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  • I love this show!

    This is a great Disney channel show! I am so happy that they made this show. I LOVE this show. Oh and look its on right now! This show is a great show for anytime of the day! My most FAVORITE character has to be good ol' Pupert or Pupy! LOL! I love his voice and the way he acts!
  • Flies have never been so entertaining.

    Hm. I'll say it. The Buzz on Maggie is NOT the perfect show. It's a tad childish and I personally don't see much significance in many of the episodes. But if you're sad and need a laugh, or just plain bored, "Maggie" is a pretty good source for a little comedy. The humor is cheerful and cute, although a bit predictable and/or cheesy at times. But it's still funny, nontheless.
  • This show is the buzz!

    I don't agree with most of you I really think they done a good job and did not waste their time, they wasted their time on Playhouse Disney. I mean if they wanted shows for smaller kids make a Playhouse Disney channel. This show is the buzz!
    I really recommend this show, although you may not like it.
  • Read This.......

    Read This because it is what will save you from wasting 30 mintues of your life, this SHow is about A Fly named Maggie who lives in a Milk Carton and wants to be a rock star, This show (as mentioned in other reveiws) Is exactly like Lizzie Mcguire only its a Fly and its fully animated, is Disney Channel really that Desperate for ratings? If you are keep the Proud Family Going because that is the only fresh show you have and that will bring the ratings.
  • I wasn't sure what to expect when I watched this, but now The Buzz on Maggie is my favorite Disney toon! It's funny and silly and I just love it. If Lucy and Ethel were teenage flies, they'd be Maggie and Rayna!

    Some people may think it's too silly, but that's just what I love about The Buzz on Maggie. It makes me laugh, plain and simple. The situations are so funny and all the characters are great. Even mom and dad are funny. I like the battles and competitions between Maggie and older brother Aldrin because they remind me of my brother too. Haha. And Pupert the little brother is adorable! He'd make the cutest plushie ever.

    If you want a good time and just to laugh, The Buzz on Maggie is a great time.
  • Some episodes are good while others are bad. It isn't really for teens or tweens. Just another show that could use some work.

    Don't get me wrong, this show is decent, but the plots seem almost unrealistic. It has potential to be a show worth watching for the younger groups, but for older groups like me, this show isn't the way. The voices need a bit of work but the only good thing seems to be the idea of the show and the drawing. I can tell the producers worked hard on drawing and thinking of the idea but not the scipts. Sorry to anyone who likes this, I just don't like as much.
  • It's not very good.sometime it's funny.but it's still not good.

    OMG! It's about a FLY!! Wow!How exiticting.NOT!!
    Maggie or whatever her name is is just like every other main character in any one of these shows. "She's herself, not too pretty, not too ugly, she's different than everyone else, she's her own girl..." and all that. Seen it. Heck, EVERY character is something we've seen before, right on the dot. They only copy the things on other shows to this shows.
    Ugly, nerdy girl: check
    Preppy, popular girl: check
    Jock that the main char. will automatically have a crush on: check
    I think the buzz on maggie is the worst show on the planet!Please cancel it.Not one wants to see it.Way To Go Disney!!!NOT!
  • I LOVE this show!

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! And who says it's for little kids? I am 14 years old and I love it! The theme song rules (it describes me perfectly!), the animation's great, and Maggie is so funny! Pupert also is sooooo CUTE! This show rules! It's one of my favorite shows now! YAY MAGGIE!
  • Who can I call to get my fifteen minutes back?

    I can not believe that this show is even on air. There are thrre things that make this show different from Lizzie McGuire. 1: It's animated, 2: It's flys, 3: Probably lower ratings. It has everything an unoriginal show for young teen/tween calls for. The popular girl, the losers, the parents who "Don't get you, but are cool for trying." It probably has the jock "every girl loves" but I wouldn't know because I didn't waste my time watching the second episode.

    The plots, are the plots everyone knows by memory the, "Does something the parents said not to do right at the begining, and then almost gets away with it but feels guilty and confesses." Not to mention the "Dates the 'Loser' becuase she feels sorry for them/they misunderstood. Then sticks around abit to get something from the loser."

  • Story of a FLY?

    This show is so weird. It's about a teenage fly and her family. It is a little bit funny at times, but sometimes it makes no sense! The episode that I first saw was when she went out on a date with a nerdy fly that smelled so bad! That was funny, but I got to admit that it does stretch your imagination. Who would think of doing a cartoon show about flies? I personally dislike real flies, they bug! This show is starting to bug me also, it was creative in the beginning, but now it tends to use similar stories to other cartoons that I have seen before, which make it unoriginal!
  • Pretty Funny!

    I had always had high expectations for this show ever since I heard about it. It definately lives up to those expectations. The Buzz On Maggie is very funny, and always keeps me laughing. My favorite episode so far is the one where they makeover that nerdy butterfly in hopes to beat Dawn as homecoming queen. Great show overall.
  • Buzz off!

    The Buzz on Maggie is an O.K show but lacks originallity and isn't really that funny. Sure it will keep your toddlers busy whilst they watch it but seriously, this show is a real letdown.

    I've watched a few shows of it myself since its a relatively new score and decided to give it a shot. It bored me to death and I just HAD to change the channel or go outside or something like that.

    If you're thinking about watching this show then I suggest you steer clear for now. It isn't very good at this moment and time and lacks humour.

    Peace out
  • The Buzz on Maggie is a show that can pull you in but not keep you in.

    The Buzz on Maggie is a show with a plot I've seen oh too many times! It's about a girl who is normal yet the same and who's trying to make a difference. While tryign to become famous.

    This show is mildly disgusting. I mean flies hanging around garbage. Barfing to eat their food. Waterfalls made of garbage juice. Sometimes I can't help but barf.

    Another thing that annoys me is the voicing. First I would like to point out Pupert. What kind of voice is that for a little kid? Then sometimes when Reyna starts talking alot it gets annoying!

    The drawing is mediocre! I mean these are characters that a little kid makes up in kindergarten. The eyes nad head are too big and the bodies are too small.

    In conclusion I don't think that The Buzz on Maggie will get far.
  • Just like EVERY other "teen show" out there. Not one ounce of originality.

    What's the diffenernce? It's a FLY!! Oh, that is SO going to make me watch!
    This isn't anything new at all. It just uses the same stereotypes, same plot lines, same everything that we've seen before, especially from Disney, and just changes the characters from humans to flies.
    Maggie or whatever her name is is just like every other main character in any one of these shows. "She's herself, not too pretty, not too ugly, she's different than everyone else, she's her own girl..." and all that. Seen it. Heck, EVERY character is something we've seen before, right on the dot. They only copy the things on other shows to this shows.
    Ugly, nerdy girl: check
    Preppy, popular girl: check
    Jock that the main char. will automatically have a crush on: check
    Parents who "just don't understand, but are still cool anyways": check

    Disney so ran out of ideas when coming up with this show...this is completly unoriginal in every aspect, except that the characters are flies. Someone swat this show and the people who came up with this...
  • Decent

    The Buzz On Maggie is a decent show. It's okay for kids. My favorite episode is The Candidate (so far). I wonder who does the voice for the monarch butterfly. Flies are not one of the best animals to make an animated show out of but it turned out better than I thought it would be. If you're just in the mood for a show that makes you smile (not laugh) than watch The Buzz on Maggie.
  • Swat this fly!

    The Buzz on Maggie is interesting... for about three seconds. Afterward, it becomes another stale sitcom about preteen life. Only this time, the entire life is about insects. The main protagonist is a fly who tries to change the world around her. Of course, she gets in trouble and has to set this right, and learns a valuable lesson on life. The words "done to death" comes to mind. Only, there is bad animation, medicore voice acting, and predictable plots. There are some points of interest: the theme song. That has to be one of the catchest theme songs ever. And the only reason by I am giving a 1 instead of a big, fat goose egg.
  • Its okay I mean it has comdey

    At first I thought this show was garbage because its starting a fly which is odd.I watch the first episode it was lame but when I saw the flyentor(can't spell the title)That was a bit funny.
    The plot of each episode is used
    so much that its not
    all that intersting the only thing
    different is that it revovles around bugs.
    If they just stop trying to be
    Funny and think of more creative episodes
    then maybe will change their minds so
    The Buzz On Maggie isn't all that great its actually poor but if you want to see a Lizze Mguire/Even Steven show with some bugs in it then watch the Buzz on Maggie.
  • Who thought a bug could be so entertaining?

    At first, I thought this show was going to be really dumb and stupid, but it turns out I was WAY wrong!!! The theme song is really catchy and has become one of my favorite songs these days. The voices fit each character perfectly. The show is a great show and deserves to stay on Disney for a while.
  • I find The Buzz on Maggie very entertaining and the result of a very creative writing team. It is great to know there are still good animated programs for kids (and adult kids). The characters are very clever. Congratulations to the writers and produc

    I find The Buzz on Maggie very entertaining and the result of a very creative writing team. It is great to know there are still good animated programs for kids (and adult kids). The characters are very clever. All in all is a great production. I read some of the previous works of the production team and it is no wonder the show is such a success. I didn\'t realize that one of your producers, Dave Polsky, such an impressive resume. I truly enjoyed it. Congratulations to the writers and producers!!!
  • It's ok for a kids show, but me, I just dont get it.

    Really, what is the point of The buzz on maggie. First it was supposed to be about fish, now its living Flies. Disney is getting a little weirder with the kids shows. I mean, have they gone retarded? Maybe if I watch it a little more, I will under stand.
  • Truely something girls will watch more than boys. Though little boys might watch it too.

    I think it's probally a bug version of Lizzie McGuire. I think they should have Maggie maybe a few more friends. Though i have to admit it's bug season century now a show about bugs. The show has better animation than most shows on Disney Channle. The show I think is for girls mostly more than boys since it can copy the purpose of a girls life. 1. Become Famous 2. Defeat your older siblings 3. Become Rich 4. Just have a fun time.

    its great but there is only one problem.........who would want to watch bugs?? but there are some good themes and episodes but cmon disney u could do much betta wit the animation!so if anyone agrees with me please reply cause i know you guys and girls feel the same way!
  • A horrible replacment for \"Kim Possible\"

    Ok lets start with the animation. Maggie needs her eyes actually in her head and she doesnt looks like a fly at all. Reena needs to get a huge fix cause she looks horrible. Auldrin looks like a stupid fly jock which is mildly creepy. Pupaert looks like a round ball. The mom looks lkke a 50\'s fly. The dad looks just creepy. then the voices. They chose the voice of a bratz doll which is dumb. And brad pitt? he is a very stupid choice, and the language is just dumb. this is one of the most stupid cartoons created by disney.
  • A lot of people think it's a waste of TV, but "The Buzz on Maggie" is a truly a original show, and a funny one. The prob? There is no purpose.

    Maggie, a little fly who lives in the city of Sticky Feet, faces the daily challenges of being an insect. Her best friend Rayna and her family help her along the way.

    Personally, I have no problems with this show, and it's a great one. But, unlike Avatar, this show has no purpose. Maggie is just like all insects, simply trying to survive.

    Other shows like this one (with no purpose/G rated): Unfabulous, Proud Family, Lizzie McGuire, Full House, Family Matters, That's So Raven, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, The Fairly Odd Parents, Chalk Zone, and others on Nick or Disney.

    All in all, "The Buzz on Maggie" is a great show for little kids wanting a laugh. But for 10 year olds and up, it's not the best thing to watch. Funny, yes. Serious, no. OK, I guess.

    My true score? A solid 7.

  • I waited all this time for this! Well at least its decent!

    I waited all this time for this! Well at least its decent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WELL at least its nice and I sometimes watch it its all right for a werid kind of show.why do people hate it so much? huh huh huh huh huh.tell me tell me tell me tell me !!~
  • I guess this is just a decent show.

    I can see how younger kids might want to watch this but putting it on in the prime time isn't a very good idea. A fly who lives in a milk carton is creative, but it could be better. The show is something I'll watch it if nothing is on, but not something I set the timer to and keep my eyes glued to the screen. It could be better, but it isn't the worst show on Disney. I'm saying it is just decent.
  • About a unique girl fly with a heart of gold.

    This show isn't the best Disney has produced but It has potential and it's an orginal idea that could make it a great show! It's story lines are unique and the characters are genunine. I could see this as a very popular show in time but right now it's on a bumpy start becuase we only know 5 or 6 characters in the show and the story line is a bit rushed but with time it has a chance of becoming a Disney channel original.
  • "The Buzz on Maggie" Hits With a Flying Impact

    The folks at Disney describe "The Buzz on Maggie" as entertainment that celebrates family. We could just as easily call it entertainment that celebrates sameness and formula.

    As with other such comedy series the network produces, "The Buzz" takes the path of least resistance and offers kids a weekly animated comedy series highlighting punchy moves (more like knock-down-drag-out punches) where characters and creatures pretty much beat one another up and then feel almighty for having done so.

    The story centers on a young girl named Maggie who lives in a metropolis called Stickyfeet. It's a place where people fly around at a frenetic pace and seem unable to stop for a second to smell the roses (there might not be any). Maggie has a loving family and good, frantic friends, however, she also has dreams and aspirations that seem light years away: She wants to be a rock star, for starters. She also wants to find ways to spice up what she believes is her humdrum life. She is everykid right down the line.

    Taking off from series creator Dave Polsky, director Dave Wasson gives Maggie a lot of punch. Both co-executive produce along with Laura Perkins Brittain. The team spices the action but in the end doesn't venture into any new animated territory or storytelling.

    This show was very impressive. "The Buzz on Maggie" premired on June 17, 2005, broadcasted on the Disney Channel. After a short amount of time, I'm sure that viewers will adore this show just like many others (Dave the Barbarian, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, American Dragon: Jake Long, ect). The characters went from an average fly, Maggie to a popular fly, Dawn. It was a great premire episode for a Disney Channel show. This new cartoon will attract viewers in no time at all! Watch the new adventures of "The Buzz on Maggie" on weekends!
  • good show

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  • It's Cool

    The Buzz On Maggie Is A Totally Awesome Show!!!!It\'s So Cool.Definitely a good show.Love It,Love It,Love It.I don\'t know anyone who would not like this.Really I Do not,I Do Not,I Do Not.Nope,Nope,Nope.Does Anyone Know who sings the theme song? I do not.Okay,I think my friend does.She said Skye Sweetnam.I Think She\'s Right.
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