The Buzz on Maggie

Disney Channel (ended 2006)


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  • The intro song for this show rocked!

    This show was another one that at least a fair percentage of people like this show, but was a TV show that was hardly given a chance seeing as it only got one season. It shocks me that this show AND Brandy and Mr. Whiskers were quickly canceled and were bumped to a point where they are hardly seen anymore, unless i am mistaken and both of these shows actually got taken off the air completely. but to me i am seeing a problem in Disney Channel, as it took off two pretty good animated shows to make room for more live-action shows. And some of them are mediocre at best in my opinion, one example is As The Bell Rings, it is clearly low budget as the actors look to have no experience at all and it also looks as if they're TOLD to act fake for some far'fetched reason. And then you have a boring live-action show where i have no interest in it at all called Living Life with Derek. I am just confused with some of what has been going on in Disney Channel. But please, no one take this the wrong way, as i respect all actors and i like Disney Channel, and i loved some of Disney Channel's good old Cartoons like this one i am reviewing right now for example. I am just disappointed in these changes Disney Channel is making, in my opinion, the TV station is just choosing some wrong directions with new Animated shows setting not exactly a good example and more live-action shows that are at rock bottom in entertainment, everybody may not agree with me here and i respect that, but this is the way it is with me in my eyes. Now back to the show i am reviewing here, i found this to be an interesting show, even though it was based on flies, i still think good characters with good voice actors wre chosen for it. And i always loved to see Maggie! I also am a fan with exotic colored hair like hers, which is pink! This show also had a good theme for a show based on flies seeing as flies are attracted to trash like old milk cartons (which Maggie and her family live in.) So this show will be missed by me and other people who like this show. Have a great day everybody. Maggie rocks!