The Bullwinkle Show

Season 2 Episode 9

Upsidasium (17 & 18)

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 1960 on



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    • (After finding Mt. Flatten)
      Rocky: Now the only thing to worry about is how to get up there.
      Bullwinkle: I'll handle that, Rock.
      Rocky: Getting us up there?
      Bullwinkle: No, worrying about it.

    • (Boris and Natasha attempt to trick Rocky and Bullwinkle into falling down a mine shaft)
      Natasha: But how you'll get them?
      Boris: Easy. I change sign.
      Narrator: And quickly Boris replaced the danger sign on the shaft with one which said "Elevator. Up Only." Then, the two villains retired to see if their plan would work.
      Natasha: Boris, what kind of idiot would try to go up in elevator shaft that goes only down?
      Boris: That kind of idiot.
      Bullwinkle: (approaching the mine shaft) Hey, Rocky, our problem is solved.

    • Rocky: There's only one thing to do, Bullwinkle.
      Bullwinkle: Yeah, and I'm doing it.
      Rocky: What's that?
      Bullwinkle: I'm falling!

    • (Rocky saves Bullwinkle by breaking his fall)
      Bullwinkle: That was a great idea, Rocky. Uh, Rocky? Where are you?
      Narrator: Alas, no voice answered and at the bottom of the shaft, a silent form lay sprawled on the stones.
      Bullwinkle: Rocky, buddy, speak to me. Don't tease old Bullwinkle. Say something.
      Rocky: (regains consciousness) Something.
      Bullwinkle: Well, that's something.

    • (Realizing their mistake, Boris and Natasha attempt to get Rocky and Bullwinkle out of the mine shaft)
      Boris: Quick, Natasha, the rope.
      Natasha: Here, dahlink.
      (Natasha passes Boris a hangman's noose rope)
      Boris: Not that rope! The rescue rope!

    • Boris: You know, I've been thinking, Natasha...
      Natasha: Alright, who gets double-crossed?
      Boris: Moose owns Upsidasium mine, we need Moose.
      Natasha: Right.
      Boris: But now we're up here, who needs Squirrel?
      Natasha: Moose needs Squirrel.
      Boris: He don't count!

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