The Bullwinkle Show

Season 2 Episode 2

Upsidasium (3 & 4)

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1960 on



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    • Boris: Well, cheerio! I'm off to Mt. Flatten.
      Natasha: We're off, dahlink.
      Boris: What you are doing here, sweetheart?
      Natasha: Keeping you from stealing moose's mine all for yourself, dahlink.
      Boris: Who, me? Honey, bumpkin, would I double-crossing own partner?
      Natasha: You tell me.
      Boris: (laughs) Yes, I would! Okay.

    • Boris: Won't be long, Natasha. We'll be at Mt. Flatten.
      (Boris rides pass Rocky and Bullwinkle)
      Natasha: You sure moose and squirrel won't show up unexpectedly?
      Boris: I'm absotively posilute. By now, they've been blown into itsy little bits. They're goners, capoot, all finished.
      Natasha: Then who was that we just passed?
      Boris: G-G-Ghosts! Must have been ghosts!
      Natasha: Hitchhiking?

    • Natasha: What are you going to do now, Boris?
      Boris: You couldn't guess, Natasha? Me? World's number one wheeler? Cold-blooded, nerves of steel? What would I do?
      Natasha: What?
      Boris: I cry like baby! (cries heavily)

    • Bullwinkle: Under a spreading Chesnut tree, the village Jonesy stands...
      Rocky: You mean Smithy.
      Bullwinkle: I mean Jonesy... I just sold the place!

    • Bullwinkle: For all of you golfers who are having father-in-law troubles, I'm going to teach you How to Shoot Par!

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