The Buzz on Maggie

Disney Channel (ended 2006)


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  • I agree with Millionaireman6 on this one.

    Why did The Buzz on Maggie have to end this early? Low ratings? I really don't know why it wouldn't last another season. Because it was such a great show while it lasted! Well, sure, it was like all the other teen and preteen shows out there, about a person or a group of people who go to school, have a normal life, etc., but this, to me, took it to some whole new level. And it might have some gross-out humor, for example, Pubert, or whatever his name is, is probably linked to puberty, and they live in a milk carton, but other than that, it shouldn't have lasted short! I wish it could get another season, because it was funny, though!! Darn. Well, it was great while it lasted, and you can't even see it in daylight anymore, now it comes on at 4 AM or so. I don't care if I'm one of the only people that like this show, but I'm going to miss it!!