosse before he can do his civic duty. As Boris and Natasha take cover, Rocky discovers the worm in the apple is actually a burning fuse, so the pluky squirrel plucks the bomb from the horrified moose, flies it out the window, and drops it right into a certain garbage can, where a certain pair of distinctly unlucky villains are hiding. Speaking of hiding, that's just what our heroes do, going undercover at a mink farm until the day Bullwinkle has to testify, which is just when Boris turns up. When Rocky returns to the mink pen after taking cover for two hours, he discovers a certain foreign gentlemen has purchased the biggest mink on the farm-who didn't go willingly.moreless
  • Louse on 92nd Street (1, 2 & 3)

    Bullwinkle is Rocky's hero, and Bullwinkle's hero is himself. Fingers Scarnose is a criminal from Heck's Kitchen. Amazingly, his criminal record has never been convicted in court, because no witness has been brave enough to testify against him. Bullwinkle mistakens Scarnose's getaway car for a taxi, and finds himself in trouble. Scarnose starts shooting Bullwinkle, his onions fly through the air, and cause the driver to spin out of control.

  • The Weather Lady (4, 5 & 6)
    Natasha fires a gun right when Rocky cuts out the lights. Bullwinkle grabs what he thinks is the weather lady and makes a run for it, only to realize he grabbed a phone booth by mistake. Rocky uses the phone and offers Boris $50 for the weather lady, naturally, Boris can't resist. Once meeting for the trade, Bullwinkle swats a mosquito on Boris's cheek, and the townfolk assume they've met for a duel. Rocky and Boris go ahead with the trade, but Boris trades them $3.98. The Dingaling Brothers Circus is in town, and Rocky raises $1000 for another fortune-telling machine. Boris and Natasha try to escape with both machines, but their rowboat sinks. Rocky and Bullwinkle have retrieved the weather lady!moreless
  • The Weather Lady (1, 2 & 3)
    Members of the Committee for Civic Improvement have purchased a new fortune telling machine to predict the weather for now on. Boris and Natasha have a new fiendish plan to steal it. Rocky is after them, only to find an empty van in the middle of a bridge. Boris and Natasha have arrived to Watchowee Falls, where they use the weather lady to win a new steam boat. Rocky has Bullwinkle pose as a Southern colonel to play the lucky poker lady, which is in reality the stolen weather lady. Rocky cuts the lights out, but Boris has his own plan to cut out Bullwinkle's lights permanently.moreless
  • Bullwinkle's Testimonial Dinner (4, 5 & 6)
    Rocky and Bullwinkle have the shirt, but their in flight they've stumbled into the notorious Shanghai waterfront, and they're going to get taken to the cleaners, at the very least, if Boris and Natasha discover them in the hold of the junk they're piloting. Ashore, Bullwinkle is captured by Boris and his henchmen, meanwhile time is about to run out on Bullwinkle's atomic shirt.moreless
  • Bullwinkle's Testimonial Dinner (1, 2 & 3)
    It's a skyscraper of a tall story this time when our heroes hit the high road to Shanghai. Why? Because of his faithful service as a snowplow with antlers, the grateful citizens of Frostbite Falls, Minnesota-having weathered another winter-are toasting Bullwinkle at a testimonial dinner, but, unfortunately, the spot on his best dress shirt has a disconcerting inclination to spread. Arriving on the fast plane to Shanghai, our heroes hike directly over to the corner of Main and Chow, where they "spot" Ed Foo Yung's Chinese laundry, and Boris and Natasha too. Yes, the two spies have used their position at a local toy company to develop a miniature atom bomb wristwatch. However will they smuggle back to the states? A shirt at the laundry, of course, one that turns out to belong to a certain moose.moreless
  • The Ruby Yacht (4, 5 & 6)
    Guy Vizier and his tremulous troubadours don't exactly produce toe-tapping harmonies, but Rocky take advantage of his bass solo to attach a hacksaw to his bow and cut his chains. Soon he and Bullwinkle are hiding in a lifeboat that just so happens to get thrown over the side into a rising sea. Bullwinkle and Rocky row for all they're worth in the direction of New York, but unbeknown to them the lifeboat is snagged by one of the S.S. Plankton's mooring cables, and two weeks later, they arrive in...Bombay, from which the vizier immediately transport them to the remote city of Jaipur, where the merciless pasha demands the return of the sacred Ruby Yacht to the sacred shrine, actually a very nice bathtub. When Bullwinkle doesn't instantly comply, he's taken to the very edge of the cobra pit, where the vizier promises to teach him the "error of false pride," something another leading man was threatened with, as the fearless cineaste moose points out in Gunga Din. Rocky demands prudence of the juries kind, so they adjourn from the cobra pit to the courtroom, where the Rocket gets them off with some fancy ship-model building, and in return Bullwinkle promises to enter no contests again until the Frostbite Falls Marble Shootout, when, the sports moose assures Rocky, he will restrict himself to his oblong Aggie with the word "hope" on it's side.moreless
  • The Ruby Yacht (1, 2 & 3)
    Bullwinkle finds an old dirty dhow that he wants to race at Veronica Lake. When he launches it, it sinks, and floats back up clean and revealing jewels! Rocky and Bullwinkle go to learn more about it. When discover it's composed of rubies, and the inscription on the bow says "Omar Kayahm", Rocky concludes it s the Ruby Yacht of Omar Kayahm. Bullwinkle puts an article about it in the paper saying "Moose will sail Ruby Yacht at an interesting party", but it printed out: "Moose will sell Ruby Yacht to any interested party. With that in the newspaper, a ruler from a little kindom in Lower NorthEast Pakistan orders his vizier to go retrieve the Ruby Yacht claiming it was his good luck token. Failing into getting the yacht, the Vizier brings his army and takes Rocky and Bullwinkle hostage in the S.S. Plankton. But to not arouse anyone's suspisions, they pose as the ship's orchestra. Rocky wants to escape, but he can't because his leg's shackled. Mr. Know It All: Rocky and Bullwinkle Fanclub: She Can't Pay the Rent. Fractured Fairy Tale: Bullwinkle's Corner: See a Pinmoreless
  • Moosylvania (1, 2, 3 & 4)
    Looking as always for something to help others get a little more pain out of life, Boris and Natasha devise a most fiendish contest: I like being evil because..., in twenty-five words or less, sweeps the country, and when Bullwinkle J. Moose ebters under the mistaken impression that it's a why-I-like-weevils contest, his answer-that he had a distribution rights on 'em in Moosylvania for two years and almost made a fortune-immediately wins first prize, which just happens to be the deluxe edition of the Encyclopedia Badenov, which just happens to contain a very explosive entry under "Moosylvania."moreless
  • Pottsylvania Creeper (4, 5 & 6)
    Rocky is captured by the Pottsylvania creeper, and now Fearless Leader is on the scene! Bullwinkle goes home and dives under the bed to get his blow-torch to give the creeper a "hot root"! With the burn on the creeper, he loosened his grasp and Rocky was free! But now the creeper has grown all over the town taking on more well-fed smiles! The creeper then grew thorns on his roots to keep from getting a hot root from Bullwinkle's blow-torch. But then the creeper made a missile shape out of his vines that went up in the sky and seeds were flying everywhere! Creepers have now been growing all over the country. Rocky trying to gather the seed almost got shot by Fearless Leader! Rocky brainstorms and suggest that people start being nice to the creeper. After the creepers had been getting nice treatment from people, they began to wilt. Boris, Natasha, and Fearless Leader are on their way back to Pottsylvania via submarine when one lone seed ended up in the submarine, and when it reached to shores of Pottsylvania, the only thing that came out was a creeper with a well-fed smile!moreless
  • Pottsylvania Creeper (1, 2 & 3)
    Rocky and Bullwinkle want to enter a plant contest, but since Bullwinkle had been too busy being a TV hero, that his garden was in terrible shape. So planning on entering Rocky's checkered flower, Boris posing as a plant seed seller sells Bullwinkle a bean. Bullwinkle plants to bean which turns out to be a man-eating plant. Rocky and Bullwinkle win! But when Bullwinkle's plant ends up in the ground instead of it's pot, a plant inspector tells them they have a Pottsylvania Creeper. Bullwinkle and Rocky try to escape from it when Rocky says he need to fight it. When Rocky goes back, he gets tied up by the creeper's vines. Boris and Natasha watch from a hillside when Fearless Leader appears on the scene.moreless
  • Mucho Loma (4, 5 & 6)
    Bullwinkle tosses Rocky out of the well, where he drops a rope from Bullwinkle to use to pull himself out. Rocky has a plan, he dresses Bullwinkle up as Zero, only with and X branding iron. Rocky's plan is to have Bullwinkle run out as Zero when the real Zero arrives to scare him into leaving Mucho Loma forever. Not only does Zero goes Bill Scott clean away, Bullwinkle falls into a hole in the street, where he is arrested, mistaken for Zero. Rocky hands Bullwinkle a stick of dynamite telling him it's a cigar. Bullwinkle throws it out the window, which explodes, causing a telephone to fall and destroy the jail. Rocky proves to the police that Bullwinkle isn't Zero by having a tic-tac-toe game, taunting the real Zero to win the game, but loose his freedom. And as for punishment, Zero is the official score-keeper for the New York Mets. And as for Rocky and Bullwinkle, they're in jail for getting mud on the judge's wall.moreless
  • Mucho Loma (1, 2 & 3)
    The saga opens up on the sleepy Mexican town of Mucho Loma (fractured Spanish for Much Mud). A local singer named Guadalupe Rodriguiz gets 1 year for singing during siesta. After his sentence, he rode his horse 200 miles away to swear his revenge. So he took a black cowboy suit with a mask, a branding iron with a 0 at the end, and became the notorious villain, Zero (because of his mark. This could be a parody of "The Mark of Zorro"). Zero keeps the town of Mucho Loma awake at night because of his noise making, and stabbing his hot branding iron leaving the mark of zero. When Rocky and Bullwinkle's car accidentally crashes into Mucho Loma town hall, they get 99 years, but Rocky insists on letting him and Bullwinkle go after zero on one condidtion: set them free. Rocky and Bullwinkle go to question Guadalupe, who is busy washing his branding iron. He's caught! But before Rocky and Bullwinkle can get him, Guadalupe's horse knocks them into a well. Mr. Know It All: How to be an Umpire Fractured Fairy Tales: Cinderella Returns Bullwinkle's Corner: Jack Be Nimblemoreless
  • Bumbling Brother's Circus (8, 9 & 10)
    The Bumbling Brothers come to the rescue when they and the heard of elephants scare the Indians and save Rocky and Bullwinkle, while Boris and Natasha (or the Indian and the Masked Rider) get away. The Indians agree not to bother the circus anymore. Later, Rocky is called into the office of the Bumbling brothers where they announce they Rocky is fired! They explained that their elephants have to weigh 6,000 pounds, but they're loosing weight at a frightening speed. Bullwinkle says that if Rocky gets fired, the Bullwinkle will fire himself, so the Bumbling Brothers give Rocky another chance. Rocky and Bullwinkle try to figure out why the elephants are loosing weight, it turns out the Boris (posing as a little child named Ethel Bert) is feeding the elephants peanuts filled with reducing pills. Rocky can't stand it and wants to leave the circus. Boris and Natasha dress up as a fake lion so when Bullwinkle sticks his head into, they'll bite off his head. But he's saved by a telegram from the Bullwinkle Fanclub in Montana. After Boris and Natasha (trapped in the suit) are sent to the zoo, Bumbling Brother's Circus go internation. Rocky and Bullwinkle return home. Mr. Know It All: How to be a Lion Tamer Fractured Fairy Tales: Hanzel and Gretel Mr. Know It All: How to be a Hitck-Hikermoreless
  • Bumbling Brother's Circus (5, 6 & 7)
    Well it's traveling time for the Bumbling Brother's Circus, but once they get into Arizona, they ran into rain! The circus begins to run into Bankruptcy. Sharp-eyed Rocky notices the rain clouds seem to be following them. So Rocky goes up into the clouds to see what the deal is, but ends up in a cloud-bank and lightning coming put of the cloud. But Rocky really ends up a mysterious black plane with no pilot and no controls. Rocky lands safetly on a mesa, where he incounters an Indian. Back at the circus, Bullwinkle's animal act makes a special dedication. And the Bumbling brothers receive a statue of Thadius J. Shloomp (only they added goggles, and a squirrel tail). Boris, posing as Mayor Aloysius J. Wardealer, causes Bullwinkle and the brothers on a manhunt for him. Meanwhile, Rocky is tied to a burning stake. When Bullwinkle arrives, he get's tied up too, but he has a plan. He plays his hum-a-comb, and the Indians start a rain dance, which puts out the fire. Boris, who the big chief, orders the indian to shoot them with arrows. Natasha poses as the "mask-rider" (I believe it's a parody of the Lone Ranger). Mr. Know It All: How to make Friends Fractured Fairy Tales: The Ugly Duckling Bullwinkle's Corner: Jack B. Nimblemoreless
  • Bumbling Brother's Circus (1, 2, 3 & 4)
    Rocky and Bullwinkle get free tickets to the Bumbling Brother's Circus, which is owned by the Bumbling brothers, Hugo and Igo (Igo has a higher voice.), after the circus unknowingly interrupted Bullwinkle's checker match (which he was winning). Boris posing as a lion tamer named Claude Badly releases a man-eating lion into the audience. After Bullwinkle put it to sleep with his hum-a-comb, Rocky suggests that the Bumbling brothers fire Boris, and hire Bullwinkle. Boris then decides to take revenge on the circus by setting on fire. Rocky puts the fire out with the circus's elephants. So now, Rocky is the new elephant trainer. But Boris and Natasha are planning on a devilish plan. Mr. Know It All: How to Fix the Washer Bullwinkle's Corner: Wet Sheet and the Flowing Sea Mr. Know It All: How to be a Human Fly.moreless