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  • The buzz on Maggie was really cool, I miss it so much!

    The buzz on Maggie was really ok, I kinda miss it! The episode I remember the most is a Halloween one. Maggie was a regular teenage fly that had to put up with many of the things that human teens put up with. A anoying big brother, an anoyying little brother, a cute little sister that gets on her nerves and a mom and dad that bug her, but she loves them any way! Even though I miss Maggie, the thing, or person, I miss the most was her best friend. She was cool. But then again this was just another, "she's just like you!!" tv show.
  • It's alright I guess.

    Yeah this show isn't exactly my favourite show. I mean, Maggie is such a cool fly, and there are a few episodes that I like, but most of the episodes make me nervous. I feel so sorry for Maggie in most of the episodes, because almost everyone treats her like dirt. Most of the adults are portrayed as mean and bitter people, and I don't like that. They treat her like a criminal, and that really upsets me, because Maggie is so sweet! She's only trying to be a girl. Sometimes, even her own father loses it a little, but it's mostly the adults she interacts with in school that treat her like a brat. I don't really like that.
  • Despite The Negative Buzz, This Is A Good Show

    This was another show that I was heavily obsessed with when it premiered. Does it carry that same quality that I thought it did when it premiered? Well, sort of. Much more so than other cartoons. Is it anything innovative or original to animation? No. But nevertheless, I do enjoy the voice acting and the art design, and even the characters are pretty well executed. I actually cared for Maggie in this show because her character is not a condescending jerk like I found Jenny from Teenage Robot to be. Maggie actually cares for her family despite wanting to be a rebel, and her voice is not too annoying. Even though the plot of the series is unoriginal and has been done before, it's still slightly above decent, that is, for a show that got canned after one season due to Disney not liking the animation direction. That's a stupid reason for something to get cancelled, but I don't really care about how many episodes a show has unless the show is executed well. The Buzz On Maggie gets a warm recommendation from me.

  • Good cartoon

    I gave this a ten because i don't rate shows against EVERY show of all time, but against the shows that are screening when it is. TBOM is a good show relative to about 80 percent of what was on tv in 2005-06. The premise, about a twelve year old fly girl who is individualistic, though in a positive rather than Darian manner, is fine. The plots are allright, the script is good, and it is well made. The opening sequence/end credits are fine. The only real problem i have is with the repetitive nature of the plots which can make it more boring than say Phineas and Ferb, and the infernally obvious moral message Replacements-esque which is barely buried. All in all a good show, but not nearly as good as Phineas and Ferb or Kim Possible.
  • I wasn't sure what to expect when I watched this, but now The Buzz on Maggie is my favorite Disney toon! It's funny and silly and I just love it. If Lucy and Ethel were teenage flies, they'd be Maggie and Rayna!

    Some people may think it's too silly, but that's just what I love about The Buzz on Maggie. It makes me laugh, plain and simple. The situations are so funny and all the characters are great. Even mom and dad are funny. I like the battles and competitions between Maggie and older brother Aldrin because they remind me of my brother too. Haha. And Pupert the little brother is adorable! He'd make the cutest plushie ever.

    If you want a good time and just to laugh, The Buzz on Maggie is a great time.
  • Another futile attempt from Disney to be "cool"

    Disney currently is trying to be categorized as "cool" and this show proves that they are trying too hard. We've all seen shows like it featuring a teenager (mostly a girl) struggling through daily life, love and school and they've failed at lasting less than 3 seasons (I'm looking at you, Lizzie Mcguire, That's So Raven, etc)
  • Just like every other Disney Channel show...except with flies.

    The Buzz on Maggie is a show about Maggie Pesky, a fly that lives in a place called Stickyfeet. She's just like a normal girl, except she's a fly. She lives the normal tweenage girl life, and has problems .

    Like I said, the plot is unoriginal. The show is centered around flies, which I'm not too fond of. The theme song is great, though. Whenever it tries to be funny, it fails. The characters don't even seem to change, meaning no character development, IMO. The characters seem to be copies off of other shows, too. It occasionaly has a good moment, though. Just my opinions, though.
  • The movie episode was good, but as the series went on, it just got worse and worse.

    This show is about a bunch of flies living in the fly metropolis of Stickyfeet, located in the garbage dump. Go back! Why are they flies? Even if they are, this show has almost no originality whatsoever. It's just like every teen show, there's a girl/boy who has a couple of friends. They aren't popular and they have a crush on a popular boy/girl. They go through everyday life, blah, blah, blah. They have overprotective parents, blah, blah, blah. They just talk, trying to be funny, blah, blah, blah. If the people writing the scripts made the show more like the movie episode, I'd give the show at least a 6.5 in the ratings. But they have to stoop to the level of the other totally boring shows. Disney Channel, you have once again failed in the animation department.
  • Now this is a show that had potential!

    This show was awesome! I watched the premiere two years ago and I wasn't really sure about it at first. Then as I watched more episodes, I immediately loved it! It's too bad it got cancelled 16 months ago. I'm gonna miss this show! I think this show is underappreciated and it deserves a second season! Like I said before it had potential! I even get up VERY early in the morning (around 4:00 a.m.) to watch it!! Hopefully, if we send enough e-mails and letters to Disney Channel, they can change their minds about cancelling this show and they can come out with a new season!
  • I'm really sorry fans, but I just can't stand this show at all!

    First of all, the plot for this show seemed really stupid, in my opinion. Every day adventures about a bug? Are you kidding me? Well the plot wasn't really what bothered me so much. I mean, a lot of shows out there have retarded plots, but they turn out to be a really great show. But it was more of the content in the show that made me hate it. You see, there was a major lack of comedy in this series, but when there was, it was always about Maggie getting hurt in one way or another. In almost all of the episodes it was about something horrible that happened to her. In most cases, she deserved it cause she was usually the one who got into trouble. But in episodes were she's trying to do the right thing, such as stopping that racoon from destroying the town, something bad always happened to her. I always felt so sorry for Maggie. She always got stuck with the bad luck, and I hate shows that do that! OK, so once again I don't mean to insult anyone who likes this show who reads this review, but I just hate this show with passion!
  • Maggie "bugs" me. Another unimaginative attempt at "Spongebob Squarepants".

    This show is clearly influenced by Spongebob, but not enough to make it a hit.
    First off, let's look at the characters.
    The main character of the show is a little fly named Maggie.
    She is everything you wouldn't want your kid to be, the kind of kid that babysitters run from.
    She'll ditch her friends, ditch her family...etc to get what she happens to want in that episode.
    Then she has a change of heart and tries to make it right, but is it too little too late?
    Next up is her best friend, Rayna.
    She is the token minority of the show, played by none other than Cree Summer...big surprise.
    You know her, if it's an annoying-as-hell supporting character it's most likely her.
    She has lent her talents to many shows including Rugrats, All Grown Up, Kids Next Door, and Animaniacs to name a few.
    Rayna is basically the same as all of the other characters Cree Summer plays, loud and annoying.
    The other characters are so poorly developed that they have no personality to review, they simply serve to further the plot.
    Now let's take a look at the other elements of the show.
    The plots are interesting and it's a shame that they're never allowed to reach their full potential.
    The animation is a treat, very well done.
    The show is cute, plain and simple...put Maggie on a shirt and you have the next Hello Kitty.
    The world they live in is inventive, but this is never fully taken advantage of and even if it was that's not enough to carry the entire show.
    This show had potential, but it's fallen short of my expectations.
  • Another Disney teen show... move along, move along...

    The Buzz on Maggie... I never really thought it had much potential, even beofre it began airing. When I watched it, it confirmed my suspicions, and later episodes have done nothing to change that. I could just tell what it was.... *don, don, don*... another Disney teen show!

    The Buzz on Maggie is simply another mass produced teen show with one major twist to make it appear unique or whatever. In this show's case, it's the fact that everyone is a fly. To be totally honest, except for some (bad) jokes and the whole town background (it's made out of old litter) the fly thing doesn't have much impact on the story. The show could just have easily been about a bunch of humans. Maggie, the main character, gets in typical, average teen problems, whith normal, yawn-inducing solutions. The plots, for the most part, have all been done a thousand times before. I shouldn't have to ell you guys about this. You know the drill with teen plots. Get a job, sneak into an R-like movie, get a pet, and all that. It doesn't even put an original spin or any quality humor into the show.

    The voice acting is actually pretty good, I got no complaints here. The actual characters, however, are just cardboard clones. They've all been done a million times before. Overproective parents, obnoxious siblings, sidekick friend, happy main character... Maggie is probably the most original character in the show, but that isn't saying much. There's nothing special about any of the characters.

    The Buzz on Maggie feels just like another teen show. Can't say it any better than that. Disney's lineup, already ridiculously choked with unoriginal teen shows- seriously, take a look, it's insane- can just add The Buzz on Maggie to their pile. Hey, at least it's animation... at least that's something slightly different...
  • Buzz off!

    The Buzz on Maggie is an O.K show but lacks originallity and isn't really that funny. Sure it will keep your toddlers busy whilst they watch it but seriously, this show is a real letdown.

    I've watched a few shows of it myself since its a relatively new score and decided to give it a shot. It bored me to death and I just HAD to change the channel or go outside or something like that.

    If you're thinking about watching this show then I suggest you steer clear for now. It isn't very good at this moment and time and lacks humour.

    Peace out
  • It can be Okay, sometimes...

    I've watched this show and it's not that great, but it's better than a few show's Dinsey's got on air! I like the brother, he's pretty cool and the stories can be pretty shitty sometimes, but overall it's an okay show that's a littel bit too kiddy for the teen crowd
  • I guess this is just a decent show.

    I can see how younger kids might want to watch this but putting it on in the prime time isn't a very good idea. A fly who lives in a milk carton is creative, but it could be better. The show is something I'll watch it if nothing is on, but not something I set the timer to and keep my eyes glued to the screen. It could be better, but it isn't the worst show on Disney. I'm saying it is just decent.
  • A lot of people think it's a waste of TV, but "The Buzz on Maggie" is a truly a original show, and a funny one. The prob? There is no purpose.

    Maggie, a little fly who lives in the city of Sticky Feet, faces the daily challenges of being an insect. Her best friend Rayna and her family help her along the way.

    Personally, I have no problems with this show, and it's a great one. But, unlike Avatar, this show has no purpose. Maggie is just like all insects, simply trying to survive.

    Other shows like this one (with no purpose/G rated): Unfabulous, Proud Family, Lizzie McGuire, Full House, Family Matters, That's So Raven, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, The Fairly Odd Parents, Chalk Zone, and others on Nick or Disney.

    All in all, "The Buzz on Maggie" is a great show for little kids wanting a laugh. But for 10 year olds and up, it's not the best thing to watch. Funny, yes. Serious, no. OK, I guess.

    My true score? A solid 7.

  • This show is decent

    I think the buzz on maggie, is a pretty good show. Its not all that well written however and many perents think it is gross for kids to watch. But besides all that, this show is pretty funny, but I dont think it is making it as far as disney might have hoped. It has a nice theme song, and some of the spisodes teach good things. I think they need to take this show either one way or the other though and make it a funy show, or an educatinal kids show. Either way, it still will need a lot of work to reach the top of its game.

    its great but there is only one problem.........who would want to watch bugs?? but there are some good themes and episodes but cmon disney u could do much betta wit the animation!so if anyone agrees with me please reply cause i know you guys and girls feel the same way!
  • Decent

    The Buzz On Maggie is a decent show. It's okay for kids. My favorite episode is The Candidate (so far). I wonder who does the voice for the monarch butterfly. Flies are not one of the best animals to make an animated show out of but it turned out better than I thought it would be. If you're just in the mood for a show that makes you smile (not laugh) than watch The Buzz on Maggie.
  • About a unique girl fly with a heart of gold.

    This show isn't the best Disney has produced but It has potential and it's an orginal idea that could make it a great show! It's story lines are unique and the characters are genunine. I could see this as a very popular show in time but right now it's on a bumpy start becuase we only know 5 or 6 characters in the show and the story line is a bit rushed but with time it has a chance of becoming a Disney channel original.
  • It has its moments.

    This show is pretty good. It tends to have a couple of funny moments that make me laugh. Although I think the writers could do a little better with their storylines and character developments. But for the most part, the show itself is good. Not the best, but not bad, nor in the "middle" area either....
  • I waited all this time for this! Well at least its decent!

    I waited all this time for this! Well at least its decent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WELL at least its nice and I sometimes watch it its all right for a werid kind of show.why do people hate it so much? huh huh huh huh huh.tell me tell me tell me tell me !!~
  • I love this show!

    This is a great Disney channel show! I am so happy that they made this show. I LOVE this show. Oh and look its on right now! This show is a great show for anytime of the day! My most FAVORITE character has to be good ol' Pupert or Pupy! LOL! I love his voice and the way he acts!
  • Pretty Funny!

    I had always had high expectations for this show ever since I heard about it. It definately lives up to those expectations. The Buzz On Maggie is very funny, and always keeps me laughing. My favorite episode so far is the one where they makeover that nerdy butterfly in hopes to beat Dawn as homecoming queen. Great show overall.
  • Absolutely my favorite show.

    The Buzz on Maggie is a show about a teenage fly named Maggie. She's selfish almost all the time, but in the end of the episodes, she learns her lesson. It is very bad that Disney cancelled this series after just one season. I think it's most that many doesn't like this kind of series.

    But I think this is wonderful, and I want more seasons than just one. Some of the episodes is kind of boring actually. But I like the most of them. It's bad that the series sends on 4.00 a.m. in the US. Where I live, it's sends 9.35 p.m. at the weekends. Much better to watch on that time, instand of in the middle of the night.

    My favorite character is Rayna. She's a very good friend, although Maggie is a bit selfish most of the time.
  • okay I liked this show.

    I know everybody (well alot of people) didn't like the show but I did! I thought it was cool! The show is set around Maggie Pesky a fly and her family. Maggie is kinda this punk-ish girl who loves rock and roll and then she has best friend named Rayna who was the same way. Her little brother Pupert was this little wimpy kid and her bro Aldren was a big jock, she also had two loving parents and a baby sister. I thought this show was actually interesting not the best but still pretty neat. Overall I would give it a B.
  • I don't believe what you guys are all saying!!! I absolutely LOVE this show. my only problem with it is that I never get to watch it because the show it whenever im not around. I think this show is awesome.

    I don't believe what you guys are all saying!!! I absolutely LOVE this show. my only problem with it is that I never get to watch it because the show it whenever im not around. I think this show is awesome. If i had the time ...I'd probably sit around in front of the tv whenever it was on. No offense to anybody that disagrees with me but i personaly think that this is one of the best animated shows that disney channel has. It's better then The emperors new school or American Dragon. I really don't see any entertainment in either if those.
  • I find The Buzz on Maggie very entertaining and the result of a very creative writing team. It is great to know there are still good animated programs for kids (and adult kids). The characters are very clever. Congratulations to the writers and produc

    I find The Buzz on Maggie very entertaining and the result of a very creative writing team. It is great to know there are still good animated programs for kids (and adult kids). The characters are very clever. All in all is a great production. I read some of the previous works of the production team and it is no wonder the show is such a success. I didn\'t realize that one of your producers, Dave Polsky, such an impressive resume. I truly enjoyed it. Congratulations to the writers and producers!!!
  • good show

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  • Read This.......

    Read This because it is what will save you from wasting 30 mintues of your life, this SHow is about A Fly named Maggie who lives in a Milk Carton and wants to be a rock star, This show (as mentioned in other reveiws) Is exactly like Lizzie Mcguire only its a Fly and its fully animated, is Disney Channel really that Desperate for ratings? If you are keep the Proud Family Going because that is the only fresh show you have and that will bring the ratings.
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