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  • Good cartoon

    I gave this a ten because i don't rate shows against EVERY show of all time, but against the shows that are screening when it is. TBOM is a good show relative to about 80 percent of what was on tv in 2005-06. The premise, about a twelve year old fly girl who is individualistic, though in a positive rather than Darian manner, is fine. The plots are allright, the script is good, and it is well made. The opening sequence/end credits are fine. The only real problem i have is with the repetitive nature of the plots which can make it more boring than say Phineas and Ferb, and the infernally obvious moral message Replacements-esque which is barely buried. All in all a good show, but not nearly as good as Phineas and Ferb or Kim Possible.
  • Absolutely my favorite show.

    The Buzz on Maggie is a show about a teenage fly named Maggie. She's selfish almost all the time, but in the end of the episodes, she learns her lesson. It is very bad that Disney cancelled this series after just one season. I think it's most that many doesn't like this kind of series.

    But I think this is wonderful, and I want more seasons than just one. Some of the episodes is kind of boring actually. But I like the most of them. It's bad that the series sends on 4.00 a.m. in the US. Where I live, it's sends 9.35 p.m. at the weekends. Much better to watch on that time, instand of in the middle of the night.

    My favorite character is Rayna. She's a very good friend, although Maggie is a bit selfish most of the time.
  • Why did this show have to end so early?

    When I saw all the ads for this show, I thought it was gonna be good and I decided to give it a shot a few months after it aired because I thought it was so popular. And one look at Maggie and I realize, she looks kinda like Jenny from "My Life as a Teenage Robot", another one of my favorite cartoons. I LOVE IT! Then, when I wanted to find out more about this show, there's more similarities between this and "MLaaTR". Cree Summer, Candi Milo and Tara Strong have all been in both shows. Even Rayna (my fave character) sounds like Tiff! But now, when I watch TBOM, I don't just think about MLaaTR anymore. I've also noticed that Maggie is kinda like Drake from "Drake and Josh". And personally, I think her mom is HOT! (no comment, please) And one more thing, I have these cartoons that I watch because a certain character is cute, but this is actually a rare show where I think pretty much EVERYBODY is cute. I thought it was a great show, it's too bad the ratings caused it to end early. Nobody even gave it a chance to do better the second season, which I would've loved to watch. Overall, I think this was, in my words, the greatest cartoon ever made. 10/10.
  • Now this is a show that had potential!

    This show was awesome! I watched the premiere two years ago and I wasn't really sure about it at first. Then as I watched more episodes, I immediately loved it! It's too bad it got cancelled 16 months ago. I'm gonna miss this show! I think this show is underappreciated and it deserves a second season! Like I said before it had potential! I even get up VERY early in the morning (around 4:00 a.m.) to watch it!! Hopefully, if we send enough e-mails and letters to Disney Channel, they can change their minds about cancelling this show and they can come out with a new season!
  • okay I liked this show.

    I know everybody (well alot of people) didn't like the show but I did! I thought it was cool! The show is set around Maggie Pesky a fly and her family. Maggie is kinda this punk-ish girl who loves rock and roll and then she has best friend named Rayna who was the same way. Her little brother Pupert was this little wimpy kid and her bro Aldren was a big jock, she also had two loving parents and a baby sister. I thought this show was actually interesting not the best but still pretty neat. Overall I would give it a B.
  • I agree with Millionaireman6 on this one.

    Why did The Buzz on Maggie have to end this early? Low ratings? I really don't know why it wouldn't last another season. Because it was such a great show while it lasted! Well, sure, it was like all the other teen and preteen shows out there, about a person or a group of people who go to school, have a normal life, etc., but this, to me, took it to some whole new level. And it might have some gross-out humor, for example, Pubert, or whatever his name is, is probably linked to puberty, and they live in a milk carton, but other than that, it shouldn't have lasted short! I wish it could get another season, because it was funny, though!! Darn. Well, it was great while it lasted, and you can't even see it in daylight anymore, now it comes on at 4 AM or so. I don't care if I'm one of the only people that like this show, but I'm going to miss it!!
  • Quit Being so Negative About This Show!!!

    I think this show is really good. I love to watch that show. It's makes me feel so warm I even draw lots of pictures of Maggie and her friends. The friendship, family... In the show is full of love. I always wait to see it on Weekdays. I hope that Disney Channel will make more episodes of this show and maybe make a long movie. I know somebody hate this show but I hope that Disney will continue on making this show because its story is good for education, relaxing, etc... The friendship in The Buzz on Maggie is so nice. Maggie and her friends sometimes argue with each other but they always say sorry and then they become friends again. I love this show and I will keep watching it until the last episode!!! (This show must exist until the end...)
  • I don't believe what you guys are all saying!!! I absolutely LOVE this show. my only problem with it is that I never get to watch it because the show it whenever im not around. I think this show is awesome.

    I don't believe what you guys are all saying!!! I absolutely LOVE this show. my only problem with it is that I never get to watch it because the show it whenever im not around. I think this show is awesome. If i had the time ...I'd probably sit around in front of the tv whenever it was on. No offense to anybody that disagrees with me but i personaly think that this is one of the best animated shows that disney channel has. It's better then The emperors new school or American Dragon. I really don't see any entertainment in either if those.
  • Maggie is not your regular kid- shes a fly!

    This show has its ups and downs. Some of the episodes are a little bit boring, but some are pretty funny and are fun to watch! Pupert is my favorite character. He is really cute and funny. I wish he was the main character, it probably would make the show better. But Maggie is still good.
  • way underapreciated (if you like the buzz on maggie agree with this review)

    I love this show but at the same time can understand why others dont because some of the episodes stink out loud. but in the long run this shows episodes are a majority of great ones and i think it has great potential. i have heard that it might be cancelled but i think it should be given a second chance because most shows always get better like thats so raven and kim possible two of the most popular shows on disney channel so all i can say is that maggie deserves to keep buzzing on to our screens .
  • Funniest cartoon on Disney Channel in a LONG time

    I just became a fan of this show. I heard about it from a friend of mine and then I watched it for the first time a couple weeks ago. it was the episode about Maggie and Rayna going trick or treating for Halloween and Aldrin didn't believe they could get the King Chocolate Bar. I laughed way out loud at the show and now I can't miss it. Pupert is a funny little brother and is like my little brother. SAD! Ha ha ha ha! But it's a great show and you'll love it when you watch it. They show it on Saturday morning on regular TV too (not cable) which is great for my cousins who don't have cable. I love The Buzz on Maggie and hope I see a lot more episodes soon!
  • This show is the buzz!

    I don't agree with most of you I really think they done a good job and did not waste their time, they wasted their time on Playhouse Disney. I mean if they wanted shows for smaller kids make a Playhouse Disney channel. This show is the buzz!
    I really recommend this show, although you may not like it.
  • I wasn't sure what to expect when I watched this, but now The Buzz on Maggie is my favorite Disney toon! It's funny and silly and I just love it. If Lucy and Ethel were teenage flies, they'd be Maggie and Rayna!

    Some people may think it's too silly, but that's just what I love about The Buzz on Maggie. It makes me laugh, plain and simple. The situations are so funny and all the characters are great. Even mom and dad are funny. I like the battles and competitions between Maggie and older brother Aldrin because they remind me of my brother too. Haha. And Pupert the little brother is adorable! He'd make the cutest plushie ever.

    If you want a good time and just to laugh, The Buzz on Maggie is a great time.
  • I LOVE this show!

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! And who says it's for little kids? I am 14 years old and I love it! The theme song rules (it describes me perfectly!), the animation's great, and Maggie is so funny! Pupert also is sooooo CUTE! This show rules! It's one of my favorite shows now! YAY MAGGIE!
  • Who thought a bug could be so entertaining?

    At first, I thought this show was going to be really dumb and stupid, but it turns out I was WAY wrong!!! The theme song is really catchy and has become one of my favorite songs these days. The voices fit each character perfectly. The show is a great show and deserves to stay on Disney for a while.
  • I find The Buzz on Maggie very entertaining and the result of a very creative writing team. It is great to know there are still good animated programs for kids (and adult kids). The characters are very clever. Congratulations to the writers and produc

    I find The Buzz on Maggie very entertaining and the result of a very creative writing team. It is great to know there are still good animated programs for kids (and adult kids). The characters are very clever. All in all is a great production. I read some of the previous works of the production team and it is no wonder the show is such a success. I didn\'t realize that one of your producers, Dave Polsky, such an impressive resume. I truly enjoyed it. Congratulations to the writers and producers!!!
  • good show

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  • It's Cool

    The Buzz On Maggie Is A Totally Awesome Show!!!!It\'s So Cool.Definitely a good show.Love It,Love It,Love It.I don\'t know anyone who would not like this.Really I Do not,I Do Not,I Do Not.Nope,Nope,Nope.Does Anyone Know who sings the theme song? I do not.Okay,I think my friend does.She said Skye Sweetnam.I Think She\'s Right.
  • The buzz on maggie rocks!

    The buzz on maggie is 1 great show. I just can't stop laughing to this show. I mean every time i watch the episode, it's so funny. God this show rocks. Abd to all those who hate it, shame on u. I like maggie in the show. She's so awsome. She always got something in her head and Somoetimes it works or sometimes it doesn't, but either way, her thoughts are funny. It's Fantatious!!!!!!
  • Another great Disney cartoon that went the same way Brandy & Mr.Whiskers did.

    Again, i'm not happy with Disney. ANOTHER good cartoon, and they killed it! Again! This show was really creative, really funny, really nice....and they just HAD to cancel it. This show and Brandy & Mr.Whiskers are the only Disney cartoons that i have ever liked. But then, maybe the only things that the people in Disney are good at are these: Cancelling good cartoons, creating live action shows, and generating a whole new breed of youngsters called teenyboppers. And again, this show would have survived for maybe more than two years on Cartoon Network. This show was so unique - using the insect world and all. The dialogue was funny too. This cartoon does have the feel of a Cartoon Network show - witty, creative, fun, etc. Which is why i now spend all, if not most, of my time on just one channel: Cartoon Network. That's where true animation, true humour, true fun, just TRUE cartoons come from! That's where they ARE, where they belong! Disney just HAS to make all of its current cartoons be so much like the real world, just because they're so heavily into live-action stuff. The cartoons have no Disney "magic" at all! It's like the imagination's not there. The only imagination found was in this show, and also in Brandy & Mr.Whiskers. But sadly, this show is gone. Gone to make way for the "teenybopper" cell, it's nucleus filled with poppy, shallow, and moronically upbeat people who are a bunch of bald-faced liars. So it's official. Disney lost their best cartoons, and we mourn. Not so much for the loss of those cartoons, but for the stupidity of the people who cancelled it, killing an excellent cure that they thought was a costly cancer. The excellent cure that is The Buzz On Maggie.
  • Pretty Funny!

    I had always had high expectations for this show ever since I heard about it. It definately lives up to those expectations. The Buzz On Maggie is very funny, and always keeps me laughing. My favorite episode so far is the one where they makeover that nerdy butterfly in hopes to beat Dawn as homecoming queen. Great show overall.
  • While channel surfing, I came upon this very cute cartoon, and it's now a favorite!

    Well, look at me! I'm watching cartoons! I came upon this animated show while channel surfing, and my niece yelled STOP! We watched this program together, and it is very cute! I've even made a point to TiVo it and watch it myself now. The characters are adorable, and most importantly, funny. Which is more than you can say for most sitcoms today! The little stories are like little fables, with Maggie being the adolescent girl coming to terms with her individuality, despite the complications thrown in by her teachers, parents and brothers. It's altogether a wonderful animated program by Walt Disney!
  • Fun and cool

    I still have not seen many episodes of the show, but for the few ones I have seen, I think the show is good, maybe lacks in originality, Disney lately have showed many shows based in teenagers and their problems, but the show is fun, and Maggie's Theme really rocks.
  • Okay, please tell me why so many people hate this show.

    Seriously...why? Is it because it's about a fly? (Hey, that rhymed.) Well, think of the movies "A Bug's Life" and "Bee Movie." Those movies are about all sorts of bugs and stuff, and lots of people loved those movies. However, lots of people HATE this show. So, because something has a weird plot, you're just going to immediately say it's stupid and horrible? Maybe if you actually WATCHED the show, and you thought it was awful, I would understand that more. Anyway, I like this show because it's creative and different- not the same old stupid plots every time. It's funny and random, and the animation is REALLY cute. And it made me like flies a little bit more, lol. Disney was genius for making this show, and stinkin' IDIOTS for canceling it and replacing it with Recess. Pfft. Anyway, I love this show, and think it should come back. .:The End:.
  • Pretty good show, but a little weird....

    The Buzz on Maggie was a pretty cool show, and if you stay up long enough, it still is! For those of you who know what this show is about, I won't explain it, but it was pretty creative. I know they're flys, but still, their taste is sorta, well, gross. Anyway, I like this show for the characters. They're colorful, and fluid, yet not realistic, but the non-realistic animation makes their movements fluid and colorful. Then there's the theme song, I can relate to the theme song. It's basically me, which is one of the main reasons I like this show; I can relate! Even though it's about flys... -_-' anyway, this show was great.
  • Like it but short...

    I like this show because I like it but I do not know why but the problem is it is too short I think it has only 1 or 2 season(s).If they have made this show a little bit longer.I think it is a great show It is funny but I think it is a little copycat???But I also love it and thank disney channel fo making this show and I also like the games in is I think hard but in the first level it is easy.If disney channel sees this I wish you can make Buzz on Maggie little bit longer so disney channel can you take my opinion???hahahaha....Thought it was a longer show before it premiered.
  • I love this show!

    This is a great Disney channel show! I am so happy that they made this show. I LOVE this show. Oh and look its on right now! This show is a great show for anytime of the day! My most FAVORITE character has to be good ol' Pupert or Pupy! LOL! I love his voice and the way he acts!
  • Truely something girls will watch more than boys. Though little boys might watch it too.

    I think it's probally a bug version of Lizzie McGuire. I think they should have Maggie maybe a few more friends. Though i have to admit it's bug season century now a show about bugs. The show has better animation than most shows on Disney Channle. The show I think is for girls mostly more than boys since it can copy the purpose of a girls life. 1. Become Famous 2. Defeat your older siblings 3. Become Rich 4. Just have a fun time.
  • This show is funny but kind of dumb because their fly's.

    This show is funny but sometimes I think why fly's. We want to kill fly's all the time. This show is verry funny specially when Maggies brother picks on her. I like it when they all get in big trouble. I like to see them get yelled at and grounded.
  • The intro song for this show rocked!

    This show was another one that at least a fair percentage of people like this show, but was a TV show that was hardly given a chance seeing as it only got one season. It shocks me that this show AND Brandy and Mr. Whiskers were quickly canceled and were bumped to a point where they are hardly seen anymore, unless i am mistaken and both of these shows actually got taken off the air completely. but to me i am seeing a problem in Disney Channel, as it took off two pretty good animated shows to make room for more live-action shows. And some of them are mediocre at best in my opinion, one example is As The Bell Rings, it is clearly low budget as the actors look to have no experience at all and it also looks as if they're TOLD to act fake for some far'fetched reason. And then you have a boring live-action show where i have no interest in it at all called Living Life with Derek. I am just confused with some of what has been going on in Disney Channel. But please, no one take this the wrong way, as i respect all actors and i like Disney Channel, and i loved some of Disney Channel's good old Cartoons like this one i am reviewing right now for example. I am just disappointed in these changes Disney Channel is making, in my opinion, the TV station is just choosing some wrong directions with new Animated shows setting not exactly a good example and more live-action shows that are at rock bottom in entertainment, everybody may not agree with me here and i respect that, but this is the way it is with me in my eyes. Now back to the show i am reviewing here, i found this to be an interesting show, even though it was based on flies, i still think good characters with good voice actors wre chosen for it. And i always loved to see Maggie! I also am a fan with exotic colored hair like hers, which is pink! This show also had a good theme for a show based on flies seeing as flies are attracted to trash like old milk cartons (which Maggie and her family live in.) So this show will be missed by me and other people who like this show. Have a great day everybody. Maggie rocks!
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