The Bullwinkle Show

Season 2 Episode 52

Wailing Whale (13 & 14)

Aired Unknown Jun 10, 1961 on



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    • Narrator: For deep in the hold of Maybe Dick, the defeated Boris Baden...uh, Horeshal Hornswoggle is preparing...
      Boris: Defeated? Who's defeated?
      Natasha: We are, dahlink. You and me and Rollo here.
      Rollo: Snort, snort.
      Boris: Nonsense. Just a little setback is all.
      Natasha: Boris, if we were set back any further, we'd be out of story all together.

    • (The bomb Boris dropped doesn't explode despite the fuse running out)
      Bullwinkle: Hey, it didn't go off.
      Rocky: Must be something wrong with the bomb.
      Bullwinkle: Sure is. Look, there's three holes in it.
      Rocky: Three holes? Hey, I'm beginning to smell a rat!
      Boris: You called?

    • Natasha: Well, old mastermind, what you got to say for yourself now?
      Boris: Only one thing to say, Natasha.
      Natasha: And that is?
      Boris: Sharrup you mouth!

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