The Buzz on Maggie

Disney Channel (ended 2006)


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  • No offense to anyone out there who likes this show, I just don't like it.

    The Buzz on Maggie is about a fly named Maggie, and it goes on to tell about her wild adventures. OK, first of all, the idea for this show, at least in my opinion, was not too good. I mean, adventures about a fly? 'Nough said right then and there. Secondly, there was hardly any humor and if there was, it would be something bad happening to Maggie. Third, she always got the bad luck. Every time her brothers did something bad to her, she would get punnished for her brothers. Another time is when something bad is going on, like when that racoon destroyed her new room, all the bad stuff happens to her. Her room was the only one who got destroyed. Sometimes, I just wanted to pull my hair out and yell, "THAT IS SO UNFAIR!!!!!" I felt bad for Maggie most of the time. Again, I mean this in no offense to any fans out there. I am simply stating my opinion for this show, and I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings.