The Busy World of Richard Scarry

Nickelodeon (ended 2000)


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The Busy World of Richard Scarry

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The characters that inhabit Richard Scarry's "Busytown" books are successfully brought to television, in this clever cartoon adaptation, produced by CINAR FILMS in Canada. The series shows us the lives of the many residents of Busytown, but the focus is mainly the Cat family - Mother and Father Cat, and Huckle and Sally, the kids. Also living with the Cats is a worm named Lowly, who goes to school with Huckle. The assortment of other characters, including Sgt. Murphy (patient peacekeeper of the Busytown Police Dept.), Mr. Fixit (the trash-is-treasure town repairman), and Bananas Gorilla (a clumsy jobless gorilla, who would do anything for a banana) all keep the city humming with activity. The half-hour program is made up of three 7-minute stories per episode, with two short musical interstitials inbetween. "The Busy World of Richard Scarry" aired on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr., until May 2000 (when Nick's licensing agreement with the show's owners expired). This show is no longer airing on TV.moreless
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  • probably the best kids show ever

    nick was a genius to make this show cuz compared to the crap that they usually show even now this was a godsend. It was definately one of my childhood favorites when i was growing up. it was educational and showed responsibility and taught you proper values. even nowadays i wish it was still on just so my nieces and nephew could watch it instead of the other crap they have on like oobi yo gagbbbagabba and all the other crap nick puts on. i'd say this show was my 3rd favorite show right after rupert in first and winnie the pooh in second.

    god this makes me feel old

    the only good show remotely like this one is mrs spiders sunnypatch kidsmoreless
  • Shows like this are exalty why I hate the 21st century

    Ahh my first and only 20th century trip down memeroy lane.When I was a little kid I used to watch this day and night,my parents brought and taped me epsoides which I have to this very day.Compared to the retarted preschool crap they show now,TBWORS was elegalenty crafted and did'nt inslut you're parents intellenge with loud music ,reptive learing drills loud retarted voices and hiedous charater deisinges.

    Yep what can be more simpler then talking amimals.

    And that's why 21th century childrens TV has major suckage issues.

    (filler)d f h jt g fd g hf g h gd h gf h hmoreless
  • Wow. Talk about true amazing children entertainment.

    I am moved everytime I watch this show. I cannot believe they destroyed it with their evil Dora the Explorer and other crap-loads. The detail. The bandages on the faces that always appear. The fact that it was made in Canada only makes this thing better. I miss the old days on Nick Jr. They had old face, and Steve from Blue's Clues, and of course Busy World. Absolute perfection, in children's TV. I loved this TV show, when I was five, and now, I still love this TV show! I have some tapes that have about 20 episodes on them, mostly 1st season.

    I loved this TV show. Period.

  • What made Nick Jr., Nick Jr.

    This was one of the best cartoons I ever watched as a little kid. My older brother and I never missed one episode. We laughed at how funny it was, and cherished it like it was forever and then when it ended we wre ike, Why?! Why?! it was so good! Since I was 4 and my older brother was 6, we soon forgot about it. When we found out the shows replacing it, we were heartbroken. Dora? Retarded. Man, they need shows like this to come back again.moreless
  • This show was a cute animation based off of Richard Scarry's books, freaturing talking animals going on small adventures.

    This is the really old-school stuff, here (as well as the after-noon and after-school stuff, too). I loved watching this show! I enjoyed watching the main characters' adventures involving simple plots, and just being amused by it all. I've still got some of the old books; I found them buried under other old books in my room a few weeks ago. What a treasure!

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