The Bullwinkle Show

Season 2 Episode 14

Upsidasium (27 & 28)

Aired Unknown Dec 18, 1960 on



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    • Rocky: We haven't gained an inch, Bullwinkle.
      Bullwinkle: Well, let's look on the bright side.
      Rocky: What's that?
      Bullwinkle: We haven't lost one either.

    • Mr. Big: Badenov, this mountain must not reach Washington.
      Boris: But we nearly there, Mr. Big, what can we do?
      Mr. Big: Don't you remember the old motto of Terrorist Tech?
      Boris: Of course. "When in doubt, blow it up."

    • Mr. Big: If-If Pottsylvania can't have the Upsidasium, nobody can.
      Boris: You're absolutely right, Mr. Big.
      Mr. Big: Of course I am.
      Boris: Only one question.
      Mr. Big: Yes?
      Boris: Why do we want it?
      Mr. Big: Didn't you read your instructions?
      Boris: They were so secret, I had to burn them before I read them.

    • Peabody: Today, we are going to visit Rocky...
      Sherman: And his friends?
      Peabody: ...Mountains.

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