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  • way underapreciated (if you like the buzz on maggie agree with this review)

    I love this show but at the same time can understand why others dont because some of the episodes stink out loud. but in the long run this shows episodes are a majority of great ones and i think it has great potential. i have heard that it might be cancelled but i think it should be given a second chance because most shows always get better like thats so raven and kim possible two of the most popular shows on disney channel so all i can say is that maggie deserves to keep buzzing on to our screens .
  • The buzz on maggie rocks!

    The buzz on maggie is 1 great show. I just can't stop laughing to this show. I mean every time i watch the episode, it's so funny. God this show rocks. Abd to all those who hate it, shame on u. I like maggie in the show. She's so awsome. She always got something in her head and Somoetimes it works or sometimes it doesn't, but either way, her thoughts are funny. It's Fantatious!!!!!!
  • "The Buzz on Maggie" Hits With a Flying Impact

    The folks at Disney describe "The Buzz on Maggie" as entertainment that celebrates family. We could just as easily call it entertainment that celebrates sameness and formula.

    As with other such comedy series the network produces, "The Buzz" takes the path of least resistance and offers kids a weekly animated comedy series highlighting punchy moves (more like knock-down-drag-out punches) where characters and creatures pretty much beat one another up and then feel almighty for having done so.

    The story centers on a young girl named Maggie who lives in a metropolis called Stickyfeet. It's a place where people fly around at a frenetic pace and seem unable to stop for a second to smell the roses (there might not be any). Maggie has a loving family and good, frantic friends, however, she also has dreams and aspirations that seem light years away: She wants to be a rock star, for starters. She also wants to find ways to spice up what she believes is her humdrum life. She is everykid right down the line.

    Taking off from series creator Dave Polsky, director Dave Wasson gives Maggie a lot of punch. Both co-executive produce along with Laura Perkins Brittain. The team spices the action but in the end doesn't venture into any new animated territory or storytelling.

    This show was very impressive. "The Buzz on Maggie" premired on June 17, 2005, broadcasted on the Disney Channel. After a short amount of time, I'm sure that viewers will adore this show just like many others (Dave the Barbarian, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, American Dragon: Jake Long, ect). The characters went from an average fly, Maggie to a popular fly, Dawn. It was a great premire episode for a Disney Channel show. This new cartoon will attract viewers in no time at all! Watch the new adventures of "The Buzz on Maggie" on weekends!
  • Funniest cartoon on Disney Channel in a LONG time

    I just became a fan of this show. I heard about it from a friend of mine and then I watched it for the first time a couple weeks ago. it was the episode about Maggie and Rayna going trick or treating for Halloween and Aldrin didn't believe they could get the King Chocolate Bar. I laughed way out loud at the show and now I can't miss it. Pupert is a funny little brother and is like my little brother. SAD! Ha ha ha ha! But it's a great show and you'll love it when you watch it. They show it on Saturday morning on regular TV too (not cable) which is great for my cousins who don't have cable. I love The Buzz on Maggie and hope I see a lot more episodes soon!
  • I LOVE this show!

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! And who says it's for little kids? I am 14 years old and I love it! The theme song rules (it describes me perfectly!), the animation's great, and Maggie is so funny! Pupert also is sooooo CUTE! This show rules! It's one of my favorite shows now! YAY MAGGIE!
  • Overall, it was a good premise, but it could've been so much better.

    Personally, I don't dislike this show. It had a good concept and (for the most part) a good cast of characters, but there was just so much untapped potential in this that could've made this such a success. Much of the writing seemed to opt more for gross-out humor instead of witty writing; even though eps were somewhat witty, most of the jokes fell flat. The visual look of the show was cool, but they could've used less trash. (I'm speaking in literal terms here--garbage was everywhere; even though this show was about insects, it could've used some literal cleaning up.)

    What I loved the most about the show, though, were two things: Jessica Di Cicco's voice acting (she was Maggie, and I have to say she did a wonderful job in bringing out her character) and the theme song ("Just the Way I Am"
    by Skye Sweetnam; it's hook--"I'm strange and I like it, that's just the way I am"--is pretty much the story of my life). That's what kept me watching. And it helped me to somewhat overlook some of the worse elements of some episodes. Some episodes I just couldn't watch, though...I just can't bear to describe it.

    Overall, it was a somewhat good show, it just needed some better writing and better plots. It could've been so much better, but it just fell kinda flat. It's premise was so good, but it just didn't live up to what it could've been.
  • The Buzz on Maggie may be a bit out there as scenarios go, but if you give it a chance it ends up actually being a pretty funny show.

    The Buzz on Maggie is a good show. It's easy to be turned off because of it's unusual scenario, "fly world." But the scenario gives the show room to joke about whatver it pleases. Maggie, though a fly, is more or less a young girl that struggles to deal with strict parents, a bullying brother, and an over-eager little brother. Her schemes for thwarting her brothers and getting to hang with her freinds can really be funny. Even though the show can be predictable at times it still provides a laugh. The plot of the show is easy to follow and even if you don't care for the genre giving the show a chance won't be a waste of time, and you'll probably learn to love it.
  • Fair, it could have been better.

    Okay, I'm going to do the unthinkable here and defend this show. The show was okay, but it could have gone somewhere. The fly idea was good, the plot needed work. Lots of work. It could have worked out as a scientific show, the artwork looked like it would come out of one, and so did the voices. The background could have been used as a school-video type documentary setting, with the trash and everything used as emphasis to the topic. The humor, on the other hand, could focus less on the gross, more on the flies themselves and their lifestyles.

    I like this show, but--really, it needs a little more love. Don't send it to the swatter just yet...
  • Too much clutter

    This show has clever character designs, but the designs and backgrounds have too much going on at once. Another Disney show that lacks majorly. This show will not last long on TV. The story and plots are faily original, but the animation is a new form, that just really is not that good. The characters are mainly like any other show, and some you get real annoyed at. I would not really take the time to watch this show, you'll find yoruself preferbly watching the stock reports.
  • Can somebody hand me a fly swatter?

    From the moment I saw this show, I knew it wasn't going to go anywhere and had no future. The Buzz on Maggie follows the misadventures of Maggie Pesky, a fly, as she tries to live a normal teenage life and be cool. The story itself is just unoriginal and trust me when I say that that's the least of this show's problems. The characters all suck in this show. No one is given development at all and everyone is stereotypical. The older brother (can't remember name) is generic jock and jerk to younger siblings. Maggie herself is flat and shallower than a puddle of water. Pubert is annoying little brother. The parents are idiots and way too protective. The list goes on. As for the stories, they are all bland. One example is Maggie going to see an R-rated movie and being scared, or Maggie going with the in crowd and being popular and abandoning her best friend and feeling bad about it. Nothing is new to this show and nothing is original. The artwork is OK in this show, but nothing special, but I did find the character designs to be decent and the sets were pretty good. The animation is also OK, but it does get stiff once in a while. There was never a laugh to be found in this show. I never smiled, smirked, or even give a weak chuckle to the humor this show was attempting to bring. The Buzz on Maggie is just another bad teen show that never stood a chance, and the only redeeming value was that it got canceled in a year. Ironically, when I saw the intro to this show, the first thing it showed was a dump. That's where this show should have stayed, in the dump, not be brought on TV. I do apologize in advance to those who like this show, but for everyone else make like a fly and fly away from this show and never look back on it.
  • deserved to be canceled

    I only saw a few episodes, but this show was dreadful. I found very little things funny and the characters were all dumb and irritating, I thought. I honestly am glad this show ended when it did, and it only lasted 22 episodes or something like that. I thin kit deserved that, it wasn't even remotely watchable, to me at least. My overall grade for this series is an F, I can't think of one redeeming feature to this show at all, which is kinda sad if you think about it. Sorry to those who do in fact like it.
  • It's Cool

    The Buzz On Maggie Is A Totally Awesome Show!!!!It\'s So Cool.Definitely a good show.Love It,Love It,Love It.I don\'t know anyone who would not like this.Really I Do not,I Do Not,I Do Not.Nope,Nope,Nope.Does Anyone Know who sings the theme song? I do not.Okay,I think my friend does.She said Skye Sweetnam.I Think She\'s Right.
  • While channel surfing, I came upon this very cute cartoon, and it's now a favorite!

    Well, look at me! I'm watching cartoons! I came upon this animated show while channel surfing, and my niece yelled STOP! We watched this program together, and it is very cute! I've even made a point to TiVo it and watch it myself now. The characters are adorable, and most importantly, funny. Which is more than you can say for most sitcoms today! The little stories are like little fables, with Maggie being the adolescent girl coming to terms with her individuality, despite the complications thrown in by her teachers, parents and brothers. It's altogether a wonderful animated program by Walt Disney!
  • Fun and cool

    I still have not seen many episodes of the show, but for the few ones I have seen, I think the show is good, maybe lacks in originality, Disney lately have showed many shows based in teenagers and their problems, but the show is fun, and Maggie's Theme really rocks.
  • Maggie is a teen fly and along with her best friend, they run into crazy situations in their little town of flies.

    In my opinion, this show is lame. The plots are normal human plots, but the show looks dumber because the characters are flies, and they're ugly and small. No kid wants to watch a show about ugly flies that are "just like you", as Disney says. Because the characters are flies, it loses attention and is viewed as a baby show, so no kids above the age of 6 will watch it, and the little kids below 6 will not understand the plots because Maggie is a teenager fly. Therefore, nobody ends up watching this show.
  • Please pass me the fly swatter

    Now this was a lame idea for a show: flies living in a dump or trash heap living like everyday people. Hardly anything was funny in this show, the characters weren't that interesting or special, and the stories were usually dull. I wouldn't recommend this show. Seriously was American Dragon cancelled for this? Big mistake Disney Channel. It deserved to be cancelled and forgotten. No wonder Disney Channel has gotten so bad; they cancel great and promising shows for some half baked ones. While this show isn't the worst it is far from the best and close to the worst shows made.
  • I'm not trying to insult anyone, I just can't stand this show

    When pariody jokes get really easy to do, a show like this had better make sure it has something extra. When that something extra is insect versions of political figures making jokes about the future they don't have yet, it's just plain nonsense. Catscratch and Kirby: Right back at Ya! are done well but Catscratch is on mostly. There's also Eugene & Whendall who has hatetraed on Maggie for some reason and Maggie isn't really that similar to Spongebob Squrpants at all. The democratic characters rarely give their names so it's a mystery as to who could be who aside from Jeff Bennett and Jess Harnell.

    The episodes have coherent stories but that's not nearly enough to keep this from sinking. In a word: I very sorry, but it's true in mine.
  • Maggie is not your regular kid- shes a fly!

    This show has its ups and downs. Some of the episodes are a little bit boring, but some are pretty funny and are fun to watch! Pupert is my favorite character. He is really cute and funny. I wish he was the main character, it probably would make the show better. But Maggie is still good.
  • This show is the buzz!

    I don't agree with most of you I really think they done a good job and did not waste their time, they wasted their time on Playhouse Disney. I mean if they wanted shows for smaller kids make a Playhouse Disney channel. This show is the buzz!
    I really recommend this show, although you may not like it.
  • Pretty good show, but a little weird....

    The Buzz on Maggie was a pretty cool show, and if you stay up long enough, it still is! For those of you who know what this show is about, I won't explain it, but it was pretty creative. I know they're flys, but still, their taste is sorta, well, gross. Anyway, I like this show for the characters. They're colorful, and fluid, yet not realistic, but the non-realistic animation makes their movements fluid and colorful. Then there's the theme song, I can relate to the theme song. It's basically me, which is one of the main reasons I like this show; I can relate! Even though it's about flys... -_-' anyway, this show was great.
  • This show is funny but kind of dumb because their fly's.

    This show is funny but sometimes I think why fly's. We want to kill fly's all the time. This show is verry funny specially when Maggies brother picks on her. I like it when they all get in big trouble. I like to see them get yelled at and grounded.
  • The intro song for this show rocked!

    This show was another one that at least a fair percentage of people like this show, but was a TV show that was hardly given a chance seeing as it only got one season. It shocks me that this show AND Brandy and Mr. Whiskers were quickly canceled and were bumped to a point where they are hardly seen anymore, unless i am mistaken and both of these shows actually got taken off the air completely. but to me i am seeing a problem in Disney Channel, as it took off two pretty good animated shows to make room for more live-action shows. And some of them are mediocre at best in my opinion, one example is As The Bell Rings, it is clearly low budget as the actors look to have no experience at all and it also looks as if they're TOLD to act fake for some far'fetched reason. And then you have a boring live-action show where i have no interest in it at all called Living Life with Derek. I am just confused with some of what has been going on in Disney Channel. But please, no one take this the wrong way, as i respect all actors and i like Disney Channel, and i loved some of Disney Channel's good old Cartoons like this one i am reviewing right now for example. I am just disappointed in these changes Disney Channel is making, in my opinion, the TV station is just choosing some wrong directions with new Animated shows setting not exactly a good example and more live-action shows that are at rock bottom in entertainment, everybody may not agree with me here and i respect that, but this is the way it is with me in my eyes. Now back to the show i am reviewing here, i found this to be an interesting show, even though it was based on flies, i still think good characters with good voice actors wre chosen for it. And i always loved to see Maggie! I also am a fan with exotic colored hair like hers, which is pink! This show also had a good theme for a show based on flies seeing as flies are attracted to trash like old milk cartons (which Maggie and her family live in.) So this show will be missed by me and other people who like this show. Have a great day everybody. Maggie rocks!
  • This show is

    so stupid and so gross I hate files! If they get in my ear I'd scream at the top of my lungs!
  • I know no one will read this - but it had to be said...

    This show has to be a huge-as-all-get-out low for cartoons made by Disney... This also has to be what could be possibly the worst thing made by Disney's TV animation unit, if not (one of) the worst Western cartoon(s) I have ever seen.

    It's haunted me for 7 years now. I hate it that much.

    I know shows like Kick Buttowski, T.U.F.F. Puppy, and Jimmy Two-Shoes (to name examples of shows I actually like that are unfortunately heavily flawed BTW, nonetheless) get their fair share of (usually deserved when they do something wrong, but not always) flack - but trust me... THIS IS JUST...FAIL!

    I mean, if it's not the premise being trashy, stupid, and insulting to the core audience (Teen angst/comedy/drama... lived through something that dies faster than humans on a daily basis like insects in a garbage heap facility?! WTF!), it's other things. But where do I even begin?

    Despite advertising/publicity, which there was barely any of either (due to Disney knowing this showing was ironically what the setting for this noise was), it's not a teen angst/drama/comedy, nor does it work as one. There's no humor. There's no plotting. There's no effort to tell a coherent story or give us reason to relate to or like the characters therein. Stuff just happens in this show to advance BS/Potty humor. And seeing as it's just that (BS/Potty humor), this makes it badly written, forced, and insulting to the very viewers this show is trying to reach out to. No one deserves this, especially not kids (who we know can handle this shit and are much smarter/resourceful than what most American (And Canadian) adults are leading themselves to stupidly/insultingly think...

    These failings are only intensified by the main characters, especially our titular one here, Maggie. Her character is terribly written. She is obnoxious, shallow, disrespectful, and a jerk to everyone who actually cares about her. Our main protagonist, everyone!

    And don't get me started on how useless everyone else is to talk about. In fact I hate them so much, their names aren't worth knowing or remembering:

    The parents of Maggie: Your basic example of why I hate Far-Right Wing/Highly Conservative American parents! Overprotective, out of touch with the real world, and no understanding of how to let their kids grow proper, nor discipline them proper when they know they're kids are wrong.

    The Big Brother: Your typical jock/bully-level a-hole. Gets more love and attention than deserved for being good at BS that won't matter in any other profession...

    The Little Brother: Probably the only character I like, but only because I felt sorry for him. He's treated like tras (the setting, ironically, where this show should have STAYED, BTW) by everyone and never given a chance to shine or develop to make this show remotely worth anyone's time. A pity, really. He was, once again, the only character I felt sorry for. Then again, his voice actor sucked like everyone, so whatever!

    The Friends and Best Friends/Classmates of Maggie : All stuck in equally bland/forgettable or lesser parts. Nothing to say beyond that.

    The antagonists: Name them, know them, a\or see them - they all suck. But not in a way you'd expect, either. Which brings up my next point...

    Somehow, and almost always, Maggie loses or suffers - whether deserved (which is almost always, seeing as she's so unlikable/unrelatable) or not (when she actually does something to make here seem likable or develop her character for the better). I hate shows that do this noise to their characters UNLESS DESERVED: The antagonists rarely get any comeuppance for making our so-called protagonist feel like trash when she actually does something right. At the same time, this makes Maggie too pathetic to root for or give a damn about.

    Rarely does Maggie win in spades - when she does win or do the right thing, she always loses in one way or another (or worse, in more ways than one)! This is a major failing for this show beside the fact that Maggie is unlikable/unrelatable.

    Even when the antagonists do get their comeuppance or are defeated effectively, Maggie gets it worse. Every Episode is like this!

    And the writing (which is unoriginal, filled with BS/Potty-level jokes, and unnecessary cliches) reeks of after-school special/PSA-level BS, just to help this show fail all around at the end of the day.

    I'm sorry - I'll stick with Regular Show if I want to see that, thank you very much. Why? Because at least the antagonists in that show (almost) always GET THEIR COMEUPPANCE OR GET DEFEATED WHEN DESERVED (and not always just by our main protagonists for that show, which makes it even better!").

    TL;DR - Here's the real sinker for this show: Disney really thought they could replace Kim Possible (one of Disney's all time best TV-animation series efforts, BTW) with THIS. This cheaply/ugly, Flash (misutilized)- animated, half-baked excuse for 21 (2-segment) episodes of poorly written PSAs I could get off of Local TV for nothing lost (nor gained, because who listens to PSAs, anyway?). How foolish Disney was ( and still unfortunately, is!)!!

    What am I saying Basically? This show is an absolute disgrace. Those who made it should be totally ashamed of themselves, just as I am for having watched it...

    The fact that I've been haunted by this for 7 years fills me with violent rage knowing that Dave Polsky (the a-hole behind it) got away with creating and staffing this BS (and certain episodes of MLP:FiM, which just like Regular Show, is of a lot more fun/entertaining/heartwarming to watch, BTW)!

    Then again, the opening theme and setting were proof the only good thing about this show is that it was cancelled (After 21 full episodes, and it should not have even lasted even a fifth if 21 episodes (about 4 or 5 for the slow-witted) that long IMHO) with an unsatisfying, middle-finger-to-the-audience type of ending.

    I hope I never meet him armed and thinking about this noise, that's for sure...

    And me not cussing this noise out as much I'd love to... This is me being nice about it. This show deserves far worse than what I'm giving it here!

    0.5 out of 10.

  • Disney you eeeeeeediots!!

    Please make it go away. It would ruin Disney channel as we all know it. I mean please. A bug name Maggie (gross) is the star of the show who lives in the town of Stickyfeet. I wish mankind goes over Stickyfeet and stomps it to dust that'll be my wish if a genie grants me three wishes. Stay away from this show.
  • I agree with Millionaireman6 on this one.

    Why did The Buzz on Maggie have to end this early? Low ratings? I really don't know why it wouldn't last another season. Because it was such a great show while it lasted! Well, sure, it was like all the other teen and preteen shows out there, about a person or a group of people who go to school, have a normal life, etc., but this, to me, took it to some whole new level. And it might have some gross-out humor, for example, Pubert, or whatever his name is, is probably linked to puberty, and they live in a milk carton, but other than that, it shouldn't have lasted short! I wish it could get another season, because it was funny, though!! Darn. Well, it was great while it lasted, and you can't even see it in daylight anymore, now it comes on at 4 AM or so. I don't care if I'm one of the only people that like this show, but I'm going to miss it!!
  • Another great Disney cartoon that went the same way Brandy & Mr.Whiskers did.

    Again, i'm not happy with Disney. ANOTHER good cartoon, and they killed it! Again! This show was really creative, really funny, really nice....and they just HAD to cancel it. This show and Brandy & Mr.Whiskers are the only Disney cartoons that i have ever liked. But then, maybe the only things that the people in Disney are good at are these: Cancelling good cartoons, creating live action shows, and generating a whole new breed of youngsters called teenyboppers. And again, this show would have survived for maybe more than two years on Cartoon Network. This show was so unique - using the insect world and all. The dialogue was funny too. This cartoon does have the feel of a Cartoon Network show - witty, creative, fun, etc. Which is why i now spend all, if not most, of my time on just one channel: Cartoon Network. That's where true animation, true humour, true fun, just TRUE cartoons come from! That's where they ARE, where they belong! Disney just HAS to make all of its current cartoons be so much like the real world, just because they're so heavily into live-action stuff. The cartoons have no Disney "magic" at all! It's like the imagination's not there. The only imagination found was in this show, and also in Brandy & Mr.Whiskers. But sadly, this show is gone. Gone to make way for the "teenybopper" cell, it's nucleus filled with poppy, shallow, and moronically upbeat people who are a bunch of bald-faced liars. So it's official. Disney lost their best cartoons, and we mourn. Not so much for the loss of those cartoons, but for the stupidity of the people who cancelled it, killing an excellent cure that they thought was a costly cancer. The excellent cure that is The Buzz On Maggie.
  • Okay, please tell me why so many people hate this show.

    Seriously...why? Is it because it's about a fly? (Hey, that rhymed.) Well, think of the movies "A Bug's Life" and "Bee Movie." Those movies are about all sorts of bugs and stuff, and lots of people loved those movies. However, lots of people HATE this show. So, because something has a weird plot, you're just going to immediately say it's stupid and horrible? Maybe if you actually WATCHED the show, and you thought it was awful, I would understand that more. Anyway, I like this show because it's creative and different- not the same old stupid plots every time. It's funny and random, and the animation is REALLY cute. And it made me like flies a little bit more, lol. Disney was genius for making this show, and stinkin' IDIOTS for canceling it and replacing it with Recess. Pfft. Anyway, I love this show, and think it should come back. .:The End:.
  • Not a bad show, heck, at least it's better than "Naturally, Sadie".

    I've watched this show a couple of times, and I've found it quite funny. I guess what I like about this show is that this little fly, called Maggie, always ends up in trouble. Think about it, she's not like most Disney characters, where they all are extremely successful at everything. Maggie is not like them, she gets into major trouble, she is very outspoken and gets in trouble for it, she always ends up grounded or punished in some way or another.

    Another character I like is Pupert, Maggie's younger brother. He is also very funny and awkward. Like most little brothers, Pupert makes a living by tatle telling on his brother and sister.
  • Go Maggie go!

    I don't know why I I this show, it's just that enjoy watching these kind of things. Like Lizzie MuGurie, Amercian Dragom, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, and That's So Raven. I'm just attached to these kiand of stuff. Even then seem stupid I really enjoy these shows. Just don't judge me!
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