The Buzz on Maggie

Season 1 Episode 2

Funball / The Science Whatchamacallit

Aired Weekdays 4:00 AM Jun 17, 2005 on Disney Channel

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    My Summary:

    Maggie compliments Pupert on playing ‘Bugsketball’ very well, when he’s actually doing badly. Aldrin sees this and challenges Pupert to a game, and Aldrin wins. Maggie gets really angry, and thinks up of different ways where Pupert can beat Aldrin. She makes a bet with Aldrin and says that Pupert can beat him in something. Aldrin accepts, and the games begin. But Pupert loses on everything that he tries on, so Maggie has to think of a new game in which Pupert would HAVE to beat Aldrin on, and comes up with ‘Funball’. Who wins? You have to watch to find out.

    My Opinion:

    This wasn’t that great. I thought it was average compared to other episodes.

    The Science Whatchamacallit:

    My Summary:

    Maggie becomes really disappointed when Mrs. Wingston, her science teacher, gives her and Rayna a ‘C’ on their science project. She has to think of a way to improve her grades but doesn’t know what to do. When her dad bribes her by giving money if she gets an ‘A’ in her next project, Maggie gets enthusiastic and thinks of a way in which she can get her grades and not do much work; by making herself partners with Eugene, and Rayna with Wendall, two geeky smart students and letting them do all the work. However, things don’t go so well when something happens to Eugene/Wendall the day of their presentation, leaving Maggie and Rayna to explain their science project.

    My Opinion:

    I loved the second episode! I kept laughing most of the time, because some of the scenes like Maggie imagining her and Rayna become science queens, or showing off their science project and saying ‘ta-daa’ were hilarious! I would definitely watch The Science Whatchamacallit more than once.