The Buzz on Maggie

Disney Channel (ended 2006)


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  • Another great Disney cartoon that went the same way Brandy & Mr.Whiskers did.

    Again, i'm not happy with Disney. ANOTHER good cartoon, and they killed it! Again! This show was really creative, really funny, really nice....and they just HAD to cancel it. This show and Brandy & Mr.Whiskers are the only Disney cartoons that i have ever liked. But then, maybe the only things that the people in Disney are good at are these: Cancelling good cartoons, creating live action shows, and generating a whole new breed of youngsters called teenyboppers. And again, this show would have survived for maybe more than two years on Cartoon Network. This show was so unique - using the insect world and all. The dialogue was funny too. This cartoon does have the feel of a Cartoon Network show - witty, creative, fun, etc. Which is why i now spend all, if not most, of my time on just one channel: Cartoon Network. That's where true animation, true humour, true fun, just TRUE cartoons come from! That's where they ARE, where they belong! Disney just HAS to make all of its current cartoons be so much like the real world, just because they're so heavily into live-action stuff. The cartoons have no Disney "magic" at all! It's like the imagination's not there. The only imagination found was in this show, and also in Brandy & Mr.Whiskers. But sadly, this show is gone. Gone to make way for the "teenybopper" cell, it's nucleus filled with poppy, shallow, and moronically upbeat people who are a bunch of bald-faced liars. So it's official. Disney lost their best cartoons, and we mourn. Not so much for the loss of those cartoons, but for the stupidity of the people who cancelled it, killing an excellent cure that they thought was a costly cancer. The excellent cure that is The Buzz On Maggie.