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  • Another futile attempt from Disney to be "cool"

    Disney currently is trying to be categorized as "cool" and this show proves that they are trying too hard. We've all seen shows like it featuring a teenager (mostly a girl) struggling through daily life, love and school and they've failed at lasting less than 3 seasons (I'm looking at you, Lizzie Mcguire, That's So Raven, etc)
  • Read This.......

    Read This because it is what will save you from wasting 30 mintues of your life, this SHow is about A Fly named Maggie who lives in a Milk Carton and wants to be a rock star, This show (as mentioned in other reveiws) Is exactly like Lizzie Mcguire only its a Fly and its fully animated, is Disney Channel really that Desperate for ratings? If you are keep the Proud Family Going because that is the only fresh show you have and that will bring the ratings.
  • Who can I call to get my fifteen minutes back?

    I can not believe that this show is even on air. There are thrre things that make this show different from Lizzie McGuire. 1: It's animated, 2: It's flys, 3: Probably lower ratings. It has everything an unoriginal show for young teen/tween calls for. The popular girl, the losers, the parents who "Don't get you, but are cool for trying." It probably has the jock "every girl loves" but I wouldn't know because I didn't waste my time watching the second episode.

    The plots, are the plots everyone knows by memory the, "Does something the parents said not to do right at the begining, and then almost gets away with it but feels guilty and confesses." Not to mention the "Dates the 'Loser' becuase she feels sorry for them/they misunderstood. Then sticks around abit to get something from the loser."

  • A horrible replacment for \"Kim Possible\"

    Ok lets start with the animation. Maggie needs her eyes actually in her head and she doesnt looks like a fly at all. Reena needs to get a huge fix cause she looks horrible. Auldrin looks like a stupid fly jock which is mildly creepy. Pupaert looks like a round ball. The mom looks lkke a 50\'s fly. The dad looks just creepy. then the voices. They chose the voice of a bratz doll which is dumb. And brad pitt? he is a very stupid choice, and the language is just dumb. this is one of the most stupid cartoons created by disney.
  • This show is

    so stupid and so gross I hate files! If they get in my ear I'd scream at the top of my lungs!
  • Can somebody hand me a fly swatter?

    From the moment I saw this show, I knew it wasn't going to go anywhere and had no future. The Buzz on Maggie follows the misadventures of Maggie Pesky, a fly, as she tries to live a normal teenage life and be cool. The story itself is just unoriginal and trust me when I say that that's the least of this show's problems. The characters all suck in this show. No one is given development at all and everyone is stereotypical. The older brother (can't remember name) is generic jock and jerk to younger siblings. Maggie herself is flat and shallower than a puddle of water. Pubert is annoying little brother. The parents are idiots and way too protective. The list goes on. As for the stories, they are all bland. One example is Maggie going to see an R-rated movie and being scared, or Maggie going with the in crowd and being popular and abandoning her best friend and feeling bad about it. Nothing is new to this show and nothing is original. The artwork is OK in this show, but nothing special, but I did find the character designs to be decent and the sets were pretty good. The animation is also OK, but it does get stiff once in a while. There was never a laugh to be found in this show. I never smiled, smirked, or even give a weak chuckle to the humor this show was attempting to bring. The Buzz on Maggie is just another bad teen show that never stood a chance, and the only redeeming value was that it got canceled in a year. Ironically, when I saw the intro to this show, the first thing it showed was a dump. That's where this show should have stayed, in the dump, not be brought on TV. I do apologize in advance to those who like this show, but for everyone else make like a fly and fly away from this show and never look back on it.
  • I know no one will read this - but it had to be said...

    This show has to be a huge-as-all-get-out low for cartoons made by Disney... This also has to be what could be possibly the worst thing made by Disney's TV animation unit, if not (one of) the worst Western cartoon(s) I have ever seen.

    It's haunted me for 7 years now. I hate it that much.

    I know shows like Kick Buttowski, T.U.F.F. Puppy, and Jimmy Two-Shoes (to name examples of shows I actually like that are unfortunately heavily flawed BTW, nonetheless) get their fair share of (usually deserved when they do something wrong, but not always) flack - but trust me... THIS IS JUST...FAIL!

    I mean, if it's not the premise being trashy, stupid, and insulting to the core audience (Teen angst/comedy/drama... lived through something that dies faster than humans on a daily basis like insects in a garbage heap facility?! WTF!), it's other things. But where do I even begin?

    Despite advertising/publicity, which there was barely any of either (due to Disney knowing this showing was ironically what the setting for this noise was), it's not a teen angst/drama/comedy, nor does it work as one. There's no humor. There's no plotting. There's no effort to tell a coherent story or give us reason to relate to or like the characters therein. Stuff just happens in this show to advance BS/Potty humor. And seeing as it's just that (BS/Potty humor), this makes it badly written, forced, and insulting to the very viewers this show is trying to reach out to. No one deserves this, especially not kids (who we know can handle this shit and are much smarter/resourceful than what most American (And Canadian) adults are leading themselves to stupidly/insultingly think...

    These failings are only intensified by the main characters, especially our titular one here, Maggie. Her character is terribly written. She is obnoxious, shallow, disrespectful, and a jerk to everyone who actually cares about her. Our main protagonist, everyone!

    And don't get me started on how useless everyone else is to talk about. In fact I hate them so much, their names aren't worth knowing or remembering:

    The parents of Maggie: Your basic example of why I hate Far-Right Wing/Highly Conservative American parents! Overprotective, out of touch with the real world, and no understanding of how to let their kids grow proper, nor discipline them proper when they know they're kids are wrong.

    The Big Brother: Your typical jock/bully-level a-hole. Gets more love and attention than deserved for being good at BS that won't matter in any other profession...

    The Little Brother: Probably the only character I like, but only because I felt sorry for him. He's treated like tras (the setting, ironically, where this show should have STAYED, BTW) by everyone and never given a chance to shine or develop to make this show remotely worth anyone's time. A pity, really. He was, once again, the only character I felt sorry for. Then again, his voice actor sucked like everyone, so whatever!

    The Friends and Best Friends/Classmates of Maggie : All stuck in equally bland/forgettable or lesser parts. Nothing to say beyond that.

    The antagonists: Name them, know them, a\or see them - they all suck. But not in a way you'd expect, either. Which brings up my next point...

    Somehow, and almost always, Maggie loses or suffers - whether deserved (which is almost always, seeing as she's so unlikable/unrelatable) or not (when she actually does something to make here seem likable or develop her character for the better). I hate shows that do this noise to their characters UNLESS DESERVED: The antagonists rarely get any comeuppance for making our so-called protagonist feel like trash when she actually does something right. At the same time, this makes Maggie too pathetic to root for or give a damn about.

    Rarely does Maggie win in spades - when she does win or do the right thing, she always loses in one way or another (or worse, in more ways than one)! This is a major failing for this show beside the fact that Maggie is unlikable/unrelatable.

    Even when the antagonists do get their comeuppance or are defeated effectively, Maggie gets it worse. Every Episode is like this!

    And the writing (which is unoriginal, filled with BS/Potty-level jokes, and unnecessary cliches) reeks of after-school special/PSA-level BS, just to help this show fail all around at the end of the day.

    I'm sorry - I'll stick with Regular Show if I want to see that, thank you very much. Why? Because at least the antagonists in that show (almost) always GET THEIR COMEUPPANCE OR GET DEFEATED WHEN DESERVED (and not always just by our main protagonists for that show, which makes it even better!").

    TL;DR - Here's the real sinker for this show: Disney really thought they could replace Kim Possible (one of Disney's all time best TV-animation series efforts, BTW) with THIS. This cheaply/ugly, Flash (misutilized)- animated, half-baked excuse for 21 (2-segment) episodes of poorly written PSAs I could get off of Local TV for nothing lost (nor gained, because who listens to PSAs, anyway?). How foolish Disney was ( and still unfortunately, is!)!!

    What am I saying Basically? This show is an absolute disgrace. Those who made it should be totally ashamed of themselves, just as I am for having watched it...

    The fact that I've been haunted by this for 7 years fills me with violent rage knowing that Dave Polsky (the a-hole behind it) got away with creating and staffing this BS (and certain episodes of MLP:FiM, which just like Regular Show, is of a lot more fun/entertaining/heartwarming to watch, BTW)!

    Then again, the opening theme and setting were proof the only good thing about this show is that it was cancelled (After 21 full episodes, and it should not have even lasted even a fifth if 21 episodes (about 4 or 5 for the slow-witted) that long IMHO) with an unsatisfying, middle-finger-to-the-audience type of ending.

    I hope I never meet him armed and thinking about this noise, that's for sure...

    And me not cussing this noise out as much I'd love to... This is me being nice about it. This show deserves far worse than what I'm giving it here!

    0.5 out of 10.

  • deserved to be canceled

    I only saw a few episodes, but this show was dreadful. I found very little things funny and the characters were all dumb and irritating, I thought. I honestly am glad this show ended when it did, and it only lasted 22 episodes or something like that. I thin kit deserved that, it wasn't even remotely watchable, to me at least. My overall grade for this series is an F, I can't think of one redeeming feature to this show at all, which is kinda sad if you think about it. Sorry to those who do in fact like it.
  • A plotless show

    I dont really get this show. i mean like seriously, i thought Maggie was a fly who wants to discover her dreams to be a guitarist or something. but the show basically had nothing to do with that. her everyday life doesnt affect her dream or whatever. i rarely saw any episode about her fufilling her dream

    The characters. well, i like all except Maggie, i really do. Maggie's just an annoying whiner the rest were pretty ok. in short, im glad this show didnt last long. it was pretty much of a waste of space on television.

    But the good thing about this show was that The theme song ROCKED!
  • 4kids's verson of Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Inland

    Worst Disney showever & dub by 4kids enteraiment. I have no Idea why but this show remind me of coconut fred but I like fred better

    The dumb-Beetles=the babanas
    Mr. Bug-spit=Wegie

    Overall this is the worst thing dub by 4kids entaiment since CatDog
    [first we had Weekenders, & Baby Looney Tune, Than we had CatDog & than this, now we have The Winx Club, & Chaodtic]
    a void this if you like good 4kids dubs like "Sonic X' or Viewitful Joe".
  • Let us all get our fly swatters to crush this show for existince.

    What's worser then having a show with all the basic teenage life repeated over and over again? It's a show that features basic teenage life... in a fictional way. The Buzz On Maggie is yet another show to excuse the mess for what Disney has in its stores since. We have flies living in a human like world deep down of where we can squish them way down to death and letting us know the true meaning of the little monsters. Instead , we get...

    1. Teenager who's life is choked by popularity and boys
    2. Relatives who are freakin' annoying
    3. Parents that are sometimes stupider then a Mickey Mouse Noob
    4. Plot use of a hundred

    At least the show is cancelled now and hope that this show can make Disney retrace its steps once and for all. I mean why would you want to watch a show that features creepy crawlers as of what flies can't die until 24 hours. This can eaisly be a short review because of how it's terrible and only 1 out of 10 of a score can be made. Did I mention that this is made in Macromedia Flash?
  • Disney you eeeeeeediots!!

    Please make it go away. It would ruin Disney channel as we all know it. I mean please. A bug name Maggie (gross) is the star of the show who lives in the town of Stickyfeet. I wish mankind goes over Stickyfeet and stomps it to dust that'll be my wish if a genie grants me three wishes. Stay away from this show.
  • Swat this fly!

    The Buzz on Maggie is interesting... for about three seconds. Afterward, it becomes another stale sitcom about preteen life. Only this time, the entire life is about insects. The main protagonist is a fly who tries to change the world around her. Of course, she gets in trouble and has to set this right, and learns a valuable lesson on life. The words "done to death" comes to mind. Only, there is bad animation, medicore voice acting, and predictable plots. There are some points of interest: the theme song. That has to be one of the catchest theme songs ever. And the only reason by I am giving a 1 instead of a big, fat goose egg.
  • No offense to anyone out there who likes this show, I just don't like it.

    The Buzz on Maggie is about a fly named Maggie, and it goes on to tell about her wild adventures. OK, first of all, the idea for this show, at least in my opinion, was not too good. I mean, adventures about a fly? 'Nough said right then and there. Secondly, there was hardly any humor and if there was, it would be something bad happening to Maggie. Third, she always got the bad luck. Every time her brothers did something bad to her, she would get punnished for her brothers. Another time is when something bad is going on, like when that racoon destroyed her new room, all the bad stuff happens to her. Her room was the only one who got destroyed. Sometimes, I just wanted to pull my hair out and yell, "THAT IS SO UNFAIR!!!!!" I felt bad for Maggie most of the time. Again, I mean this in no offense to any fans out there. I am simply stating my opinion for this show, and I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings.
  • Just like EVERY other "teen show" out there. Not one ounce of originality.

    What's the diffenernce? It's a FLY!! Oh, that is SO going to make me watch!
    This isn't anything new at all. It just uses the same stereotypes, same plot lines, same everything that we've seen before, especially from Disney, and just changes the characters from humans to flies.
    Maggie or whatever her name is is just like every other main character in any one of these shows. "She's herself, not too pretty, not too ugly, she's different than everyone else, she's her own girl..." and all that. Seen it. Heck, EVERY character is something we've seen before, right on the dot. They only copy the things on other shows to this shows.
    Ugly, nerdy girl: check
    Preppy, popular girl: check
    Jock that the main char. will automatically have a crush on: check
    Parents who "just don't understand, but are still cool anyways": check

    Disney so ran out of ideas when coming up with this show...this is completly unoriginal in every aspect, except that the characters are flies. Someone swat this show and the people who came up with this...
  • I want 30 minutes of my life back, take my advice if you want to watch a flash cartoon watch "Happy Tree Friends", not this crap [because Happy Tree Friends has blood & Gore]

    What was disney thinking!!! even "Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Inland" is better than this Gargbe' I compare this to "Sagwa" both shows sucks, so take my advice if you want to watch a flash cartoon watch "Happy Tree Friends", not this crap [because Happy Tree Friends has blood & Gore]
  • I'm not trying to insult anyone, I just can't stand this show

    When pariody jokes get really easy to do, a show like this had better make sure it has something extra. When that something extra is insect versions of political figures making jokes about the future they don't have yet, it's just plain nonsense. Catscratch and Kirby: Right back at Ya! are done well but Catscratch is on mostly. There's also Eugene & Whendall who has hatetraed on Maggie for some reason and Maggie isn't really that similar to Spongebob Squrpants at all. The democratic characters rarely give their names so it's a mystery as to who could be who aside from Jeff Bennett and Jess Harnell.

    The episodes have coherent stories but that's not nearly enough to keep this from sinking. In a word: I very sorry, but it's true in mine.
  • I'm really sorry fans, but I just can't stand this show at all!

    First of all, the plot for this show seemed really stupid, in my opinion. Every day adventures about a bug? Are you kidding me? Well the plot wasn't really what bothered me so much. I mean, a lot of shows out there have retarded plots, but they turn out to be a really great show. But it was more of the content in the show that made me hate it. You see, there was a major lack of comedy in this series, but when there was, it was always about Maggie getting hurt in one way or another. In almost all of the episodes it was about something horrible that happened to her. In most cases, she deserved it cause she was usually the one who got into trouble. But in episodes were she's trying to do the right thing, such as stopping that racoon from destroying the town, something bad always happened to her. I always felt so sorry for Maggie. She always got stuck with the bad luck, and I hate shows that do that! OK, so once again I don't mean to insult anyone who likes this show who reads this review, but I just hate this show with passion!
  • Please pass me the fly swatter

    Now this was a lame idea for a show: flies living in a dump or trash heap living like everyday people. Hardly anything was funny in this show, the characters weren't that interesting or special, and the stories were usually dull. I wouldn't recommend this show. Seriously was American Dragon cancelled for this? Big mistake Disney Channel. It deserved to be cancelled and forgotten. No wonder Disney Channel has gotten so bad; they cancel great and promising shows for some half baked ones. While this show isn't the worst it is far from the best and close to the worst shows made.
  • Just like every other Disney Channel show...except with flies.

    The Buzz on Maggie is a show about Maggie Pesky, a fly that lives in a place called Stickyfeet. She's just like a normal girl, except she's a fly. She lives the normal tweenage girl life, and has problems .

    Like I said, the plot is unoriginal. The show is centered around flies, which I'm not too fond of. The theme song is great, though. Whenever it tries to be funny, it fails. The characters don't even seem to change, meaning no character development, IMO. The characters seem to be copies off of other shows, too. It occasionaly has a good moment, though. Just my opinions, though.
  • Maggie "bugs" me. Another unimaginative attempt at "Spongebob Squarepants".

    This show is clearly influenced by Spongebob, but not enough to make it a hit.
    First off, let's look at the characters.
    The main character of the show is a little fly named Maggie.
    She is everything you wouldn't want your kid to be, the kind of kid that babysitters run from.
    She'll ditch her friends, ditch her family...etc to get what she happens to want in that episode.
    Then she has a change of heart and tries to make it right, but is it too little too late?
    Next up is her best friend, Rayna.
    She is the token minority of the show, played by none other than Cree Summer...big surprise.
    You know her, if it's an annoying-as-hell supporting character it's most likely her.
    She has lent her talents to many shows including Rugrats, All Grown Up, Kids Next Door, and Animaniacs to name a few.
    Rayna is basically the same as all of the other characters Cree Summer plays, loud and annoying.
    The other characters are so poorly developed that they have no personality to review, they simply serve to further the plot.
    Now let's take a look at the other elements of the show.
    The plots are interesting and it's a shame that they're never allowed to reach their full potential.
    The animation is a treat, very well done.
    The show is cute, plain and simple...put Maggie on a shirt and you have the next Hello Kitty.
    The world they live in is inventive, but this is never fully taken advantage of and even if it was that's not enough to carry the entire show.
    This show had potential, but it's fallen short of my expectations.
  • Another Disney teen show... move along, move along...

    The Buzz on Maggie... I never really thought it had much potential, even beofre it began airing. When I watched it, it confirmed my suspicions, and later episodes have done nothing to change that. I could just tell what it was.... *don, don, don*... another Disney teen show!

    The Buzz on Maggie is simply another mass produced teen show with one major twist to make it appear unique or whatever. In this show's case, it's the fact that everyone is a fly. To be totally honest, except for some (bad) jokes and the whole town background (it's made out of old litter) the fly thing doesn't have much impact on the story. The show could just have easily been about a bunch of humans. Maggie, the main character, gets in typical, average teen problems, whith normal, yawn-inducing solutions. The plots, for the most part, have all been done a thousand times before. I shouldn't have to ell you guys about this. You know the drill with teen plots. Get a job, sneak into an R-like movie, get a pet, and all that. It doesn't even put an original spin or any quality humor into the show.

    The voice acting is actually pretty good, I got no complaints here. The actual characters, however, are just cardboard clones. They've all been done a million times before. Overproective parents, obnoxious siblings, sidekick friend, happy main character... Maggie is probably the most original character in the show, but that isn't saying much. There's nothing special about any of the characters.

    The Buzz on Maggie feels just like another teen show. Can't say it any better than that. Disney's lineup, already ridiculously choked with unoriginal teen shows- seriously, take a look, it's insane- can just add The Buzz on Maggie to their pile. Hey, at least it's animation... at least that's something slightly different...
  • Not trying to bash anyone,but.....

    What was so great about this show? I watched that one episode where Maggie was looking after some cocoon,I didn't find anything funny about this show at all.It just looks like every other "She's Just Like You" show,only this time it's about flies.That's sooo intresting.I seriously don't see what's so original or funny about this show,it may have some fans at least,but it doesn't do anythinf for me,it uses a pretty basic flash animation style,it's just trying to go back to the days of the Pixar CGI film "A Bug's Lfe" but often falls flat on it's face doing so.Maggie's the only character who actually gets character development,every other character is probably lucky to ever get a supporting role.That's not how you develop a character.So I may not enjoy it,I'm not trying to bash anyone,but it is not my perverbial cup of tea,that's all
  • Clearly one of the worst shows on Disney Channel.

    Honest to God, I gave this show a chance. I sat through, and watch this show about five times. Each time I grew more weary. Now I can make my final judgement; THIS SHOW SUCKS.

    You'd think this would be creative would be creative, but it's not. The Buzz on Maggie is about Maggie (big Duh there), an 11-year old free spirit, but that's as far as it goes. They start using the same thing that we've seen on almost EVERY kids show. Maggie isn't the most popular, she isn't rich, she's just your average kid. Been there, done that. Strike 1.

    The voice acting is mediocre at best. None of the characters stand out more than the others. But, you'd think with the voicing talents Cree Summer and Tara Strong would carry this show, but they don't. So, Strike 2.

    Now being a Disney Cartoon, I'd expect a lot of humor. Well I thought wrong. NONE of the characters are funny. Though the characters try to be funny, they fail miserably at it. So, strike 3.

    Really, I tried so hard to like this show. But nothing could prevent it from sucking.
  • The movie episode was good, but as the series went on, it just got worse and worse.

    This show is about a bunch of flies living in the fly metropolis of Stickyfeet, located in the garbage dump. Go back! Why are they flies? Even if they are, this show has almost no originality whatsoever. It's just like every teen show, there's a girl/boy who has a couple of friends. They aren't popular and they have a crush on a popular boy/girl. They go through everyday life, blah, blah, blah. They have overprotective parents, blah, blah, blah. They just talk, trying to be funny, blah, blah, blah. If the people writing the scripts made the show more like the movie episode, I'd give the show at least a 6.5 in the ratings. But they have to stoop to the level of the other totally boring shows. Disney Channel, you have once again failed in the animation department.
  • Buzz off!

    The Buzz on Maggie is an O.K show but lacks originallity and isn't really that funny. Sure it will keep your toddlers busy whilst they watch it but seriously, this show is a real letdown.

    I've watched a few shows of it myself since its a relatively new score and decided to give it a shot. It bored me to death and I just HAD to change the channel or go outside or something like that.

    If you're thinking about watching this show then I suggest you steer clear for now. It isn't very good at this moment and time and lacks humour.

    Peace out
  • It can be Okay, sometimes...

    I've watched this show and it's not that great, but it's better than a few show's Dinsey's got on air! I like the brother, he's pretty cool and the stories can be pretty shitty sometimes, but overall it's an okay show that's a littel bit too kiddy for the teen crowd
  • This show is not bad as everyone says. Okay, so it's not exactly good, but whatever.

    Okay, so this show seems to be fairly unpopular. I've noticed that there is quite a lot of bad reviews for it. I find that to be understandable. There are plenty of cartoons that come to mind that are way better. However, this show is actually better than a majority of the other Disney Channel shows I've seen. It's a lot better than The Suite Life or Hannah Montana so I find it funny how it's being given more cack than they are. At least I could actually bare sitting through this show when I used to watch the Disney Channel with my sister.
  • The buzz on Maggie was really cool, I miss it so much!

    The buzz on Maggie was really ok, I kinda miss it! The episode I remember the most is a Halloween one. Maggie was a regular teenage fly that had to put up with many of the things that human teens put up with. A anoying big brother, an anoyying little brother, a cute little sister that gets on her nerves and a mom and dad that bug her, but she loves them any way! Even though I miss Maggie, the thing, or person, I miss the most was her best friend. She was cool. But then again this was just another, "she's just like you!!" tv show.
  • The Buzz on Maggie is a show that can pull you in but not keep you in.

    The Buzz on Maggie is a show with a plot I've seen oh too many times! It's about a girl who is normal yet the same and who's trying to make a difference. While tryign to become famous.

    This show is mildly disgusting. I mean flies hanging around garbage. Barfing to eat their food. Waterfalls made of garbage juice. Sometimes I can't help but barf.

    Another thing that annoys me is the voicing. First I would like to point out Pupert. What kind of voice is that for a little kid? Then sometimes when Reyna starts talking alot it gets annoying!

    The drawing is mediocre! I mean these are characters that a little kid makes up in kindergarten. The eyes nad head are too big and the bodies are too small.

    In conclusion I don't think that The Buzz on Maggie will get far.
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