The Buzz on Maggie

Disney Channel (ended 2006)


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  • Overall, it was a good premise, but it could've been so much better.

    Personally, I don't dislike this show. It had a good concept and (for the most part) a good cast of characters, but there was just so much untapped potential in this that could've made this such a success. Much of the writing seemed to opt more for gross-out humor instead of witty writing; even though eps were somewhat witty, most of the jokes fell flat. The visual look of the show was cool, but they could've used less trash. (I'm speaking in literal terms here--garbage was everywhere; even though this show was about insects, it could've used some literal cleaning up.)

    What I loved the most about the show, though, were two things: Jessica Di Cicco's voice acting (she was Maggie, and I have to say she did a wonderful job in bringing out her character) and the theme song ("Just the Way I Am"
    by Skye Sweetnam; it's hook--"I'm strange and I like it, that's just the way I am"--is pretty much the story of my life). That's what kept me watching. And it helped me to somewhat overlook some of the worse elements of some episodes. Some episodes I just couldn't watch, though...I just can't bear to describe it.

    Overall, it was a somewhat good show, it just needed some better writing and better plots. It could've been so much better, but it just fell kinda flat. It's premise was so good, but it just didn't live up to what it could've been.
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