The Busy World of Richard Scarry

Nickelodeon (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Out of Control/Private Eye Sneef/Busy Day
      Out of Control: Mr. Fixit causes havoc with his new magnet machine that gets out of control and attracts anything made of metal.

      Private Eye, Sneef: Solving crimes with the best detective in Europe.

      Busy Day: An eventful day in the lives of Lowly, Huckle, and Father Cat.
    • A Big Operation: Huckle has his tonsils removed.

      Cucumber, the African Photographer: Cucumber is really nervous about photographing lions.

      Summer Picnic: The class goes on a picnic.
    • Missing Fruit: Fruit disappears from Turnip Goat's truck and Bananas Gorilla collects clues to find them.

      When in Rome: Frederico and Maria go sightseeing in Rome.

      Sleepy Mr. Fixit: An exhausted Mr. Fixit can't keep up with Busytown's repair jobs.
    • Young Vikings: Huckle and Lowly go sailing on a raft that they built.

      Sneef Saves The Queen: Sneef captures the culprit who stole the Queen of England's crown.

      Hilda the Director: Hilda holds auditions for actors to star in her play.
    • Disappearing Sun/Golden Catch/Pumpkins
      Disappearing Sun: When there is a misprint in The Bugle, the townspeople think that the sun will disappear for 360 years.

      Golden Catch: Toula and her father catch a gold necklace in their net.

      Pumpkins: Huckle, Lowly and Sprout participate in a pumpkin contest.
    • Test Drive/Magic Tree/Drive-In
      Test Drive: Mr. Fixit invents a submarine. Lowly and Huckle give it a test ride.

      Magic Tree: Little Cahuchu discovers a tree with magical bouncing sap.

      Drive-In: Mr. Bean opens a drive-in restaurant.
    • Beach Only/Tasty Dish/New in Town
      Beach Only: On their way to the beach, the Cat kids want to stop at a water-themed park, but to their disappointment Father Cat says no.

      Tasty Dish: Ernest invents a tasty dish, that is literally, a tasty dish.

      New in Town: Huckle's English cousin moves to Busytown.
    • Closed/Berry Hunt
      Closed: Benny, Harry and Wolfgang are not amused when they learn that Mr. Sheepdog's amusement park is about to close for good.

      Berry Hunt: Bump and Thump,cave pigs, attempt to ford the river to search for berries.
    • Busytown Musical
      Busytown Musical
      Episode 9
      Misadventures including safety tips and songs based on the author's tales about Busytown and its citizens.
    • Bananas the Great/Cugnots at Work
      Bananas the Great: Bananas tries his hand at magic, but before he becomes a success he needs a helping hand from Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm.

      Cugnots at Work: The Cugnots build a remarkable steam engine to make travel to the market easier.
    • Time Travel?/Helping a Friend
      Time Travel?: Mr. Fixit tries to keep his latest invention a secret but Huckle and Lowly discover that it's a time machine.

      Helping a Friend: Bump and Thump build a cave for their friend Clunk.
    • Bananas the Tour Guide/Paint Job/Bad Day
      Bananas the Tour Guide: Hilda's friend comes to town and Bananas offers to show her around.

      Paint Job: Artist Michael Antelope is asked to paint the Sistine Chapel.

      Bad Day: Denis has a really bad day.
    • Busytown Regetta
      Episode 13
      Coming soon.
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