The Buzz on Maggie

Disney Channel (ended 2006)


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  • Not trying to bash anyone,but.....

    What was so great about this show? I watched that one episode where Maggie was looking after some cocoon,I didn't find anything funny about this show at all.It just looks like every other "She's Just Like You" show,only this time it's about flies.That's sooo intresting.I seriously don't see what's so original or funny about this show,it may have some fans at least,but it doesn't do anythinf for me,it uses a pretty basic flash animation style,it's just trying to go back to the days of the Pixar CGI film "A Bug's Lfe" but often falls flat on it's face doing so.Maggie's the only character who actually gets character development,every other character is probably lucky to ever get a supporting role.That's not how you develop a character.So I may not enjoy it,I'm not trying to bash anyone,but it is not my perverbial cup of tea,that's all