The Bullwinkle Show

Season 5 Episode 19

Wossamotta U. (7, 8 & 9)

Aired Unknown Jun 21, 1963 on
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Wossamotta U. (7, 8 & 9)
Boris gets another scheme to defeat Wossamotta U, he disguises as the Mud City Manglers as dolls, to deliver the Wossamotta team a big knock out punch. The score is 500-1, and Boris and Fearless Leader, so confident that Mud City Manglers will win, bet the entire Pottsylvanian Treasury. How to protect this bet? Boris and Fearless Leader hatch another plan, this time it's kidnapping Bob Waterbucket. Later, Boris and Fearless Leader has the stadium looking like a war zone, trenches dug up, guns everywhere, and it looks like the Wossamotta Pigeons are going down! Amazingly, Bullwinkle ends up having no trouble with the game by the second half!moreless

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    June Foray

    June Foray

    Rocket J. Squrriel/Natasha Fatale

    Recurring Role

    Paul Frees

    Paul Frees

    Boris Badenov/Fearless Leader/Captain Peter Wrongway Peachfuzz

    Recurring Role

    Bill Scott

    Bill Scott

    (uncredited) Bullwinkle J. Moose

    Recurring Role

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      • Strangler: Hut, 1, 2, 3! (drops football) Whoop!
        Thug: Uh-oh. Strangler fumbled the ball again.
        Second Thug: Yeah, I bet the coach gives him a light reprimand.
        Thug: No, I bet he gives him a severe reprimand.
        (A gunshot is heard and Strangler collapses)
        Thug: You were right. It was just a light reprimand.

      • Boris: Fearless Leader, where did you get all the loot?
        Fearless Leader: Badenov, that is the entire contents of the Pottsylvania Treasury.
        Natasha: You carry the Treasury wherever you go?
        Fearless Leader: You don't think I'd leave it with those crooks in my government, do you?

      • Narrator: Yes, Boris had switched diagrams and the hapless moose was now going over a set of battle plans of the Cival War.
        Colonel Beauregard: Or as we call it, the war between the states.
        Narrator: Now wait a minute. Who are you?
        Colonel Beauregard: Colonel Jefferson Beauregard Lee, sir.
        Rocky: Yeah, but you're not part of our story.
        Colonel Beauregard: No, I'm from the League of Confederate Correctors.
        Bullwinkle: The League of Confederate Correctors?
        Colonel Beauregard: Everytime a programs refers to the late, unpleasantness as the Civil War...
        Bullwinkle: Uh, you show up and correct them?
        Colonel Beauregard: That's right, shug. We called it "The war between the states."
        Rocky: Yeah, but...
        Colonel Beauregard: I just can't abide the word "civil."

      • Sybil: Are yous ready, Gertrude?
        Gertrude: Let's have it, Sybil.
        Colonel Beauregard: Ah-ah. War between the...
        Gertrude: I said "Sybil", not "Civil"!
        Colonel Beauregard: Sorry, ma'am.

      • Rocky: (about the Manglers) Bullwinkle, they aren't girls at all!
        Bullwinkle: Oh, darn!
        Rocky: What's the matter?
        Bullwinkle: I was gonna ask the halfback to the prom tonight.

      • (The referee is being threatened by the Manglers, thus putting them ahead of Wossamotta U.)
        Rocky: Don't you have any courage?
        Referee: Yes, but I've also got a wife and kiddies.

      • Narrator: Don't miss our next episode "Bullwinkle's Battle Plans" or "Civil Def--"
        Colonel Beauregard: Ah-ah-ah. "War Between The States Defense."
        Narrator: That is not funny.
        Colonel Beauregard: I know. I can't abide jokes neither!

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